Kids Thermals

Keep your kids protected from harsh conditions with these Kids thermal base layers at Anaconda. Browse the range of kids thermals in-store and online now.

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Can I purchase kids thermals at Anaconda?

Yes, if your kids need extra protection from the cold, thermals are a great way of providing that extra protection. Thermals keep their core body temperature stable, while their lightweight and soft construction means that they are ideal to use as a base layer under other, often bulkier outer clothing. Our thermal tops and pants here at Anaconda are perfect for both boys and girls and are available in different colours and sizes.

How does thermal clothing benefit my kids?

Thermal clothing works on the principle of insulation. The material used in thermal clothes basically adds a layer of insulation between the body and the outer garment. The material absorbs minimal amounts of sweat and moisture from the body, allows quick drying to keep skin comfortable and dry, and regulates air flow in the insulating layer that is formed around the body. The material of thermal clothes is closely knitted so that it retains the warmth produced by the body. It is recommended to always choose a close fit for thermal clothing, as gaps at ankles, wrists and neck can let unwelcome cold air in more easily.

When is thermal wear for kids used?

Thermal wear can be sued for many different reasons. Many people prefer layers of thermal wear when out skiing, skating or snowboarding, and wear it under their ski or snow pants and tops. It can also be worn during sports events that take place in winter, to help protect muscles from the cold. It can even be a handy standby when you are going camping, in the event that the weather takes a sudden turn for the worse, as it will provide additional warmth through the night.

How do I care for thermal wear?

It is always advisable to check instructions on your thermal garment laundry label, but as a rule, most thermal wear can be hand washed or machine washed at low temperatures with a gentle detergent. Avoid high settings on tumble dryers as this can damage the fabric, and always make sure to keep it away from open flames or fire, as it can be very flammable. Make sure the thermal wear is completely dry before storing it.



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