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How Do I Add A Spinning Reel To My Spinning Rod?

Have you purchased one of our spinning reels, but have no idea how you secure your spinning reel on the rod? For a complete tutorial on the spinning reel, its setup, and its use, be sure to check out the detailed tutorial below.

What Do I Need To Do First?

Before you get started, it is important to have all the right equipment nearby. First and foremost, you need to have your spinning reel ready. You also need your spinning rod and the bait you will be using. You should also have a pair of scissors nearby for an easier setup.

How Do I Connect The Reel To The Rod?

To start, make sure you loosen the real seat, which is situated on your spinning rod. When loosening the seat, make sure you leave the right amount of space for your spinning reel. Once you have the right amount of space, add the reel foot and then tighten the seal.

Please note that it is easy to make a mistake when it comes to setting up the foot on the seat. If there is some give around the reel fastener, you may have to repeat the steps described in the previous paragraph to ensure a proper connection.

How Do I Spool The Reel?

Once you have added the foot to the seat, it is time to start spooling your reel. To start the spooling process, you must first open the bail. Then, feed the line around your reel a single time. Use the two pieces of the line to create a knot, you will do this twice. Then, cut any leftovers and close the bail on your reel.

Make sure you hold your fishing line some space away from your fishing reel, this ensures that your line does not get tangled during the spooling process. When the line is at a safe distance, gently start turning the reel until you have your required amount of line on the reel. Please note that the amount of line on your reel is subject to the type of reel you have, but also on where you intend on fishing.

How Do I String The Rod?

Now that your fishing line is spooled, you can start stringing your rod. The stringing process is quite simple. You start by taking the top of the line with one hand and use the other hand to open the bail arm. Then, you simply take the line through all the rod guides.

While the process of stringing is relatively easy, it can be a little daunting for those who do it for the first time. The one thing to remember is not to let go of the line, as this may cause you to start all over again.

What Should I Know About Casting With A Spinning Reel?

Beginners may need a little practice to cast perfectly with their new spinning reel. While it is a considerably easy reel to work with, beginners will need to practice a little to get it right in terms of casting.

One of the difficult things about the spinning reel is learning to work with a fixed spool, this means that the actual lure and its weight will do most of the work. On the other hand, it does mean that the learning curve for this type of reel is a lot less than those of baitcaster reels and other more advanced reels out there.

How Do I Solve A Line Twist?

A twisted line is not that uncommon for spinning reels. Fortunately, because of the common nature of this problem, there are some relatively straightforward solutions.

One of the best methods is spooling the line back onto the reel. However, you should make sure that the line is tight when you close the bail, this can prevent those tangles to start with. You should also make sure that your spool your line again every couple of months.

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