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Equip your little ones with the right foot support they need to stay active. Whether they're a budding young athlete or just enjoy the local playground, kids' running shoes are a practical and comfortable option for a range of activities. At Anaconda you can find the best kids' running shoes that offer shock absorption, flexibility, arch support and more for growing feet. Explore Anaconda's range of kids' sport shoes including Asics kids' running shoes to find the perfect fit for your children.

What Features Should I Look For In Kids' Running & Sports Shoes?

At Anaconda our range of kid's running shoes and kids' sports shoes include practical features that will ensure your little one's feet stay comfortable and supported:

  • Shock absorption: One of the most important features of your child's running shoes is the shock absorption qualities of the sole. The shoe should also have sufficient support on the heel, this ensures that your child does not get too much force on specific parts of the foot when running. It can also prevent common problems such as blisters.
  • Arch support: When running shoes do not have enough arch support, it can cause some serious pain in the middle of the foot. If your child complains about that kind of pain, then the arch support in the centre of the shoe will become even more important. E.g. If your child has high arches, then you need a shoe with additional arch cushioning in the shoe design.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility is important for running shoes, especially in the front of the shoe's design. The flexibility should be provided to the ball of the foot, the toes and the arch to some degree. You can test the flexibility of a running shoe by folding it. If it is able to fold, the shoe is flexible.

Kids' Running Shoes & Sports Shoes FAQs

How should kids' running shoes fit a child's foot?

Kids can be prone to sudden growth spurts, but don't be tempted to purchase running shoes that are too big to give them "room to grow". You should ensure that kids' running shoes fit their feet comfortably to offer the correct support, with a little space at the toe and heel to ensure that nothing is squished! Measure your kid's feet with a measuring tape or ruler, taking note of the measurement in centimetres. Make sure you measure both feet, as adults and kids alike often have one foot larger than the other - use the larger foot measurement to find the correct size. You can use the handy Size Guides online to determine the right shoe size for your kid's sports shoes.

Do kids need proper running shoes?

Quality running shoes are essential for kids, whether they're a keen runner or just need shoes for everyday activities. If they're school aged, your kids will also need supportive sports shoes for PE lessons. Well fitting kids' running shoes will help maintain the foot health of your little one, prevent blisters and keep them comfortable and active.

Kids' running shoes vs kids' low hiking shoes: what's the difference?

At first glance, kids' low hiking shoes look very similar to running shoes or sports shoes. However there are a couple of key differences to keep in mind. Low hiking shoes are more tailored to walking and climbing, and often feature water resistant materials to perform in a range of environments. Hiking shoes also have treads that are specifically designed for dirt and gravel surfaces, whereas sports shoes provide shock absorption when running over harder surfaces like bitumen or concrete.


Look after your children's feet with the right kids' running and sports shoes. Shop the range online, where you can click & collect from your local Anaconda store or choose the convenient option of home delivery for your order. You can also find a great selection of kids' footwear options at Anaconda to suit any family activity. Discover kids' sandals & thongs, kids' water & dive shoes, kids' gumboots and much more in the range! Check out our article on how to choose the best running shoes for some great tips on finding the right footwear for your family.



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