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What Is Important When I Buy Running Shoes For The Kids?

The right running shoes are important for kids, especially considering the fact that children are so active. Running shoes are often used for more than just running around, since a visit to the local playground and other activities might be things your child uses running shoes for. So, how do you get the best running shoes for your kid? Read our recommendations below to discover great tips on choosing the best running shoes for children.

What Are The Most Important Features For Children's Running Shoes?

There are a number of things that are important when you select running shoes for your kids. We have summarised this information and provided you with a comprehensive overview of key features below.

Shock absorptio n - One of the most important features of your child's running shoes is the shock absorption qualities of the sole. The shoe should also have sufficient support on the heel, this ensures that your child does not get too much force on specific parts of the foot when running. It can also prevent common problems such as blisters.

Arch support - When running shoes do not have enough arch support, it can cause some serious pain in the middle of the foot. If your child complains about that kind of pain, then the arch support in the centre of the shoe will become even more important.

It is important to know that people can have three different arch types. There can be no arch, a low arch, or a high arch. As such, you will have to choose an arch design that matches the arch type your child has. If your child has high arches, then you need a shoe with additional arch cushioning in the shoe design.

Flexibility in the font - Flexibility is important for running shoes, especially in the front of the shoe's design. The flexibility should be provided to the ball of the foot, the toes and the arch to some degree. You can test the flexibility of a running shoe by folding it. If it is able to fold, the shoe is flexible.

What Are Additional Factors When Buying Running Shoes For Children?

There are some additional factors you could consider when shopping for running shoes for the kids, this goes from measurement considerations to weather conditions. Read on to discover some additional factors that could influence your decision.

Getting the best measurement - To get the most from the right running shoes, you obviously need them in the right size. When you take your child's shoe measurement, always take it in the evening. The feet tend to swell during the day, so the most accurate measurement can only be obtained before bedtime.

In addition to measuring the length of your child's feet, you should also take a look at the width. Some children can have broader or narrower feet, which must be taken into consideration when you choose certain running shoe designs.

It is also possible that one foot is bigger than the other, this is not uncommon among children. If this happens, always take the measurements of the biggest foot as the basis for the shoe size.

Consider shoe inserts - Some children may require shoe inserts for their running shoes or other shoes they are wearing. In these cases, you must consider if the shoe inserts will fit properly inside the shoes and if they could affect the size of your child's shoes.

Consider several sizes - If your child is growing rapidly, (s)he may require more than one pair of running shoes. For children, it is often a good idea to purchase a pair in their current size and then one size up. If your child should grow out their first pair, then you have a second pair of running shoes at the ready.

Obtaining Children's Running Shoes From Anaconda

Anaconda has a large range of shoes for children, this includes this collection of running shoes. Of course, quality is important for running shoes, so we focus on renowned brands such as Adidas. Naturally, we also provide these branded shoes at the sharpest prices. So, be sure to check out our catalogue of children's footwear to find the perfect pair of running shoes for your child.



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