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Anaconda's surf rod is built for distance and power suited for fishing in the beach or along the shore. Choose your perfect surf rod with us now at Anaconda.

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Can I purchase surf rods at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Surf rods are just one type of fishing rod that you can find in our extensive collection of fishing rods, reels, line, lures and other fishing essentials. We stock surf rods by Penn, Daiwa, and Shimano among others, so you know that your surf rod will come from a great company whose experts have spent many hours developing a quality fishing rod. Find them here at Anaconda at fantastic prices.

What are the features of a surf rod?

Surf casting rods tend to be longer than many other types of fishing rod and need to be powerful enough to catch quite large fish in testing conditions. Surf casting rods resemble oversized spinning or bait casting rods with long grip handles intended for two-handed casting techniques. Generally, surf rods will measure between 8 and 14 feet (2.5 - 4m) in length. Surf casting rods need to be longer in order for the user to cast the lure or bait beyond the breaking surf where fish tend to congregate, and sturdy enough to cast heavy weighted lures or bait needed to hold the bottom in rough water. They are almost always used in shore fishing (sea fishing from the shoreline) from the beach, rocks or other shore feature.

What is surf fishing?

Surf fishing is a method of catching fishing by wading in the surf or standing on the shoreline. This method of fishing can be compared to pier fishing, but they are considered to be two different methods by serious anglers. Surf fishermen use lures as well as live bait, and much of surf fishing is done in saltwater. Surf fishing is an exciting sport, but care must be taken with waves and undertows - strong currents can pull fishermen off their feet, causing injury and even death.

Surfcasting is the technique that proves to be the difference between surf fishing and simply just pier or shore fishing. The fishing rods used in surf fishing are extremely long, and can reach up to 16 feet (5m). When casting, the surf fishermen will use both hands or even their entire bodies. This way they can land the lure or bait where the inshore fish are feeding. Surf fishermen must be careful when casting, making sure there is no one around when they are casting who could get injured by the sharp hooks or the whipping action of the surf rod.

What else should I keep in mind about surf fishing rods?

Because of the extra length, most surf fishing rods will be able to be broken down in various sections, but these can still be quite long. Make sure before setting off that you can transport your surf fishing rod without problems.

Does Anaconda sell other surf fishing equipment?

Yes, browse our vast collection of fishing equipment, clothing, essentials and accessories today to find everything you need for your next surf fishing adventure.



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