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Surf rods are built for casting distance & pulling power suited for beach fishing. Shop quality surf fishing rods from top brands at Anaconda.

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Discover Durable and Versatile Surf Rods At Anaconda

Surf rods are a favourite all around Australia and an essential feature of fishing equipment for most anglers. Beach fishing requires specialised equipment and techniques for optimum surf casting success. At Anaconda, our surf spinning rods give you the advantage required to land big ocean dwelling fish. Beach fishing is a suitable pastime for anglers of all ages and is super fun and rewarding. Surf rods and accessories from leading brands such as Penn, Daiwa, Shimano, Alvey and Wilson are designed to give you the best chance of landing the catch of the day.

Surf Fishing Rods FAQs

What is surf fishing?

Surf fishing is fishing from within the surf or by standing on the shoreline. Beach fishing is a great introduction for young anglers, giving them plenty of room to practise baitcaster techniques and surf fishing rod casting. It is an open environment suitable for learning about fishing reels, fishing line, hooks, sinkers, braid, soft plastic lures, rod holders and other fishing equipment. Almost any uncrowded beach in Australia is suitable for learning the techniques. And if the fish aren't biting, your kids will still enjoy their day at the beach. A lot of life-skills can be learnt while surf casting. Anglers learn how to use multi-tools and pliers, plus keep an organised tackle box, fishing storage and safety-first fishing behaviour.

What are the features of a surf rod?

Surf casting rods tend to be longer than other types of fishing rods. They are also strong enough to handle large fish in testing beach fishing conditions. Surf casting rods, surf spinning rods and baitcaster rods are expressly designed to simplify beach fishing, and usually have long grip handles intended for two-handed casting techniques. Generally, surf rods will measure between 8 and 14 feet (2.5m - 4m) in length. Surf casting rods such as the Shimano Aerowave Graphite rod give you the casting thrust required to cast your bait or hard body lure beyond the breakers or over the reef. Modern reel seats, monofilament fishing line and fluorocarbon fishing line used in conjunction with overhead combos, surf rods and surf fishing reels all provide advantages for beach fishing.

How to transport and store surf rods?

Because of the extra length, many fishing rods can be assembled in sections for ease of transport.

What are some popular surf rods to consider?

  • Penn Prevail II 12' 2pc 15-37kg Surf Rod: refined to deliver further in all round performance and durability, a great value option for all anglers.
  • Shimano Maikura II 10'6" 2pc 4-7kg Surf Rod: a favourite amongst anglers, the 2020 Maikuro series is the perfect all-round graphite rod series that represents great value and performance.
  • Alvey Champion R62 12' 2pc 5-10kg Surf Rod: Superior Hollow Glass 2 piece construction with high quality runners Ideal Surf and Rock fishing rod, strong action with 5-10 kg line.

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