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Our bike saddle range will help every rider to get a comfortable ride even when biking longer distances. Check out the entire range from Anaconda!

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Can I purchase bike saddles at Anaconda?

Yes, Anaconda stocks bike saddles, saddle bases, and saddle covers to help you get a comfortable ride on your bike. Bike saddles can vary widely depending on whether you ride your bike for work or leisure, or whether you use your bike for sports activities or races. Obviously, nearly all bikes come complete with the saddle when purchased, but if you don't like the shape of your saddle or feel that you need a new saddle for added comfort, saddles can be bought separately and replaced.

What types of bicycle saddle are available?

There are many types of saddles available on the market today, here are some examples:

Racing saddle: Racing saddles are designed to allow full movement and prevent chafing. These saddles shift the cyclist forward so more weight is carried on the hands and feet, and less on the seat. Road saddles are generally thin and harder and lighter than mountain bike saddles, which carry more padding. These days it is also possible to buy gender-specific saddles specially designed for men and women.

Comfort saddle: Comfort saddles are usually wider, with larger amounts of padding on them, and they are designed to allow easy pedalling. Comfort saddles can be used for long distance touring and are often designed to absorb some of the shock and vibrations from rough country roads.

Cruiser saddle: Cruiser saddles provide a lot of cushioning and have support on both ends. The upright nature of the handlebars on cruisers means a lot of your weight is directly on the seat. And because you generally don't need to pedal quickly, you can have a wide, padded saddle to support your weight.

What is the function of a saddle cover?

If the saddle that has been provided with your bicycle is too hard for comfort, or if your bike is getting old and you find that the saddle is becoming less comfortable, you can make your bike rides a lot more comfortable by adding a gel-filled saddle or seat cover. The gel filling will add a new lease of life to your saddle and allow you to ride longer distances in comfort.

Why are there separate saddles for men and women on offer at Anaconda?

For athletes and serious cyclists, research has shown that as well as providing a better level of comfort, specially designed gender-specific saddles are said to better protect the reproductive organs.

Does Anaconda stock other biking essentials too?

Yes, we stock everything associated with cycling for men, women and children, so check our range for items such as helmets, locks, spare parts, wheels, storage, bike racks, bike carriers for vehicles and all types of bicycle clothing, hydration packs, cycling computers and other accessories.



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