Lights & Bells

If you're into night fishing, you will want to take a look at the range of lights and bells available here at Anaconda. Shop online or in-store today!

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Anaconda offers a variety of lighting accessories and bells to make your fishing adventures more successful whenever you find yourself setting out before sunrise or after sunset.

By taking advantage of modern lighting solutions you can ensure that your time spent outdoors will be more enjoyable and hassle free whether you're setting up camp, navigating, organising your tackle box, casting a line, or waiting for your first bite.

Light Sticks

Fishing light sticks and mini glow sticks are great additions to any tackle box and are invaluable tools whenever you're fishing when it's dark out. These are small and light enough that you can attach it near the tip of your fishing rod so you can see where you're casting your line. You can also attach light sticks to your floats and bobbers to easily tell when you've gotten a bite, which happens when the float goes underwater and you no longer see your light stick. Light sticks also float, so these can also be used as substitutes for your regular fishing float in a pinch. The light stick can also help attract fish to your lure, especially when the conditions are pitch black.

These light sticks are chemically activated and can last up to 12 hours so you won't have to worry about batteries or charge times. It comes in different sizes but all are quite compact and take up very little space, which makes it easier to store a couple of these in your tackle box so you'll always be prepared.

Rod Bells

Rod bells are very simple yet effective bite alarms to let you quickly know when you've caught something on your line even while you're relaxing and not paying attention 100% of the time. These attach to the end of your fishing rod and are primarily intended for use when dead sticking, which is when you simply cast your line and just let it sit without actually holding the rod. The bells are held on via a spring attachment which makes it very easy to trigger even with a light tug.

LED Flashlights

Having a reliable flashlight or torch can be a lifesaver whenever you're out fishing or exploring the outdoors. LED flashlights are able to provide extremely strong illumination in very portable packages. They also don't need large batteries and last a very long time. It's always a good idea to have a few torches stowed away in strategic places around your house and in the car so you'll always be ready whenever there's an emergency. Even if you usually just resort to using your mobile phone's built-in flashlight, it simply won't stand up to a traditional flashlight when it comes to longevity, ease of use and available lighting power.


Our range of LED headlamps are extremely versatile and convenient lighting solutions that work great whether you're trying to find your way outdoors or doing some handiwork around the house or in the shed. These LED headlamps are very lightweight and let you use both hands freely, which is important when you're going through your gear, setting up your reel or attaching lures to your line. LED headlamps are quite powerful for their size and provide great illumination for anything you're directly looking at. They also last a long time and can be easily topped up with regular batteries you can find at every store. Anaconda offers LED headlamps from leading outdoor recreation brands that are known for their quality and ruggedness such as Princeton Tec, LED Lenser and Coleman.



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