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When it comes to powerful generators and high-powered boat motors, there is usually one name on everyone's lips: Yamaha. With an immense passion for innovation, Yamaha generators and moat motors have been providing exceptional value and incredible experiences for more than six decades. Always at the forefront of innovative technology and versatile design, Yamaha is involved with the entire process, from choosing the raw materials in the manufacturing stage all the way to the final inspection.

Our range of Yamaha boat motors and Yamaha generators at Anaconda are made with a level of exceptional craftsmanship that is unlike many other leading brands. For example, Yamaha generators feature a multi-polar alternator, meaning that these powerful generators can generate a much more powerful and efficient three-phase AC current which the inverter can easily turn into single-phase electricity. This means our range of boat motors and inverter generators from Yamaha offers unmatched power and excellence when you need it most.

Yamaha FAQs

How to start a Yamaha generator?

Just follow these simple steps for how to start a Yamaha generator:

  1. First, make sure that the Yamaha generator is filled with engine oil and that no electrical devices are connected. Once that is all checked, make sure that the 'economy control switch' is switched to the 'off' position. While holding the fuel tank cap, switch the 'air vent knob' to the 'on' position.
  2. Now you will need to flick the 'fuel cock knob' to the 'on' position. Once done, turn the 'engine switch' to the 'on' position.
  3. Now pull the 'choke knob' fully out, followed by slowly pulling on the recoil starter until it is engaged, then quickly pull it. Once the engine starts, let the engine warm up until the engine doesn't stop when the 'choke knob' goes back to its original position.

How good are Yamaha generators?

When it comes to how good are Yamaha generators, the answer is that they are very good, with many saying that they are the best - and there are plenty of reasons why they would be right. Some of the main reasons are that they are extremely powerful, very fuel-efficient and incredibly quiet, which is everything you could want when going on an outdoor adventure.

What generator do I need for a caravan?

The answer to this question will depend on what type of caravan you are wanting to power. For a typical caravan set-up, it is recommended to have an inverter generator from Yamaha that is between 2000W to 2400W. But it also depends on what you are wanting to power. For example, if you want to power an air conditioner, then you will need at least a 2400W generator. Always refer to the manufacturer of your caravan for details.

Does Yamaha make good boat motors?

When it comes to adventurous boaters who require consistent performance and superior power, Yamaha boat motors will tick all the boxes. Our range of Yamaha boat motors features advanced designs and delivers the best combination of performance, fuel efficiency, power and torque. This is why Yamaha boat motors are always at the top of this list when looking for a boat motor that can deliver an exceptional amount of power.

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