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Our boating accessories & essential supplies include all you need to make a boat or canoe safer, more comfortable & simple! Shop with Anaconda today!

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Can I purchase boating essentials at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda is the place to come for all your boating essentials. Our huge range of boating essentials includes items to make your life on board of your favourite boat or canoe safer, more comfortable, and easier. You can choose from small essentials such as seat pads and dry stuff bags, or gadgets like compasses and deck lights, right up to replacement paddles and transport trolleys to help you get your canoe or boat safely in and out of the water.

What is the best storage bag for use on a boat?

Storage bags and containers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and the best ones are down to your personal choice (hard or soft), size (depending on how much you need to store) and budget. The most important thing is to ensure that your storage bag for essential items such as personal valuables, mobile phones, cash and items like medication, food and other essentials is waterproof. That way, even if the worst happens and you take on a large wave or your canoe capsizes, you will not be faced with ruined possessions.

A leash can be a great addition to ensure that your bag does not drift downstream in the event of an accident with your boat, canoe or kayak, and it is also invaluable to secure paddles to the side of your craft, or even to make sure you do not get separated from your surfboard or body board while riding the waves.

What else is included in the range?

With the increase in popularity of kayaking, many people are looking for the additional comfort of a padded backrest. Kayak backrests come in various formats, some including storage pockets, and others with extra padding for another level of comfort on long trips. Choose from soft foam backrests or moulded plastic rests here at Anaconda.

For many people, transporting canoes and kayaks to the water's edge can be quite tricky, especially if they are boating alone. Save time and energy by making sure that you can transport your canoe or kayak on top of your car or tow it behind your car, with the great transport options available at Anaconda. Most transport systems are suitable for all types of vehicle, but do look at individual product details for measurements and fitting options.

Take a look at the large range of boating equipment, accessories, essentials, clothing and footwear available at Anaconda and make sure you have everything you need before your next boating adventure.



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