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Anaconda's dry bag backpacks and storage sacks will prevent loss and damage to your possessions, however rough the weather may get! Shop with us now!

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Can I purchase dry bags at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. If you want to avoid your possessions getting wet while out hiking or camping, dry bags may be the answer. Also, they provide excellent dry storage on your boat, canoe or kayak. Essential to any successful expedition on the water, the dry bags available from Anaconda will prevent loss and damage to your possessions, however rough the weather may get.

From small dry bags that keep your electronic equipment and phone safe, to huge 65-litre sacks that can hold all your clothes and gear, Anaconda stocks dry bags from leading manufacturers Sea to Summit and Seak, for all your onboard storage needs.

What should I look for when buying a dry bag?

A dry bag is a watertight bag that keeps your precious things dry. Canoeists, fishermen, SUP-ers, and anyone else who prefers their food, iPhone, or gear stay out of the river or ocean depend on them. Strong and abrasion-resistant, dry bags are also essential on any land-based wilderness excursion where things might get wet. Dry bags are typically made of one of two materials: vinyl or nylon.

VINYL: Vinyl is used to make dry bags for small personal items. Some larger dry bags are made with vinyl, but most are nylon.

NYLON: Nylon is often used in dry bags because of its durability. The nylon is coated with silicon coating that acts as a waterproofing agent and also helps the bag fight abrasion. Nylon dry bags will often have a number followed by a "D". This is the denier of the nylon, or how dense the nylon fibres are. A higher the number equates to a higher the density of nylon and therefore a tougher bag.

Here is a look at some other features you may want to consider when choosing a dry bag:

  • Seams: Check whether your chosen bag has reinforced, fully taped seams (meaning the seams are taped to be waterproof). This gives the bag extra protection against liquids and keeps your items dry even when the bag is fully submerged.
  • Closures: Some bags feature a roll top closure. The rolling of the top and the snapping of the buckle keep the bag air and watertight. This also creates a handle of sorts to carry the bag, to string multiple bags together, or to secure them to a pack or boat using a carabiner. Other dry bags have a press and seal type of zipper, kind of like a freezer bag.
  • Carrying straps: Many dry bags feature attachable carrying straps. Styles range from the duffel, where you can throw them over your shoulder, to backpack straps. Straps are useful when transporting multiple bags from your boat to a campsite or vehicle.
  • D-rings: Many dry bags come with a D-ring. D-rings are a ring in the shape of a "D" that is attached to the dry bag when rolled and buckled. They make it easier to string multiple dry bags together with a rope and keep the buckle from breaking.
  • Waterproofing: some dry bags are suitable for protecting items from splashing and rain, but are not able to withstand full immersion. Others will keep your things dry even if they fall into the water, so make sure you check before you buy!


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