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A fun day out kayaking, canoeing, or fishing can be quickly ruined as soon as your wallet, phone or other valuables sink to the bottom of the water. To ensure nothing goes missing and the adventure continues, pick up a dry bag backpack or storage sack at Anaconda.

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Choosing the best dry bag for your next adventure

Whether you're performing an Eskimo roll to avoid a wave in the surf or camping during a monsoon, drenched clothes and water-damaged electronics are a quick way to sour any outdoor adventure. That is unless you have the right protective equipment to keep your valuables safe. Here are some important factors to consider when choosing the right dry bag and storage sacks:

What do you need to bring?

The first thing to consider is what activity you are doing and what you want to bring along. Are you planning a fishing trip and want to protect your belongings from the splashes of the waves out at sea? Or are you heading out on a kayaking adventure and need something more lightweight?

Lightweight or heavy-duty?

If you're canoeing or kayaking, a lightweight dry bag is going to be better because it won't add much extra weight to your pack. For example, our Sea to Summit Lightweight 1L Dry Sack is small enough to be tucked into a kayak, is waterproof and lightweight, and is also perfect for cycling and walking.

If you're out on the boat and get caught in the middle of a storm, a heavy-duty dry bag backpack will withstand a variety of wet and wild environments. Our Body Glove Heavy Duty Dry Bag is strong, abrasion-resistant and will keep your valuables dry from the elements.

Materials and construction

The way a dry bag backpack is constructed and the materials used is another important factor to keep an eye out for. For example, a dry bag or sack with a non-wicking closure strip won't draw moisture into the top of the bag like materials such as webbing can. For maximum durability, dry bags made from ripstop nylon, such as our Sea to Summit 8L Big River Dry Bag, are woven with a unique reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to ripping and tearing.

What other boating essentials can I find at Anaconda?

From tie down straps and roof racks to boat trolleys and deck lights, Anaconda has a massive range of boating accessories and equipment to ensure you'll have everything you'll need when setting off on an adventure.

  • Boating accessories and supplies: our boating accessories range includes protective gloves, strong tie downs, anchor kits, map cases, cleaning brushes and much more.
  • Boat roof racks and loaders: our great range of roof racks and loaders makes it easy to transport your favourite equipment such as surfboards, kayaks and canoes.
  • Boat trolleys and carts: taking the kayak out for a paddle by yourself? Our boat trolleys and carts are perfect for easily moving around bulky, oversized items.
  • Waterproof cases and pouches: never worry about getting your phone or camera wet again with our range of waterproof cases and pouches. From car keys to wallets, make sure they stay safe and dry.

Find the Right Dry Bag Backpacks and Storage Sacks at Anaconda

When you're fishing in the boat, paddling in the kayak or camping up the mountain, a durable dry bag backpack or dry sack will ensure your adventure doesn't get ruined once the rain sets in.

Shop our entire range of dry bag backpacks and storage sacks online or visit us in-store today.



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