Why Choose Scooters From Anaconda?

At Anaconda, we partner with well known Australian and international brands such as Vision and Huffy. When it comes to kid's and adult's fun, safety is a high priority, making the purchase of a name-brand scooter essential. With decades of superior manufacturing experience dedicated to scooters and bikes, Huffy and Vision are scooter brands you can trust.

The Anaconda range of outdoor products can't be beat. We showcase more outdoor equipment and apparel than anyone else, and offer our famous lowest price guarantee on all stocked items. In other words, the scooter you purchase is high quality for the lowest possible price. At Anaconda, you can shop online or in-store and browse our amazing collection of products.

How Do I Purchase A Scooter At Anaconda?

At Anaconda, we make it easy for you to choose a scooter that suits your style. If shopping online, simply make a wish list of scooters or other products, browse the collection, choose products, and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. You can even use afterpay, where you purchase the scooter now and pay later in convenient instalments.

Along with online shopping, Anaconda delivers the premium retail experience. The Anaconda Australia-wide network of retail outlets means you can check out all products first-hand to make sure you are completely satisfied prior to purchasing. We support all products with various payment options and a comprehensive returns and exchanges policy. Browse the Anaconda scooter collection today, and get ready for action.

Does Anaconda Have Scooters For Adults?

At Anaconda, we make sure everyone can enjoy outdoor action. The Anaconda collection includes the Vision Street Wear Urban Commuter Scooter, designed and built for convenience and comfort. This folding scooter can carry a rider up to 100 kg, and is constructed with lightweight aluminium for no-fuss carrying on public transport between rides. If you want to cover a lot of ground fast during your commute, consider the Vision Street Wear Urban Commuter Scooter. Features include:

  • Easy folding for carrying on public transport or in a car
  • Polyurethane wheels with the elasticity of rubber and the strength of metal
  • Adjustable handlebar height to suit a wide-range of riders
  • Comfortable hand-grips and scooter platform
  • Easy-to-operate rear foot brake for comfortable cruising

Can I Buy Scooters For Teenagers?

You certainly can. At Anaconda, our range includes very cool scooters for youngsters, teens and young adults weighing up to 100 kg. Teen-style options include the Vision Street Wear Neo Whip Scooter (Chrome & Black). This scooter is ideal for scooting around the local streets or skate park in style, and includes neo chrome wheels, straight bar handlebars, a back foot brake, and extremely sturdy and tough construction. Other great options include the Vision Street Wear Fat Whip and Vision Street Wear Junior Whip, all with hip urban appeal.

Does Anaconda Have Scooters For Little Kids?

Anaconda showcases scooters for boys, girls and little daredevils. Our high quality Huffy scooters are in high demand with mums and dads who want the best for their kids, with heaps of features for once-in-a-lifetime kids fun. Anaconda options include the Huffy Frozen Scooter that features a durable aluminium deck with full-colour Frozen graphics. This fun scooter also has high density foam grips, PVC tyres and mag wheels for a touch of class.

The Huffy Spiderman scooter is equally as popular, featuring classic Spiderman graphics in red and blue. At Anaconda, you can even purchase a 3-wheeler Scooter suitable for smaller kids. Everyone has to start somewhere, and Anaconda is the all-ages outdoor specialist with high quality scooter choices at unbeatable prices.



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