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Quality cycling clothing is vital for success + Anaconda has something for the beginner to the seasoned pro. Learn more about the product range online today.

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Can I purchase cycling clothing at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Most activities have their specialist clothing. But because cycling encompasses everything from nipping to the shops or commuting to work to riding in day-long - and for the professionals even longer) races, there is a huge variety of cycling clothing on offer.

Why do I need cycling clothing?

Of course, for everyday outings on your bike, you don't actually need any cycling clothing at all. But if you are planning to take cycling up as a regular method of keeping fit, or like to spend days exploring on your bike, you will find that the Lycra outfits many cyclists wear provide a greater level of comfort than, say, your jeans. There is no single solution, everyone has preferences based on riding styles, how fast they are riding, and how hot or cold they feel when doing so.

Layering is important. As you build up temperature on a ride, or as the air temperature increases during the day, you want to be able to gradually peel away outer layers leaving you at a comfortable temperature. Items like gilets, knee warmers and lightweight jackets are ideal to wear over shorts and jerseys. Racing cyclists will often prefer several thinner layers, but cycling to work may mean thicker clothing in the morning when it is still cold, that you can leave off altogether on a sunny ride home.

What are the main benefits of cycling clothing?

The three main reasons why you should invest in cycling clothing are:

  • Fit. Cycling clothing is cut to fit properly when you are leaning forward over the handlebars. That means tops often have a longer back to keep your lower back covered, while legwear has a higher waist at the back too. Longer than normal sleeves will stop your wrists from being exposed, and legwear has a bend at the knee so does not get in the way while you are riding.
  • Movement. Cycling clothing moves with you as you ride. That is especially important for legwear because your legs are the part of you that moves most. Lycra fabric, which most cycling clothing is made from, has a lot of built-in stretch which means that it doesn't bunch up and chafe.
  • Wicking. Fabrics such as cotton, which soak up moisture, are not great when you build up a sweat. This is because the sweat soaks the shirt and you get wet, and then cold. Cycling gear is made from fabrics through which water can move away from your skin and evaporate. This is commonly referred to as 'wicking'.
  • Visibility. Many items of cycling clothing are made from bright, sometimes even reflective, colours. This is a great help when the weather is bad or if you are driving in the evening, as it makes you more visible to other road users.

What else is included in the range?

As well as cycling clothing, the range also includes items like cycling socks and cycling gloves. Arm warmers and leg warmers are also included in the range.



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