Cycling Clothing

Wherever you plan to ride your bike, Anaconda's range of cycling jerseys, gloves, shorts and other cycle clothing will have you kitted out and ready to take on the road, trails or track in style and complete comfort.

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What Cycling Clothing & Bike Apparel Are Available at Anaconda?

Whether cycling is your mode of transport, your favourite pastime or simply your way of life, wearing the right cycling clothing will make cycling easier, safer and more comfortable. No matter what cycling means to you, our range of cycling clothing will have you ready to roll.

Bike Shorts

Cycling shorts are designed specifically for riding a bike and are a whole lot more comfortable to ride in than regular clothing. They provide padding in the right places and have strategically placed seams. What's more, bike shorts are made from tight-fitting, flexible materials such as Lycra and spandex that reduce air resistance and allow a full range of motion on the bike.

Cycling Jerseys & Shirts

Made from moisture-wicking materials, a cycling jersey usually has a zip up front, a high neckline for sun protection, and pockets at the back to carry small essentials like keys and energy gels.

Cycling Gloves

For many cyclists, bike gloves are an essential piece of cycling apparel. The classic 'track mitt' has a lightly padded leather palm, crocheted cotton back and a Velcro strip to hold it in place around your wrist. Cycling gloves provide enhanced grip and control on the handlebars, extra cushioning and will protect your hands if you come off your bike.

Cycling Jackets

Cycling jackets provide wind and rain resistance, added warmth and increased visibility when riding. Unlike regular jackets, cycling jackets are lightweight and packable, so they're easy to carry with you on the bike if you need to take it off and stow it away once the day warms up.

Why Wearing Cycling Clothing is a Better Option

If the weather's good and you're not riding far, it's likely you'll be fine riding in your regular clothes. However, when you start riding longer distances or you want clothing that will stay comfortable in bad weather and once you start to sweat, having the right cycling clothing is going to make a significant impact on your comfort levels, performance and overall enjoyment on the bike.

Cycling apparel is purpose made for the needs of the cyclist - it's tight-fitting so it won't inhibit your range of movement and it will wick moisture away, so you stay dryer when you're sweating or in the rain. What's more, it provides increased visibility so you'll stay safer wherever the road takes you.

What Other Cycling Gear is Available at Anaconda?

  • Bike racks and storage: whether storing your bike at home or transporting it on your car, our range of bike racks and storage have all your needs covered.
  • Spare parts and repair: with our spare parts and repair range, make sure you don't get stranded when out for a ride again.
  • Bike accessories: featuring baby seats, bicycle tubes, bike seat covers, bottle cages and more, you'll find everything you need in our bike accessories.
  • Scooters: ideal for kids and adults travelling through the city, our great range of scooters are versatile and a fun way to get around!
  • Bikes: from mountain bikes to beach cruisers, BMX and more, our huge range of high-quality bikes has something for everyone.
  • Bike helmets: make sure you and your loved ones are protected and safe when riding with our great range of durable and strong bike helmets.

Find the Right Cycling Clothing & Bike Apparel at Anaconda

At Anaconda, we'll help you take your cycling to the next level with our range of cycling clothing, bike gear and sportswear. If you're not sure what cycling clothing is best for you, check out our Cycling Essentials Buying Guide.

Shop our entire range of bike shorts, bike gloves, cycling jerseys and all other cycling clothing online or visit us in-store today.



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