Can I purchase kids combos at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. If your kids are interested in fishing, or you want to spend some time introducing them to the sport on holiday, then browse the range of kid's combos at Anaconda, and find the perfect kit for your budding anglers. These rods and reels are specially adapted for their size and weight, and are available in various fun colours.

Tips for fishing with kids:

To make sure that your little ones enjoy their fishing experience, here are some handy tips to make sure their first fishing trip is memorable:

1. Go somewhere where you know there will be lots of bites, for instance to a fish farm or area that is specially stocked with fish for angling. If they have to wait for hours the fun will soon go.

2. Keep it simple. Get them one of the handy kids combos from Anaconda that is specially designed for little hands, and don't make it too complicated.

3. Keep it short. Keep you fishing session down to a couple of hours, as kids do not have the patience or the attention span to deal with long fishing sessions.

4. Make it fun. Give them lots of encouragement and share their joy when they catch fish. You'll often find that you get more enjoyment watching them catch than when you catch fish yourself.

5. Have a break and a picnic. Break up the fishing session and enjoy a bit to eat and a drink. After a bit of food and drink, and a rest from fishing, they often want to have another go.

What other fishing gear for kids is available at Anaconda?

There are a number of different fishing combos available for kids, some including flashing reels, others that have tackle boxes or have pretty lures included in the set, or images of their favourite cartoon characters. Browse the range and surprise your kids with their very own fishing kit when you next go out together.

Remember that Anaconda stocks a huge range of fishing equipment, essentials, accessories, clothing, footwear and more to suit all types of different fishing environments and species, so take a moment to browse the whole range and see what is on offer.



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