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Can I purchase lure accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Lure fishing has seen a real increase in the last few years and will continue to do so. Many fishermen enjoy the fact that they can have their rods, reels and lures ready to go when the mood takes them, without having to spend time buying live bait or making other time-consuming preparations. But for beginning anglers, the whole business of lures can be quite daunting, as there are so many different types, colours, and sizes.

So what should I buy?

When you are first building a tackle selection, you should consider the species of fish you are targeting along with the season you are fishing in. Expert fishermen understand seasonal locations of fish and the appropriate presentation, which means the choice of lure and how to retrieve it. Knowing how to fish the proper lure at the proper depth to maximise your catch rate builds confidence, and catching fish is the quickest way to do so. When buying lures to cover multiple fishing presentations select a few of each type and colour by using these factors listed below.

Depth - Depth is an important factor in lure selection. There are three types of lure: surface, sub-surface and deep. In spring, when most gamefish move into the shallow water to spawn and seek food, surface lures and shallow running lures are the best choice. During the summer, many fish move to deeper water where deep running lures and jigs are used. When autumn comes, fish tend to move back to shallower water and at that time sub-surface and surface lures will be effective again.

Activity levels - The level of activity among the fish determines the size and action of the lure. Water temperature plays a big part, and changes in the weather can also have big effects. Cold water reduces the fish activity, which means it is better to downsize your lure and present your lure slowly. During warm stable weather, the fish's metabolism is active and they feed readily. This is the best time to be on the water to fish with inline spinners, spinner baits, spoons and crank baits with fast retrieves, which will move and help you catch fish.

Fishing Lure Colours - Much has been written and discussed about lure colours and how they are affected by water clarity. Water acts as a light filter depending on the clarity and the depth of the lure. Many anglers say that a general rule of thumb is that light coloured lures work best in clear water, and fluorescent lures do best in stained or murky water. Others swear by using light coloured lures on bright days and dark colours on overcast days no matter what the water colour or clarity.

What else is included in the lure accessories range at Anaconda?

If you want to be successful at fishing, you have to be able to change your lures and other tackle quickly when necessary, so some organised storage is essential. Equip yourself with a decent size tackle bag to make sure you know exactly where all your lures and other fishing gear is at all times, and you can get to it easily and quickly when needed. Choose from a variety of sizes and styles to suit your fishing routine.



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