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The best outdoor watches can perform a lot of tasks. High quality Casio and Garmin outdoor watches from Anaconda are smartwatch products that provide info related to heart rate, altimeter, GPS watch settings, countdown timer, time zones, sea level and many more chronograph settings. Outdoor watches are as comfortable as a wristwatch and suitable for trail running, spartan sports and other outdoor activities. The best watches are on show at Anaconda, including Casio G-Shock, Casio Pro Trek, Ambit3 and the water-resistant Garmin Fenix 5X smartwatch with long battery life.


In the digital age filled with smartphones and tablets, many people no longer see the need of a watch. However, this is not the case for a select number of Australians, especially those who spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

Smartphones and tablets are not built to stand against the elements, but a good outdoor watch is. Below, we have created an overview of the features you should consider for an outdoor watch. So, be sure to read our guide and buy your new outdoor watch with confidence.

One of the first features that an outdoor watch must have is a rugged build. Since you are taking the watch in the great outdoors, it is bound to encounter a lot of rough situations. If your watch does not have a rugged build, then it will not last long at all.

Outdoor watches usually have a rugged build and are bulkier than the average watch you will find in stores. Naturally, such a rugged build comes with nothing but benefits for outdoor use, but it is less suitable for formal occasions. Still, if you prefer the outdoors over formal dinner, then the rugged outdoor watch will be your favourite accessory.

The second feature to look out for in an outdoor watch is a good display. We are not talking about digital over mechanical, but rather a display that is visible in the great outdoors.

Some watches are made with a surface that reflects sunlight, which makes it impossible to read your watch when you are out an about. Therefore, a rugged outdoor watch must have a display that can be read even under harsh sunlight.

When you choose an outdoor watch, it is also necessary to consider a display that can be seen in the dark. Even though this type of watch is not as useful for hikers, it is useful for campers who may want to know the time in the darkness of their tent at night. Therefore, we usually recommend an outdoor watch with both night and day features.


Anaconda outdoor watches from Casio and Garmin are among the best available. These smartwatches are much more than a timepiece, boasting g-shock toughness, sports watch accuracy, water resistance, touchscreen convenience, tracker functions and highest quality sapphire crystal display. Made from hard-wearing stainless steel and other premium materials, Anaconda outdoor watches are the all-round adventure watch for outdoor activities. With options for GPS mode, Google access, heart rate monitor, backlight and lots more digital watch advantages, Anaconda outdoor watches have all bases covered.


At Anaconda, you can shop in-store or online. We have an Australia-wide network of retail outlets, plus a streamlined online purchasing experience. We also offer afterpay, so you can pay in convenient installments. Explore outdoor watches, wristwatches, sports watches, GPS mode watches and other digital watch solutions, all on offer with our famous lowest available price guarantee.



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