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Find the right hard body lure from our range to mimic the natural size, profile and colour of the bait. Browse our hard body lures at Anaconda now!

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Can I purchase hard body lures at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Hard body lures are popular with many anglers because they can mimic live bait and will entice pretty much any fish species to bite on your line. With a large range of hard body lures at Anaconda, you'll be able to find the right lure to mimic the natural size, profile and colour of the bait for your intended target fish, even including frogs, squid and octopus lures. The range of hard body lures includes floating, sinking and neutrally buoyant hard body.

What are the benefits of using hard body lures?

The type of action created by hard body lures is significantly different to many soft plastic lures and jigs. Some lures are designed specifically for ride action, where the movement tends to mimic some type of action like walking the dog. To the fish, this type of lure appears as though the baitfish is attempting to escape. Other types of bit lures are designed to create a vibration much like tight swimming motion, which produces much noise.

Hard body lures tend to involve much less mess when compared to other baiting material. Avoiding the need to use soft baits and stink baits, using hard body lures provides a fishing experience without mess or smell. That said, there are hard body options that include a scent system to provide an extra level of attraction. Some anglers enjoy incorporating a shrimp-coloured tablet attached to the bottom of the lure as a way to produce one more enticement for the fish.

Hard bodied lures can be fished at almost any depth, as some are made to float or dive or both. Depending on the design, a plug will wobble, rattle or gurgle. They come in all sizes, and most of them have some sort of plastic lip that allows them to dive when you pull them through the water.

Tips on using hard body lures:

Hard body lures are suitable for a large variety of fish species and are quite versatile, being able to be either cast or trolled. Fishing with hard bodied lures can be an extremely productive technique providing these four key rules are followed:

Select the right lure - Selecting the right hard bodied lure requires some knowledge from the angler. Trying to replicate the exact size, profile and colour of the bait your intended target species is feeding on will increase chances considerably.

Use with the right rod, reel and line - Choosing the correct rod, reel and line to use in conjunction with your lure choice is extremely important. Braided line is generally a must for casting lightly weighted hard bodies and due to its super thin, ultra-low stretch qualities, it allows anglers to feel much more than they used to with conventional monofilament or nylon fishing lines.

Cast the lure in the right location - Making sure the fish can see your lure by casting it into or trolling it past the correct location is most important. There are three variations of hard bodied lure - floating, sinking and neutrally buoyant. All these variations are designed to stay in the strike zone for longer periods and when fished correctly can produce amazing results.

Troll or retrieve the lure correctly - Trolling or retrieving cast lures with a natural and enticing action will increase strike rates considerably. Try to pay attention to the natural behaviour of the bait your intended target species is feeding upon and imitate that if possible.



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