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Can I purchase mono line at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Mono line (also known as monofilament line) is a firm favourite with many anglers, and provides many benefits including stretch, shock rate, colour palette, ease of use, and knot strength, as well as a sensible price. Here at Anaconda, we stock a wide range of mono lines from leading brands including Berkley, Mojiko, Platipus and others, to offer you the largest choice of line for the ultimate fishing experience. Pick your favourite from quality budget-friendly line right through to high-performance line that is suitable for big game fish, both in freshwater and seawater.

The benefits of mono line

With so many options on the market, choosing the best fishing line can seem a bit overwhelming. But it is really just a matter of finding a line with performance characteristics that fit your style of fishing. As the name implies, monofilament fishing line, also called "mono" for short, is a single strand of material, as opposed to multi-filament lines, which are strung from multiple strands that are fused, braided or bundled together. Monofilament can be extruded from different materials, but nylon is by far the most common.

Some benefits of mono line

Stretch&mdash -Mono line stretches more than superlines and also more easily than fluorocarbon lines, which makes it more forgiving than other types of line. By stretching under pressure, mono also helps to prevent your hook from tearing a hole in a fish's mouth, which can make it easier for the fish to come off the hook.

Shock strength&mdash -Stretch should not be confused with shock strength, which is the ability of a fishing line to absorb energy, and for some fishermen is an equally important consideration. Shock strength comes into play when your line has to withstand the sudden impact of a hard hookset or a big fish thrashing violently at the side of your boat.

Sink rate&mdash -Thanks to its near-neutral buoyancy, mono sinks slowly, making it a great choice for topwater lures and suspended subsurface presentations where you do not want to accelerate the downward movement of your bait.

Colour palette&mdash -Mono is easier for manufacturers to tint than other types of line, which means that it is available in a wider range of colours. You can choose from stealthy, low-visibility options such as green, blue or clear, or spool with high-vis colours which are perfect for line-watching presentations.

Tying the knot&mdash -Mono is knot-friendly. You can use a variety of strong, easy-to-tie knots without sacrificing the strength of the line. In fact, a Trilene Knot or Palomar Knot offers nearly 100 percent knot strength when tied with premium mono.

Ease Of Use&mdash -Thanks to a combination of manageability, stretch, easy knot tying and other fishing-friendly features, mono is the best fishing line if ease of use is your main concern. This makes it a great choice for everyone from first-time anglers as well as seasoned veterans.

Find your ideal mono line, as well as braid line and fluorocarbon line and all your fishing essentials here at Anaconda.



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