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Can I purchase kids footwear at Anaconda?

Yes, here at Anaconda we stock a wide range of kids footwear, including shoes, sandals, thongs, gumboots, apres and snow boots, water & dive shoes, plus running and other sports shoes. Take a moment to browse our range of kids shoes which includes all types of shoes for active kids, including well-known brands, all at great everyday prices.

What should I look for when buying kids shoes?

Kids need shoes as soon as they start going outside, making sure they are wearing the right shoes is important all the years that they a growing and developing. Shoes will protect kids by minimising slippage and providing padding against repeated jumping, running, or stomping. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

1. Check Kids Shoes Constantly. Children, especially while very young, may not tell you that their shoes are starting to feel too tight. Instead, they may refuse to wear their shows or cry when forced to put them on. Shoes that are too small can stop kids feet from developing properly, so make sure you check your kids shoes every few weeks.

2. Measure their feet. The best way to measure for shoe size is to have the child stand on a piece of paper and trace the outline of their feet onto it. Then measure from the back of the foot to the furthest toe, and check against a shoe chart. Keep in mind that some shoe manufacturers use different size guides, and don't be tempted to buy shoes a few sizes too large for them "to grow into", as too large shoes may harm their feet.

3. Get Shoes That Are Easy to Put On. Younger children and even some older ones may not be able to tie their shoes very quickly or at all. Velcro fastenings, hooks and loops, stretchy laces and slip on shoes may all be suitable alternatives, and they will avoid you having to put their shoes on all the time.

4. Look for breathable shoes with good traction. Kids may be on their feet for long periods of time, playing and running. Their feet may get warm, so having breathable shoes is important. Good traction will help them if their coordination is not great yet, and will prevent them slipping and falling.

5. Buy shoes online! The biggest problem that many parents run into when shopping for kids shoes is that children often do not enjoy shopping for shoes, and get bored and irritated. For this reason, many parents find it easier to shop for shoes online. They can pre-pick out the ones that they approve of and then let their kids select the ones they like best.

With these things in mind, finding shoes for your kids at Anaconda will be easy! With footwear that is suitable for kids of all ages from toddlers to teens, you can narrow down the range by selecting style, size, price or brand to find the ideal footwear solution for your kids.



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