What To Consider When Going To The Snow For The First Time

What To Consider When Going To The Snow For The First Time

Whether you are taking your kids to the snow for the first time or it's your first rodeo, seeing the snow for the first time is a thrilling experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life. Whilst it's one of the more exciting experiences to undertake as a family, it can also be quite daunting with so much activity occurring on the mountain.

From what clothing to wear to make sure you and your family are warm and comfortable to essential safety tips to make sure your first trip to the snow is a safe one, we've compiled some handy tips to make sure everyone stays safe, stays warm and has the absolute best time of their lives!

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First Time Seeing Snow FAQ

Can I wear jeans in the snow?

You can wear jeans in the snow - but we highly advise against it. One of the main factors of this is due to jeans not being made of flexible material, meaning that a pair of jeans will leave you feeling stiff and make it hard to move and turn around when on the slopes. Another main factor is that denim is a type of cotton, and cotton is horrible for keeping you warm because it doesn't retain heat very well.

Is snow hard to walk in?

Yes, it is difficult to walk in the snow. This is due to your gait (your personal manner of walking) being changed because of the slippery surface of the snow and that it compacts down as you step on it. This is why wearing the right type of snow shoe is incredibly important when going to the snow for the first time.

What kind of shoes to wear in the snow?

When choosing the right type of shoe to wear in the snow, there are certain factors you need to consider. For example, faux leather or leather material is ideal because of how it doesn't let the moisture from snow seep into the shoe. Traction is another big factor because snow is known for being very slippery, so making sure you can firmly walk through snow is a major factor.

Can you eat snow the first time it snows?

No, you should not eat snow the first time it snows. It can be tempting, especially for children, to eat the snow when it starts snowing. The reason why it's bad to eat snow when it first starts snowing is because freshly fallen snow can contain sulphate, nitrates, formaldehyde and mercury. If you can't resist the urge to eat snow, then make sure it has been snowing for at least two hours before eating.

What Do I Need For The First Time At Snow?

First Time Snow Supplies

Make sure your kids have the right snow gear to stay as warm and as dry as possible during their first snow outing because, let's face it, they're probably going to spend a fair bit of time on their behinds. Here are the essential clothing items you and your little ones will need when going to the snow for the first time.


Wearing a base layer of thermals is absolutely essential when seeing the snow for the first time. This is because thermals are made from materials, such as Merino wool, polypropylene or polyester, that do three key things: they provide airflow so you don't overheat, they trap in warmth to regulate your body temperature and they wick away moisture to keep you dry.

Snow goggles

Unless you want to spend most of your time being snowblind, then wearing a pair of snow goggles is another essential piece of snow clothing. In simple terms, being snowblind is when you have impaired vision or are unable to see completely due to the intense reflection of UV sunlight being reflected off of the snow. Due to their special lens tint, wearing a pair of snow goggles will mean you can clearly see throughout the day without any issues.

Snow pants

As mentioned before, you can't simply arrive at the snow in casual everyday wear like a pair of jeans and start running around. Instead, you will need to be wearing a pair of snow pants. This is because snow pants are made from materials and fabrics like polyester that specifically keep out moisture and also are wide enough at the bottom to completely cover your snow boots for extra protection.

Snow Jackets

Snow jackets are another crucial piece of clothing you will need when seeing the snow for the first time. Snow jackets are designed to be highly insulated, making sure that the warmth stays inside the jacket and keeps you warm instead of being radiated out of the jacket resulting in heat loss. They are also designed to be water resistant, ensuring that no moisture seeps into the jacket when being worn.


If you have never experienced the snow before, then you should know that you will never want to touch snow with your bare hands, as they will quickly turn into icicles. This is why snow gloves and mittens are crucial. As with snow jackets and snow pants, snow gloves are made to be water resistant while also being breathable so your hands don't get sweaty throughout the day while you're carving it up the mountain.


Once you have finished planning your winter wardrobe for seeing the snow for the first time, it is now time to finish it with something warm for your head, like a beanie. Beanies are ideal because, as with other snow clothing, beanies not only keep your head warm but also insulate the warm temperature of your ears, neck and head.

Snow boots

Unlike wearing sneakers, a pair of snow boots will make sure that no water or moisture will get into the shoe and leave you with wet feet - which is not ideal when exploring in the cold snow. Snow boots are also essential for hikers who can't get enough of exploring the mountain during the colder months.

Where Can I Experience Snow For The First Time?

First Time Snow Locations

Even though Australia has an iconic image across the world of scorching temperatures, huge dangerous insects and large open deserts, there are actually plenty of places around Australia for going to the snow for the first time. For example, Thredbo is an ideal place for seeing the snow in New South Wales whereas Falls Creek is the go-to destination when families want to experience the snow in Victoria. Just search where to find the closest ski resort near you and make sure you have everything you need for experiencing the snow for the first time!

Safety Tips For First Time Seeing Snow

First Time Snow Safety Tips

If you have never seen or experienced the snow before, there are certain rules you have to follow in certain conditions to ensure the safety of both yourself and those around you.

Driving in winter

If you are driving up the mountains to see snow for the first time, then remember that driving in snowy and cold conditions is very different, especially at night. Here are some important factors to always keep in mind:

  • Always do a quick check of your car first. How is the battery? Are the windscreen wipers functioning properly? Is the air conditioning working for when you need to de-mist the windshield?
  • How do the tyres look? Do you need snow chains to give yourself extra traction?
  • Have you packed the car with enough supplies for the journey? Is your phone fully charged? Have you brought charging cables?

General safety tips when enjoying the snow

Just because you are going on an exciting trip to the snow for the first time, does not mean you don't have to stay safe.

  • Remember to carry some lip balm on you to prevent your lips from getting wind-burned.
  • Always pack sunscreen - you can still get easily sunburnt when playing in the snow.
  • Remember to take breaks and know your limits when skiing or snowboarding. And never go on the mountain without a helmet.
  • Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water when on the mountain and have enough carbs and protein to keep your energy levels up.
  • Always ensure you have enough warm layers of clothing on.

Head Out And Explore The Snow Today!

First Trip To The Snow

No one ever forgets their first time seeing the snow, so keep these facts in mind and get ready to have the absolute time of your life! Before you head out though, make sure you are fully stocked up on everything you need such as snow gear, snow boots, thermal socks, snow pants and much more. Make sure you check out our Adventure Centre for more exciting snow destinations that you can visit with your friends and family. Check out some of our other articles for awesome snow destinations and tips such as:

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