Kids first trip to the snow - keep these tips in mind

Kids first trip to the snow - keep these tips in mind

Taking your kids to the snow for the first time is a thrilling experience for all involved. Whilst it's one of the more exciting experiences to undertake as a family, it can also be quite daunting with so much activity occurring on the mountain.

We've compiled some handy tips to make sure the kids stay safe, keep warm and have the time of their lives.

Dress Warm

Make sure your kids have the right snow gear to stay as warm and as dry as possible during their first snow outing because let's face it, they're probably going to spend a fare bit of time on their behinds.

Important things for the kids to wear are snow jackets, snow pants, helmets, thermals, gloves and beanies. Grab a couple pairs of hand warmers to keep everyone toasty when they're not on the slopes.

Book A Ski Lesson

Most resorts offer lessons that allow your kids to master the basics and get some confidence on the mountain.

Kids First Trip To The Snow

Start Easy

Start on the runs that are not too steep and build up their skill levels and confidence. In Australian resorts these are the Green coloured runs.

Fall Well

Practice falling with your kids. If it is their first time, they will spend a lot of time falling so make sure they know how to do so without hurting their wrists and arms.

Stay Alert

Teach your kids to always look up hill before taking off to make sure they launch safely. Always remind them that the lower riders have right of way.

Plan The Perfect Snow Experience For Your Kids

Have Fun

Take breaks, play in the snow and pack some snacks. A day on the mountain can be long and exhausting so keep it light and fun.




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