No matter which outdoor activity you are planning, Anaconda's range of hats has you covered! Explore our arrays of hats for the best price and visit us now!

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Can I purchase hats at Anaconda?

You sure can. In fact, you are guaranteed to find just the right hat to suit your style and needs. Our range of hats for women, men and kids will keep the sun and rain at bay, warm you up on chilly nights, and even keep invasive insects away so you can appreciate outdoor activities at all times. In case you haven't noticed, hats are fashionable again, and making the right impression is easier than ever at Anaconda. If you need a hat for camping, glamping, watching sports or simply stepping out in style, Anaconda has you sorted.

What type of hats are available at Anaconda?

Our huge range of quality hats will fulfil your needs in the tropics or the tundra, on the snow or on the harbour, in the outdoors or simply at home curled up on the couch in front of the fireplace. Anaconda women's hats include broad-rimmed sun hats, cute cable-knit beanies, foldable hats and stylish headbands to name a few. The Anaconda men's hat range is equally impressive, showcasing straw hats, outback hats, an impressive beanie range and even desert hats with extended flaps to ensure your neck doesn't bake while exploring the dunes. Personalising your style has never been easier, and when quality is of equal importance, Anaconda has you covered.

Do you have hats suitable for children?

Anaconda has an impressive array of hats specially chosen for children. Our kid's hats are colourful and fun, incorporating tassels, pompoms, animal prints, dinosaur designs and more. Our wearable collection includes snug fitting waterproof hats ideal for skiing and snowboarding, sun hats, Peru-style beanies and high-top knit beanies manufactured using stretchable materials for a one-size-fits-most approach to kid's gear.

What materials are your hats made from?

Our hats are made from the best materials designed to retain shape even after repeated wearing. The materials are breathable, comfortable and lightweight, while also durable and stain resistant. The majority of our hats are machine washable, with the exception of straw hats available in Havana, cowboy, gardening and other styles. Anaconda hat materials include environmentally-friendly recycled paper straw, acrylic knit, paper/polyester, and Omni-Shade materials that block out 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays. Anaconda hats keep your head warm while looking cool, even incorporating special materials that minimise sweat for a casual approach even during strenuous activities.

Does Anaconda stock purpose-designed hats?

Our hats cover the full spectrum of activities, from casual-wear to classy. The outback hats are ideal for rural life on the farm, while the beanie range for men, women and children ensures warmth in colder climates. Truckers, sportspeople and sun lovers are spoilt for choice, and the stylish women's range are sure to be a hit at the next BBQ or garden party. Running caps, sports caps and girl's Legionnaires swim hats are all popular, ensuring everyone has the right headwear no matter what the occasion.

What else should I know when purchasing a hat?

Size is a major consideration, and fortunately the majority of Anaconda hats are one-size-fits-most. Alternatives include small-medium, medium-large and large-X large. Colour is an obvious consideration also, and Anaconda makes sure everyone can mix and match with clothing and fashion accessories for all-round appeal. Established brands including Shimano, North Face, Cape, Gondwana and 37 Degrees are all represented at Anaconda, where personalised choices are our style just for you.



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