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Gaiters are an important piece of kit when hiking, trekking and mountaineering. Ankle gaiters and lower leg gaiters are attached in moments and will protect you from snake bites, spider bites and insect bites. Quality canvas gaiters also protect the ankles from knocks and sharp object injuries while trekking, trail running or exploring magical Australia. Waterproof gaiters, such as Sea To Summit gaiters, are important outdoor adventure apparel for protection from leeches while traversing waterways and wetland environments. Gaiters also protect your legs from mud and moisture.

Snake Gaiters FAQs

Why should I wear gaiters?

Gaiters provide heavy duty protection for feet and lower legs. Gaiters fit on the outside of hiking pants and hiking boots, providing full insect protection and an impenetrable barrier against snake bites. Canvas gaiters and synthetic gaiters are snug fitting and comfortable, providing you with the confidence and protection required for serious hiking, trekking or mountaineering. Gaiters are water resistant or waterproof, protecting your feet from leeches and preventing the entry of pebbles, dirt or moisture into socks and hiking shoes.

How do I choose the perfect pair of leg gaiters?

Our range of gaiters is designed for every type of outdoor enthusiast. Trekking, trail running and mountaineering gaiters are constructed using polyester, Taslan and core spun canvas. Canvas gaiters remain the item of choice for Australian conditions, with thick canvas material providing an extra level of protection in all weather conditions. Alternatives include lightweight, 100% waterproof ankle gaiters and lower leg gaiters that won't slow you down while trekking.

Our event waterproof gaiters are fully waterproof, provide good breathability, and will protect your lower legs from impact injuries and creepy crawlies. Lightweight trail running gaiters are extremely popular, and with safety the highest priority in the Australian outdoors, protective hiking gaiters are a first aid essential worth serious consideration. Anaconda gaiters are available in a range of sizes to suit your outdoor style. Low ankle gaiters, for example, are usually used for hiking, trekking and mountaineering in the summer months as they facilitate greater flexibility and movement.

Longer lower leg gaiters protect your entire lower leg and are designed to wear over hiking boots or hiking shoes in rugged conditions and difficult terrain. If you are hiking through snow or trekking in cold, wet conditions, lower leg waterproof gaiters will keep you dry while also providing insect protection and protection from snake bites and leeches. Couple your hiking gaiters with hiking packs, hydration packs, hiking boots and waterproof apparel for a comfortable and safe journey anywhere in Australia.

How should I clean and care for my shoe gaiters?

Quality outdoor equipment and apparel is worth preserving. Prolong the lifespan of your gaiters and keep them in as-new condition by cleaning, drying and packing them away when not in use. Gaiters can be gently cleaned using warm water, soft detergent, a sponge and a brush. Once clean, allow your waterproof ankle gaiters or lower leg gaiters to dry naturally. For additional gaiter protection and superior gaiter performance, spray your gaiters with a waterproof enhancing product after you have cleaned them.

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