Our range of gaiters is well suited for your protection your legs from glaring sunlight and debris. Explore the range at the lowest price at Anaconda today.

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Can I buy gaiters from Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Gaiters are an essential piece of kit when hiking, climbing, mountain climbing, snowboarding or doing anything else in the great outdoors where you require your feet to be dry and comfortable. At Anaconda we have a range of different gaiters available, ideal for providing support and protection for your feet when you are on your next adventure. Get fantastic deals on our range of gaiters today.

How do I buy gaiters from Anaconda?

Browse our collection of gaiters online now, and follow the instructions rights through to check out for home delivery. Or you can visit one of our thirty-five nationwide stores, where our team of assistants will be happy to help and provide advice on choosing the perfect pair of gaiters to meet your outdoor needs.

Why should I wear gaiters?

Gaiters are garments that are worn for protecting your feet and lower legs. Covering the top of your footwear, Gaiters protect your feet from all the elements by preventing snow, water, dirt or pebbles getting into your shoes. They are seen as an essential piece of kit for many outdoor adventurers, and these fantastic items can make all the difference. Conquer the great outdoors in comfort now and get gaiters today at Anaconda's unbelievably low prices.

How do I choose the perfect pair of gaiters from your range at Anaconda?

Gaiters provide ultimate protection, and our selection of gaiters here at Anaconda offer varying levels of protection and different features. Your choice of gaiters is down to you, and what your plans are and the right kind of gaiters may depend on the trip or activity itself.

Our range of gaiters come in a variety of different materials, including polyester, Taslan and core spun canvas. Choose the latter if you are planning on exploring tougher terrain as this thick material will also provide an extra level of protection, as well as being suitable for adverse weather conditions. Our event waterproof gaiters, on the other hand, are fully waterproof, provides good breathability, and can you protect from environmental threats, such as snakes or branches. If you are jogging or cross country running, check out our more lightweight gaiters that would be more suited to this task.

Our gaiters are also available in a range of different heights. Over the ankle, low gaiters are usually used for hiking in the summer or trail running, as they allow greater flexibility and movement. Choose ankle gaiters in situations in which your primary goal is keeping peddles and dirt from your shoes.

Knee, or high gaiters, cover your lower leg from the knee down, and these are designed for more rugged conditions and tougher terrains. If you are hiking through the snow or the weather is likely to be wet, knee gaiters will also help you to keep dryer for longer. Waterproof gaiters can offer essential protection from snake bites, necessary when trekking in some areas.

How should I clean and care for my gaiters?

To keep your gaiters looking new, make sure that they are cleaned, dried and packed away after each use. Gently clean your gaiters with warm water and a sponge or nail brush, removing all of the debris from your gaiters, before allowing them to dry naturally. We do recommend that you spray your gaiters with a waterproof spray after you have cleaned them, as this will enable them to offer optimum protection for longer.



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