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A kid’s bikes range has to cover a lot of styles, as kids grow up fast and are always ready to upgrade their ride. From scooters to road bikes and everything in between, your girl's bike and boy's bike wishlist needs to cover a lot of ground. For the most extensive kid's bike range available anywhere in Australia, you can't go past the Anaconda for choice and value.

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Yes, you can purchase all varieties of kid's bikes at Anaconda. Choices include BMX bike, kid's mountain bikes, road bikes and other kid's bikes. We get kids moving young with a high quality outdoor product range, including kids tricycles, training wheel balance bike, scooters, and other kid's choices. As kids grow, they already know what bike they will want next, and the choices are all here at Anaconda.

Purchasing at Anaconda is convenient and fun. We offer a smooth online shopping cart and checkout experience, and the products you purchase are from name-brand manufacturers you can trust. Our kid's mountain bike, BMX bike and road bike selections are available all around Australia, online or in-store. We also offer afterpay installments, redeem gift cards, and give huge Anaconda Club member savings. It's always a good time to make an Anaconda wishlist, whether it is for your kid's first bike, or any other special piece of equipment designed for Australian conditions.


While bikes will vary between the different manufacturers, here is a rough guide to what you can expect to find in the different categories:

Mountain bikes are incredibly versatile all-terrain bikes. Boy's bike and girl's bike mountain bike options feature high volume tyres, strong suspension and great traction.

Road bikes are designed to be light and fast. Quality road bikes are deceptively strong, thanks to superior manufacturing and materials development.

Comfort bikes provide an upright ride and a large, comfortable seat. Cruise the waterfront in swimwear, denim and thongs, in true Australian style.

Urban bikes can be simple or complex, ranging from single-speed bikes to fully pimped-out rides with stylish and tailored bike accessories.

Kids bikes include training wheels, trikes, scooters, first bike options, single-speed bikes and all other girl's bike and boy's bike selections.


Whatever type of bike you prefer, comfort should be a top priority. If your kids are drawn toward mountain bike and BMX bike action, they will require a strong bike with high-functioning suspension, heavy-duty off-road tyres and a comfy seat. Competitive road bikes, on the other hand, are as lightweight, sleek and streamlined as possible. Everything from handlebars to wheel size should be considered prior to making kid's bike decisions, so if it is time to take off the training wheels and explore girl's bike and boy's bike ideas, look no further than Anaconda.

Make sure to plan ahead with the right bike accessories and apparel. Anaconda kids mountain bike and BMX bike clothing is courtesy of major brands with a focus on kids. Whether your kids require water bottles, backpacks, first aid equipment, bike shorts, tights or swimwear, you can have them protected from head to toe and ready to go, the Anaconda way. We are the favourite outdoor specialist in Australia, with the widest range of products, so if you want a teal girl's bike, a spider-man inspired boy's bike, or some drones for catching all the action from the air, we have what you are looking for at Anaconda, anywhere around Australia.


Kids come in all shapes and sizes, and it is important to encourage their outdoor adventures with high-quality equipment and apparel. Boy's bike and girl's bike choices from brands such as Cruzee, with bike accessories and spare parts by manufacturers like Shimano, will give your kids the BMX bike, mountain bike or road bike confidence they need. If your kids are just starting out, check out our balance bike, trike and scooter choices with the right style and wheel size to suit your kids. If your kids want to get decked out in the latest mountain bike gear, or simply like to ride on the trail in t-shirts and thongs, Anaconda girl's bike and boy's bike selections will have them sorted.



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