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How To Choose The Best Outdoor Clothes For The Kids?

Most children spend a lot of times in the great outdoors, so ensuring they have the proper clothing to enjoy the outdoors is certainly important. Below, we have created a guide that provides you with all the information you need. When in doubt about the outdoor clothes most suitable for the kids, be sure to refer to this simple guide.

Which Fabrics Are Best For Outdoor Clothing?

Outdoor clothes can be made from a variety of fabrics, each with their own benefits and dedicated properties. Common materials that are considered for outdoor clothing include manmade materials such as nylon and polyester, but also natural materials such as cotton and silk. In some cases, manufacturers will use a combination of manmade and natural fabric fibres to get the best fabric possible.

What Colours Are Best For Outdoor Clothing?

While colours often come down to the personal preferences of the child in question, there are some instances where colour could be more important. For example, if you are taking your child on a hike, neutral colours for outdoor clothing tends to be recommended.

Choosing neutral colours for outdoor clothing comes with additional advantages. Firstly, it allows for easier combination with other garments in your child's closet. Secondly, neutral colours tend to be more suitable for outdoor environments, especially during hikes or camping trips.

Which Outdoor Fabrics Are More Wrinkle Resistant?

Some fabrics are more resistant to wrinkles than others. Even though no fabric can be completely free of wrinkles, there are certain materials that are less likely to wrinkle when in the outdoors. Naturally, this is an important quality for children who are very active when they are outside.

One of the materials that has an excellent resistance against wrinkles is so-called rayon. While we did not mention this material in our overview earlier, rayon is a manmade material that is often implemented as an add-on fabric in outdoor clothes. Therefore, you will often encounter rayon with a natural fabric such as cotton.

Naturally, there are materials that are less resistant to wrinkles. A prime example of that is linen, even though this material is quite popular for outdoor clothing. While the material is breathable and light, it does catch wrinkles unlike any other material out there.

Do All Fabrics Provide Sun Protection As Well?

It needs to be said that most fabrics will provide some degree of UV protection. However, there are special materials with additional sun protection, this means they provide a barrier against UVA and UVB light.

When looking for sun protection clothing specifically, you will usually encounter them in the same way you would sun lotions, more specifically marked with an SPF rating. Therefore, sun protection clothing is available from SPF 15 to SPF 50+.

Do Fabrics Provide Insect Protection?

Another quality to look for in outdoor clothing for the kids is insect protection. Naturally, each piece of clothing is a barrier between the skin and insects. Of course, you must take into consideration the overall thickness of the material to ensure protection.

There are additional ways to protect your little ones against insect bites. Nowadays, you can obtain dedicated sprays, which allow you to spray outdoor clothing before heading out. The spray naturally provides protection against insects. So, if you cannot find the right outdoor clothing for insect protection, you can always combine regular outdoor clothing with this special spray.

What Other Things Should I Consider When Choosing Outdoor Clothes For The Kids?

We already mentioned some of the most important aspects of outdoor clothing for the kids. Yet, there is one more additional factor to consider, more specifically the available pockets. Children always carry little bits and bobs arounds, so pockets are an absolute must for any child who likes to spend time in the great outdoors.

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