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Anaconda provides stylish yet functional water bottles, so you'll never have to be thirsty again! Discover our range including CambelBak, Thermos and more.

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How big is your water botte range?

Whether you are hiking, camping, running, riding or just going for a leisurely walk, water is serious business. Having access to water when you need it is important. Most people don't think about water bottles a lot, but when they find a good one, they know it, and usually stick with it. Anaconda is the place to go to find all the good ones and all the big brands, including Camelbak, Spinifex, Contigo, Adidas, Sea To Summit, and more. No matter what your passion, we have a water bottle to suit. Check out our large big-brand range on this page, or in store.

What features can I find in your water bottles?

Water bottles are the little things that can make a big difference, so finding the right one is important. That is why at Anaconda we make sure our range is big enough to suit almost every need. Our water bottles come in a lot of different sizes. Fitting them in your bag, or attaching them to your gear, means finding one that is the perfect size. They start at around half a litre and go up to 1.5 litres, meaning you can fuel up whether you are going for a short walk or a long trek. Our water bottle range also includes different kinds of attachment options, so you can clip them to your bag or your bike if you need to, or hold them comfortably in your hand. Some in our range also come with special pouches, to allow you to store your phone, keys, and other valuables.

One of Anaconda's core values is to make the great outdoors accessible for the whole family, and one of the ways we do that is by making sure out gear caters for everyone. Our water bottles are no different, and our range includes fun colourful options for children. Like everything we sell, quality is key, and our range of water bottles benefit from the latest innovation, technology and design, inside and out. We have flexible water bottles, bottles made of stainless steel, durable plastic bottles, as well as canteens, ones with straws, and even bottles with valves that are self-sealing and spill proof.

They are all easy to use, and easy to squeeze if needed, and we have a range of options that are BPA-free. Our range also includes water bottles that are reflective, for extra safety on the road or on the path. Keeping water cool is a key part of camping or hiking, and our water bottle range includes many insulated options designed to do just that, or keep the contents warm if need be.

What is inside also counts, especially when it comes to water bottles. If you're looking for a water bottle that can keep your water fresh and clean when you need it, then we have you covered. Our water bottle range includes options with advanced filtration systems that can remove bacteria and protozoa, and one that incorporates a carbon capsule to reduce chemicals and any bad tastes. Our durable plastic bottle range also features technology that ensures you taste the water, not the bottle, and ones that have built-in straws to make drinking easy, no matter what you are doing.

Are Anaconda water bottles good value?

Use our search filters to narrow down the type of water bottle you are looking for. You'll find some options on sale or on clearance, and you will find a great deal of value throughout our range. We have water bottles for every budget, with options starting at below $20 and climbing as technology and innovation increases. Whether you're after an everyday water bottle, or you want a hardcore companion that can handle challenging journeys, you'll find it on this page.



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