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Anaconda's large range of mens water shoes are perfect for a number of water sport activities! Shop mens reef shoes and aqua shoes online or in-store.

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Can I purchase mens water and dive shoes at Anaconda?

Yes, mens water and dive shoes, also sometimes referred to as aqua shoes, are available in a range of styles and designs at Anaconda. Ideal for holidays, water sports activities such as boating, kayaking, diving, snorkelling and more, these shoes can offer a variety of options such as protecting your feet when wearing diving fins, providing extra speed through the water, or even offering you grip and stability when boating or sailing.

Why should I buy water shoes?

Water or aqua shoes are specially designed to offer certain advantages over normal sandals or thongs - here are some of them:

Superb Traction - A water shoe provides traction similar to what can be found on quality hiking shoes. More specifically, their design allows for excellent traction on wet, slippery surfaces typically found along rivers and lakes.

Front Toe Protection - Unlike sandals, the "closed toe" design of a water shoe provides protection to the toes, preventing scrapes, stubbed toes and ripped-off toenails.

No More Squishy Feet - Unlike running shoes, water shoes don't hold and absorb water. They drain nearly as fast as a sandal does, while their construction prevents them from absorbing water.

Top of Foot Protection - While styles vary from brand to brand, a water shoe always provides better top-of-foot protection than a sandal, preventing scrapes and bruises due to items being dropped on the foot.

Work Well Out of the Water - Whereas you can't always take a walking shoe or sandal into the water, water shoes can easily convert into a limited version of a "hiking shoe." Just be sure to dry the foot completely (to prevent blisters) and to wear a well-padded hiking sock.

What is the purpose of dive shoes?

Dive shoes are mainly for protection of your feet while under water. In theory, your dive boots, shoes or "booties" need to be of a similar thickness as your wetsuit, as different thicknesses give different levels of protection against cold, which is dependent on the part of the world and the time of the year when you will be doing your diving. As dive shoes are worn with fins, it is important to ensure that you have your dive boots before buying or renting your fins to get the correct fit.

How do I care for water or dive shoes?

Even though you may be spending much of your time in or around water, these shoes can still get dirty. If you shoes are made of neoprene, wetsuit cleaner will be the best product to use for cleaning them. For other man-made materials, general mild detergents can often be used too. Important is that the shoes are cleaned with water, especially if they have been immersed in seawater, and left to dry naturally before being stored away. Avoid storing in plastic bags, and don't be tempted to put paper in them to help them dry, as this will impede the airflow.



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