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Anaconda's men’s water shoes are perfect for a number of water sport activities! Shop men’s reef shoes, dive boots & aqua shoes online or in-store.

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Protect Your Feet With Quality Men's Dive & Water Shoes

Men's water and dive shoes, also sometimes referred to as aqua shoes, dive boots or reef shoes, are available in a range of styles and designs at Anaconda. Ideal for holidays, water sports activities such as boating, kayaking, diving, snorkelling and more, these men's water shoes offer great benefits such as protecting your feet when wearing diving fins, providing extra speed through the water, or even offering you grip and stability when boating or sailing.

Discover The Advantages Of Water Shoes For Any Water Sport

Water or aqua shoes are specially designed to offer certain advantages over normal sandals or thongs - here are some of them:

  • Superb traction: A water shoe provides traction similar to what can be found on quality hiking shoes. More specifically, their design allows for excellent traction on wet, slippery surfaces typically found along rivers and lakes.
  • Front toe protection: Unlike sandals, the "closed toe" design of a water shoe provides protection to the toes, preventing scrapes, stubbed toes and ripped-off toenails.
  • No more squishy feet: Unlike running shoes, water shoes don't hold and absorb water. They drain nearly as fast as a sandal does, while their construction prevents them from absorbing water.
  • Top-of-foot protection: While styles vary from brand to brand, a water shoe always provides better top-of-foot protection than a sandal, preventing scrapes and bruises due to items being dropped on the foot.

Men's Water & Dive Shoes FAQs

What is the purpose of men's dive shoes?

Dive shoes are mainly for the protection of your feet while underwater. In theory, your dive boots, shoes or "booties" should be of similar thickness as your wetsuit. Different thicknesses give different levels of protection against cold, which is dependent on the time of year when you'll be doing your diving. As dive shoes are worn with fins, it is important to ensure that you have your pair of men's dive boots handy before buying or renting your fins to get the correct fit.

How should men's dive boots fit?

Diving boots are specially designed for underwater use in a scuba fin or for foot protection around beaches and rivers. Dive boots should fit in much the same way as a regular shoe - snugly, but not so tight that they restrict movement or blood flow.

Aqua socks vs reef shoes: what's the difference?

All men's water shoes are designed to offer some level of protection when engaged in water sports. Men's aqua socks protect your feet from sharp debris, rocks and hot sand. They also provide insulation from cold water. On the other hand, men's reef shoes or water shoes feature a firmer rubber sole and provide better traction on slippery surfaces underwater.

Shop Men's Water & Dive Shoes At Anaconda

Whether you're a keen snorkeller, surfer, diver, or just enjoy wading in the waves, the right men's water shoes and aqua socks will provide the best protection for your feet. At Anaconda we also have a great selection of footwear for the whole family, as well as water sports gear like kayaks, stand up paddle boards, surf & swimwear and more! Discover wetsuits, boards shorts and rash vests which are essential for enjoying adventures at the beach, snorkelling out on the water and enjoying water sports. Shop the range online where you can click & collect your order from your nearest Anaconda store. You can also choose the convenience of home delivery for your online purchases.



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