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Accidents can happen no matter how prepared you are. Anaconda's first aid kits and camping safety gear can help with any emergency. Shop online or in-store.

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Anaconda stock everything to ensure that you not only have a fun and exciting adventure whether it's a family camping trip or an expedition to the Kokoda trail or hiking Mt Kosciuszko. This category of products ensures that you remain safe, unbitten and unburnt on your trip. With fantastic first aid kits for those small accidents that sometimes happen, or to protect against the elements with sun-screen and insect-repellent we have it all here in one place.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits are a necessity for all of us, whether you are into hard-core adventure sports or prefer a day at the beach and although we never want to get hurt it is much better to be well prepared than to be in an emergency situation without the right tools. First aid kits are recommended in your home and car, and it's a smart idea to always carry one with you when heading into the great outdoors.

It is important to realise that these supplies are only effective when the user has the requisite knowledge to perform first aid. The first step is to acquire the knowledge required to help people who are injured in the outdoors, including potentially localised incidents, such as specific snake and spider bits. It is worth investing in a basic first aid course like that provided by St Johns Ambulance as a starting point.

There are numerous different first aid kits available with varying contents and weights depending on the length and type of trip you are planning. For example the first aid kit you take on a two week Camper trailer trip will be very different to the kit you take on a 2 day hike. Talk to an expert Anaconda team member and they will help you find one to suit your individual needs.



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