Protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays, with Carve sunglasses here at Anaconda. Established in 1998 by surfers from Sydney, this ever growing brand is becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Whether you are looking for polarised or non-polarised, every day use or protection whilst you are hitting the slopes, Carve has the perfect pair of sunnies for you.

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The CARVE brand has grown and now produces a range of apparel accessories, although focus remains dedicated to producing world-leading sports sunglasses. The range is huge and the prices are right for decking the whole family out in glasses that fit snugly, reduce glare and enhance enjoyment. UV protection has gained attention for lots of reasons, including helping to avoid eye damage. We can't avoid sunlight, making sunglass protection necessary for promoting clear and undistorted vision without harmful effects.

Polaroid sunglasses offered by CARVE are ideal for wearing in the snow and at the beach. Polaroid glasses increase visual comfort by reducing glare, making it easier to view objects in bright conditions where sunshine reflects off surfaces. The light passes through the polarized lens, filtering glare and allowing the wearer to view surroundings comfortably.

By wearing quality CARVE sunglasses, a person is able to view objects in the distance that appear hazy without squinting, and reflected light nearby won't have a 'blinding' effect. CARVE polaroid sunglasses are perfect for people with sensitive eyes, and can aid comfort for people who are prone to suffer migraines. The colour of the lens you choose will also affect visibility.

Brown lens: Ideal for wearing in bright sunshine or lightly cloudy weather.

Grey lens: This filters all light evenly across the entire colour spectrum.

Deep green/grey lens: Offering superior protection in bright sunshine environments.

Yellow lens: Referred to as 'blue-blockers', these lenses increase contrast and depth of vision.

Rose lens: Providing focus and contrast and known to assist people who suffer migraines.

By selecting CARVE sunglasses, you are improving the quality of your outdoor or sporting experience. Advantages include:

  • Reduced glare and improved safety, allowing the wearer to focus without squinting
  • The perfect accessory for boaties and water enthusiasts who need to block reflections
  • Reduces eyestrain that can result in redness, irritation, fatigue and headaches
  • Revealing crisp, clean vision with greater detail

CARVE understands that everyone is different, so we offer polarised lens, non-polarised lens, polarised iridium lens, non-polarised iridium lens, polarized mineral glass lens and non-polarized mineral glass lens. We want to enhance your personal style with sunglasses that fit perfectly and perform exceptionally.

Each lens of CARVE sunglasses has been specially formulated to create the optimum balance between light, glare, reflection, transmission and absorption, allowing you to function at your best during competition or while enjoying leisure time. Quality sunglasses provide clear and undistorted vision, while protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays and reflections. Sunglasses from CARVE include:

Volley Polarised Sunglasses: These exceptional sunglasses have a 5 barrel stainless steel hinge, polycarbonate frame and metal badging. Available with brown or grey lens, Volley sunglasses look great and provide 100% UV protection. These are a one-size-fits-most option for men.

Lila Polarised Sunglasses: Available in a variety of frame and lens colours, Lila sunglasses look great and offer 100% UV protection. CARVE quality is showcased with the 5 barrel stainless steel hinge, polycarbonate frame and metal badging. These sunglasses are classic style with a contemporary twist.

Check out the extensive CARVE sunglasses range at Anaconda, and make sure you are ready and equipped for anything mother nature can throw at you.



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