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Can I purchase fishing lures at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! A fishing lure is a type of artificial fishing bait which is designed to attract the attention of the fish you are looking to catch. The lure uses movement, vibration, flash and colour to bait fish. Many lures are fitted with one or more hooks that are used to catch fish when they strike the lure. Most lures are attached to the end of a fishing line and have various styles of hooks attached to the body. Many lures are commercially made but some are handmade such as fishing flies. Fishing lures can be made of wood, plastic, rubber, metal, cork, and materials like feathers, animal hair, string, tinsel and others. They can have many moving parts or no moving parts.

What are the benefits of using lures?

Fishing with the use of lures can have many advantages, such as:

  • Lures are less messy than bait.
  • Lures gut hook fewer fish (gut hooking is when the fish takes the hook deeply, or even completely swallows the hook).
  • Lures allow you to cover more water, even from shore or a pier.
  • You can target the species you are after more efficiently with lures.
  • Lures are easy to change out.

Why are there so many different types of fishing lures?

There are many types of fishing lures. In most cases, they are manufactured to resemble prey for the fish you are trying to catch, but they are sometimes made to appeal to a fishes' sense of territory, curiosity or even aggression. Most lures are made to look like dying, injured, or fast-moving fish. Here we take a look at some of the most common types of lures:

Jigs: Of all lures, jigs are often thought to be the most versatile. A jig can catch about every game fish there is and is inexpensive. Jigs have a weighted lead head and come in every size and colour. They can be "dressed" (think of it like a tail or skirt) in feathers, hair, a soft plastic grub, or with the bait of your choice.

Spinners: Spinners are a great lure for beginners because they are very easy to use. They are essentially a metal shaft with spinning blade. The hook can be bare or dressed. Dragging a spinner through water causes the blade to spin. The spinning motion of the blade creates sound and vibration that can be picked up by fish, which makes them an excellent choice for stained or murky water.

Soft plastic baits: Soft plastic baits encompass a range of different lures, often used for bass fishing. The classic soft plastic bait is the worm. They are created by pouring liquid plastic into a mould and adding dyes, metallic flakes, or even scent. They can resemble the natural food of fish, like worms, crawfish, lizards or frogs, but some plastic baits don't resemble anything you might find in or out of the water - these are referred to as creature baits or "critters."

Fishing lures at Anaconda

Here at Anaconda, we stock a vast range of range of fishing lures like the ones described above as well as many others, for a wide variety of fish species, and suitable for freshwater and sea fishing. Lures can be bought individually or in packs, and to assist you in keeping all your lures easily stored and ready at short notice, we provide a series of excellent lure storage too.



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