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Overhead rod is designed with strength and power to catch bigger fish up from the depths of the water. Discover your ideal overhead rod at Anaconda now.

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Can I purchase overhead rods at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! You can now find your ideal overhead rod here at Anaconda, and you can choose from a number of specialist brands including Penn, Shimano and Ugly Stik as well as others. With overhead rod sizes ranging between five feet six and eight feet, both beginning fishermen and experienced anglers can find the perfect overhead rod for their target fish here.

When should I use an overhead rod?

Overhead rods are designed with power and strength in mind to pull those bigger fish up from the depths but still be sensitive enough to feel the lightest of bites. Overhead rods are often used when fishing from boats and are designed with the reel on top of the rod with the guides placed fairly close together so as to not let the line touch the rod blank. There are a range of sizes from five feet right up to eight feet in length and depending on the depth of water and fish species being targeted the taper of the rod will vary either slow, medium or fast.

Overhead fishing rods are specifically designed for getting the better of those serious fish. They are built to virtually indestructible standards and incorporate the most robust components and hardware. The oversized grips and powerful butt sections also provide fish stopping leverage when you need it most. Overhead fishing rods are designed to fight hard and withstand serious battles with species such as marlin, tuna and sailfish. If you are in the hunt for a trophy or record fish then an overhead fishing rod is the right choice for you, and you have an excellent choice of branded overhead fishing rods here at Anaconda.

What are the features of Ugly Stik overhead rods?

With 30 years of experience as the leader in clear rod technology, Ugly Stik has delivered a vast range of rods suited to different fishing environments. The Ugly Stik Gold Overhead Rod is refined and updated to suit new fishing techniques. This rod features Fuji components and Ugly Stik's legendary strength and sensitivity to give you an extremely durable, dependable and practical rod that will serve you well for many seasons.

The Ugly Stik Gold Overhead Rod features blank-through-handle construction for added strength and sensitivity, Fuji guides and components, under-wrapped guides for durability and longevity, plus the blank is fully coated with epoxy for extra protection from the sun's damaging UV rays. The Ugly Stik's exclusive Howald Process Double-Built construction features a graphite inner core with an outer layer of E-Glass to create a rod with superior strength and sensitivity.

  • Ugly Stik Gold Overhead Rod Features:
  • Howald process blank
  • Blank-through-handle construction
  • Fuji guides and components
  • Under-wrapped guides
  • Fuji winch mounts
  • Fully coated with epoxy for extra UV protection

Does Anaconda sell other fishing rods as well?

Yes, check out our entire range of fishing rods including spinning rods and baitcaster rods too!



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