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How To Camp More Comfortably With Your 4WD?

If you have the luxury of owning a 4WD and enjoy camping, you could make your camping trip a lot more comfortable and efficient by taking full advantage of the natural benefits these kinds of vehicles provide. If you want to learn how to camp more comfortably with the help of your 4WD, be sure to read through the info below.

Can I Get Access To Power While Camping With My 4WD?

A 4WD gives you immediate access to power, because you can choose a simple combination of solar power, a battery pack, and some wiring.

Getting access to electricity in the outdoors is not always easy, unless you are camping on a campsite. If you are in the wilderness however, charging your electronics is not that evident. To gain power, use some solar power on the roof and a complementary dual battery system to get the power you need.

The power systems available to install on a 4WD can be tremendously powerful, this means you can charge more than just your phone. In fact, you could even run a microwave and a television of it. Of course, always check the capacity of a system to ensure it meets your requirements.

Will I Get Enough Space When Camping With My 4WD?

Camping in a 4WD does give you access to plenty of space, even if you decide you will be sleeping inside your 4WD instead. Of course, you will get more room if you take a tent and some inflatable mattresses and sleep outside of your vehicle.

If you are looking to store some lightweight supplies, you can always use a decent roof rack. With a good roof rack, you can store your tent, camping chair, solar panels, and any other lightweight gear you might be taking with you. To ensure the roof rack is suitable, always check the weight capacity of the rack beforehand.

In addition to storing your essentials, you can create some impressive setups in the back of your 4WD. You can obtain dedicated drawer systems, where you can store utensils and tools you might need during your camping trip. While you could still obtain the typical storage boxes to store camping essentials, a drawer system and even incorporated storage boxes in the back of your vehicle make organisation easier than ever!

Is The 4WD Camping Experience Good For Hikers Too?

4WD camping can be brilliant for hikers, as the 4WD makes you a lot more mobile. If you have planned to hike a certain trail, but you feel like you could explore another location during your trip as well, the 4WD enables you to check out locations that are considerably removed from your original location.

Camping in a 4WD means you are more mobile, but it also enables you avoid some of the noisier campsites. If you are all about peace and quiet, then camping with a 4WD and hitting the open road might be the best option for you.

The 4WD camping experience is also suitable for kayak lovers and other outdoor sports fanatics. With your 4WD, you can easily transport a kayak, but you can also tow boats and even a full caravan. The 4WD is so wonderfully versatile, it is suitable for almost all types of campers today.

Should I Pack A Tent Or Camp Inside The 4WD?

That all depends on how long you will be camping and the supplies you will be taking. To sleep comfortably in your 4WD, you must have room for a dedicated 4WD mat - which can be obtained from our catalogue - and your seats must be able to be put down fully. Do not attempt to sleep in the seats when they are still upright, as this could prove quite uncomfortable for your neck.

If you do decide to take a lot of supplies and if it is not possible to put the seats down, then it might be best to pack your tent. Of course, this does not have to be a bad thing, as it provides you with the option of sleeping on those comfortable inflatable beds that make your camping trip the most comfortable experience it can be.



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