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Anaconda's inflatable sleeping mats & 4WD mattresses include features such as a PVC base, velour feel & open cell foam technology. Shop online or in-store.

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Shop Quality 4WD Mats and Make Camping More Comfortable

4WD mats can make camping more comfortable by providing a flat, stable surface for you to set up your rooftop tent and other camping gear. Additionally, 4x4 mats can provide insulation from the cold roof or ground, helping to keep you warmer at night. This can be especially useful if you're camping in cooler weather or at higher elevations. Finally, self-inflatable single mattresses can also help to keep your camping gear clean and dry, as they provide a barrier between your gear and the ground. This can be especially helpful if you're camping in an area with wet or muddy conditions. Overall, 4WD mats can help to make your camping experience more comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

Why Choose Anaconda For 4wd Mats?

As the leading Australian outdoor and adventure retailer, Anaconda showcases the highest quality range of 4WD mats, open cell foam mats, self-inflatable single mattresses and other 4WD camping mattresses. We have more available products than anyone else and we offer Afterpay and other convenient payment methods. If shopping online, simply make a wish list, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. Alternatively, visit your nearest Anaconda retailer in person for a first-hand experience of our great product range.

What Other Camping Gear Should I Consider?

This will depend on your individual style. Many 4WD campers prefer to carry a dome tent, hiking tent or pop up tent for comfortable downtime. It is best to first consider where you are going and how long you will be staying for. For all the help you need, check out our ultimate camping essentials checklist to make sure you have everything ticked on your list before heading out on your next camping adventure.

What Else Can I Find In The 4wd Range At Anaconda?

  • COMMUNICATION & NAVIGATION: don't risk exploring the great outdoors on your next 4WD adventure without making sure you can always communicate by browsing our extensive communication and navigation
  • COMPRESSORS: if your 4x4 adventure is taking you along some tough terrain, our range of compressors will help avoid getting bogged.
  • RECOVERY: if you do get bogged down, make sure you have everything you need to get yourself out of a tricky situation by exploring our complete recovery range.

Shop The Entire Range Of 4wd Mats At Anaconda

Anaconda is Australia's favourite camping and outdoor retailer, with more outdoor products from big name brands and with every product on offer covered by our famous lowest price guarantee. We offer the best 4WD mats in the right price range, and we have a comprehensive returns policy in case you are not 100% satisfied.

Shop our entire range of 4WD mats online including travel mattresses, inflatable mats, 4x4 mats and much more online or visit us in-store today. If you're gearing up for your first overlanding adventure, then check out our guide to 4x4 overlanding to make sure you haven't missed a thing. If you're looking for new adventure destinations, then try checking out our 10 great beach destinations for your next 4WD adventure as well.



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