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Organised angling equipment leads to a bigger catch, whether you are on the hunt for Snapper, Trout, Flathead or big game fish. Use a boat rod holder, horizontal rod rack or other fishing rod storage rack from Anaconda, and keep your fishing rods and fishing reels in pristine condition ready for action. Fishing rod rack and fishing rod storage solutions include freestanding rod holders, wall-mounted fishing rod racks, boat rod holders and a whole lot more. Anaconda rod holders and rod storage products are designed and manufactured by industry experts such as Shimano and Jarvis Walker. Tackle storage is also important, and our tackle boxes are up to the task. A suitable fishing tackle storage box should contain everything you require for a fun day of fishing, including sinkers, fishing rod storage tubes, hooks, jigs, swivels and sinkers.

At Anaconda, we have a wide selection of fishing rod storage racks, fishing storage holders, fishing rod storage boxes and much more from well-known brands such as Berkley, Shimano and Plano. Whether you require a horizontal rod rack or a single fishing rod holder, we have what you are looking for. Take time to explore the entire Anglers range of unbeatable products that include stainless steel gear, life jackets, gaffs, aerators, waders, tackle bags, cast nets and anything else required for a successful day on the water. Shop our entire range of adult bike helmets at Anaconda online or in-store today!

Fishing Rod Storage FAQs

What is the best way to store fishing rods?

The best way to store fishing rods is vertically in a rod rack or holder to prevent warping or damage. Avoid leaning them against walls or storing them horizontally for extended periods. Store rods indoors, away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keep them clean and dry, and consider using rod sleeves or covers to protect them from scratches or dings.

Do fishing rods go bad?

Fishing rods can deteriorate over time if not properly maintained or stored. Exposure to moisture, sunlight, extreme temperatures and improper handling can lead to damage such as warping, weakening or breakage. Regularly inspect rods for signs of wear, such as cracks or fraying. With proper care and maintenance, fishing rods can last for many years.

Can fishing rods be stored bent?

It's not recommended to store fishing rods bent, as this can lead to warping or weakening of the rod. Storing them in a bent position for extended periods can cause permanent damage, affecting their performance. It's best to store fishing rods vertically in a rod rack or holder to maintain their shape and integrity. This helps prevent stress on the rod and ensures longevity.

Do graphite fishing rods break easily?

Graphite fishing rods are known for their strength and sensitivity, but they can break if subjected to excessive force or misuse. While they are more durable than some other materials, like fibreglass, they are not indestructible. Proper care, handling, and avoiding high-impact situations can help prevent breakage. However, with normal use and maintenance, graphite rods are reliable and long-lasting.

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