Fishing Rod Storage

At Anaconda, we have rod racks that are freestanding as well as wall mounted, in a variety of sizes. Browse our fishing rod storage at Anaconda online.

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Can I purchase fishing rod storage at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. In this section, you will find several useful storage racks for your home or garage, which will allow you to store your fishing rods conveniently and securely when not in use, as well as transport solutions, and rod holders that can be mounted in various locations and surfaces.

Why should I buy fishing rod storage solutions?

Most anglers have more than one fishing rod and storing them without the risk of possible damage can be tricky. This is particularly true if you are storing them in the garage or utility room. Experienced anglers will know that properly storing rods will extend their life for years. Fishing rod storage can be freestanding, wall mounted or even ceiling mounted if you are short of wall space.

What else should I do when storing my fishing rods?

Remove any extra tackle remaining on your rod (such as heavy lures) that will cause the rod to bend while being stored. You want the rod to remain as straight as possible during storage, so it does not create a permanent bend in the end tip section. Tie the fishing line or use the hook to attach the line to a guide, after removing the lures. Allow the line to be slightly taut, but not so tight it causes a bend in the rod tip, when tying off to the guide. This will help your line from becoming tangled without putting extra pressure on the guide or rod tip.

Do you have any tips for storing fishing gear?

Free up at least 1 - 2 metres in height for your rods on your garage wall. If possible, keep your rods separate from other wall-mounted equipment.

Remove all fly lines from your reel and store them in coils that are not too tight but not too loose. Store these coils in bins or cabinets that are properly divided.

Hang your fishing waders on a garage wall with hangers, which will allow air to circulate and not stress the rubber.

The best way to protect reels is to store them in bags with holes so moisture can escape.

Don't store rods horizontally unless you have proper support for the tops and bottoms of the rods.

Never place coils of fly line together in the same space, as fly lines can get easily tangled.

Never hang other heavy equipment above or next to your fishing rods. An accident where the equipment falls and hits the rods can weaken the graphite or fibreglass of the rods.

What else is included in the fishing rod storage range?

Here at Anaconda, you can also find rod holders that can be mounted on boats and will support one or more fishing rods at the same time, depending on your preference. A handy rod holder that can be fixed into a bank or sandy beach is also on offer. Lastly, you can find rod tubes here that will let you transport your rods safely and conveniently to and from your fishing location.



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