Top 5 Barra Lures

Top 5 Barra Lures

Welcome, fellow anglers, to a journey into the thrilling world of Barra fishing! As the sun sets and the waters come alive, choosing the right Barra lure becomes the key to unlocking a successful day on the water. In this blog, we'll dive into the top 5 Barra lures that have proven themselves as essential weapons in any angler's arsenal. From the enticing action of suspending minnows to the explosive strikes triggered by paddle-tail soft plastics, we'll explore the intricacies of each lure and why they consistently outshine the rest. Get ready to elevate your Barra game and make every cast count!

1: Bomber

You simply can't go Barramundi fishing without a few Bomber lures in the tackle box. While not originally designed for chasing Barramundi, the Bomber Long A 15A 4.5 Inch Lure has a cult following when chasing these species - and that's for good reason.

This shallow-running jerk bait has the perfect swimming action that drives Barra crazy.

When casting at snags the 15A in gold is a favourite, and then when casting creek mouths for big fish or trolling shallow areas the 16A in Olivia or Tiger Lilly are two colours you can't go past. Best of all bombers are easy to use on the cast or troll and when you put a few twitches and pauses into the retrieve, you're sure to get plenty of bites.

One final tip with the Bomber, is to make sure you have a few in your tackle box as one lure just won't do for a trip. There is nothing worse than having only one of a lure that's catching all the fish, and then losing it. Barra are often in and around structures and snags and losing lures is a reality of barra fishing.

2: Jackall Squirrel

Jackall Squirrel Super DD 79 Hank Tune Jerkbait Lure

If you had to have just one small deep diving lure for Barramundi, then the Jackall Squirrel Super DD 79 Hank Tune Jerkbait Lure would be hard to go past. While it comes in the larger 115mm size, which is an awesome lure for casting and trolling when a larger lure is needed, it's the little 79mm Squirrel that proves elephants eat peanuts.

What makes it so good is that it dives quickly, is easy to twitch and pause, or just slow roll and also trolls perfectly.

The real feature that makes the 79mm squirrel just so good is that it's been designed to swim perfectly with the oversized hooks fitted to it, something that most other lures can't do, so when the big fish eat it you get a good hookup and don't have that fear of the hooks straightening.

They are available in a range of colours and there is no way you can chase Barra without a few of these in your tackle tray.

3: Bite Me Plastics

Bite Me Plastics soft lure range

Developed, designed and thoroughly tested in Darwin, the Bite Me Plastics range isn't just another soft plastic lure.

With a long skinny body profile and rather than the traditional paddle tail Bite Me lures have what's often referred to as a boot tail, which gives the lure a slight body roll and a tail that vibrates quickly with a very tight shimmer as it goes through the water.

The other sneaky little feature of this lure is that they come with rattles that can be added to the lure via a vertical rattle chamber in the tail, this gives the lure a subtle ticking sound as the tail kicks.

Available in 4 sizes and an amazing range of colours, there is the perfect option for all barra fishing from creeks, rivers, offshore and impoundments.

These lures catch lots of fish and big Barra go crazy for them, so make sure you have lots of them when you go fishing - you're going to need them!

4: Shimano Flash Boost Arma Joint 190SF

Swim baits are becoming more popular for barramundi as they tend to be larger in size and are best fished at a slow steady pace with a few pauses, where it resembles a dying baitfish, something that Barra (especially big ones) absolutely love to eat.

One downside to a lot of swim baits is that many of them won't swim very well in current and flowing water, the Shimano Bantam Armajoint Flash Boost however, is different as it will swim in flowing water, and casts like a bullet as the body folds as it goes through the air.

The lure comes fitted with light gauge hooks so we recommend upgrading the split rings and trebles with either the Owner ST66 or the STN58, with the heavier hooks the lure will suspend or very slowly sink, if you want to get it down deeper than the addition of a small chin weight will get it to sink.

5: RMG

RMG Scorpion 125 Standard Lure

If it's from an Australian lure maker you know the lures work and are tough, and the RMG range is just that. With the runs on the board for many years, the RMG Scorpion 125 Standard Lure has been a favourite for anglers chasing Barramundi all over the country.

The RMG Scorpions are available in a range of sizes, colours and depths so suit every fishing situation from casting in small creeks, to big river mouths and trolling they cover all the things anglers look for in a great Barra lure. The body roll creates vibration and flash, and rattles for extra noise which really turns the bite on. Add to this that these lures are almost unbreakable so you can catch an endless amount of fish on them.

If you're after a deep diving compact lure for fishing deep heavy timber then the addition of the Poltergeist to your lure selection can be a game changer. With its short buoyant body and big bib, they get down deep, and the head-down swimming action bumps its way through a timer that most other barra lures will get snagged in. The Poltergeist has proven itself time and time again in rivers such as the Daly River.

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