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At Anaconda, we've got camping tents and touring tents in various colours, sizes and styles for everyone! Discover our amazing tents online or in-store.

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There was a time when all camping tents seemed the same; but not anymore. People have moved on and so have tent manufacturers, and camping tent options now include pop up tents, dome tents, luxury shower tents with ensuite, rooftop tents and a whole lot more. Getting the best view in Australia is easy, and choosing the right hiking tent, camping tent, single swag, touring tent or family camping tent will make the view even better. Explore Anaconda camping tent options from premium manufacturers such as Oztrail, Oztent and Northstar. Coleman instant-up tents are another great option, and there is so much more to explore.


As Australia's favourite camping, hiking and outdoors retailer, Anaconda is the number-one choice for camping tents, tent accessories and other camping gear. Modern camping tents are made tough using Ripstop nylon. Advantages include Ripstop include waterproof capabilities, and it is lightweight and fast drying. If you are looking for a 2 person dome tent, a family camping tent on a single-person swag, we have what you are looking for at Anaconda.

Our range of tent accessories is equally impressive. Here you can search for cookware, carry bags, guy ropes, BBQ gear, tarps, awnings, gazebos and more. An average sized family tent can be transformed into comfortable sleeping quarters, and long-term glampers can set up an entire camp kitchen and camp bathroom with shower tent and ensuite. Pop up tents, dome tents, beach tents and other instant-up tents are ideal for on-the-go solutions at the beach, by the river, at the park or even out in the backyard.


Camping tents are usually roomier than hiking or trekking tents designed for streamlined performance. Camping tents are a great option if you are travelling to your destination by motor vehicle. A large family tent can be erected by two people with ease, with plenty of time to work on the shower tent, camp toilet and ensuite. Hiking and trekking tents are a great addition to large camp sites, allowing teens, couples and others to camp out in a single swag, double swag, hiking tent or pop up tent. At Anaconda, we provide the options so you can camp your way, backed by products from name brand manufacturers.

A camping tent can be anything you want it to be by using gazebos, awnings and tarps to extend the cover. Whether you require additional shade or protection from the rain, the benefits of additional gazebo space shouldn't be underestimated. At Anaconda, you can choose from cabin tents, canvas tents, instant tents, 3-person dome tents, touring tents and tent accessories. If shopping for camping tents, camping swags, sleeping bags and other camping gear online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door.

At Anaconda we provide afterpay, so you can purchase now and pay at a convenient time. We also offer our famous lowest price guarantee on all products, including pop up tents, dome tents, tourer tents and family camping tents. We partner with major brands such as Oztent, Oztrail, Coleman, Northstar, Mountain Designs and Primus so you get the camping tent, sleeping bag, cookware and other camping conveniences you deserve.


At Anaconda, we stock a wide range of camping tents from leading brands such as Coleman, Dune, Spinifex and Black Wolf, among others. The best thing when choosing your camping tent is to look at all the factors that are important to you regarding space, weight, price and material and then to start narrowing down your choices. Climate and terrain may play a part in your choice of camping tent, as well as matters such ease of construction. A couple with small children may find that one person has to put up most of the camping tent, while the other looks after the kids. However, if your kids are older, it may be much easier to have several helping hands.

If you are still undecided after browsing our range online, or after coming to one of our stores and speaking to our friendly sales staff, check out our bestsellers online to see what other people have bought!


You are sure to be surprised by amazing camping tent prices at Anaconda. Our basic beach tents and pop-up tents are affordable for any Australian picnic, and even high quality family camping tents made with hard wearing Ripstop nylon aren't overly expensive. At Anaconda, you can personalise your camping tent style, including the option to have a 4WD rooftop tent tailor-made to your vehicles specifications. If you like to travel in style, Anaconda has great luxury camping products for comfort and convenience. On the other hand, the best hiker and trekker adventures can be had with a minimalist camping swag, carry bag and tent accessories for weather protection.

As a family-friendly favourite retailer, Anaconda has something for everyone. From beach tents for fun in the sun to family camping tents for summer vacation, our camping tents have you covered. Pop up tents and dome tents are more popular than ever, and very easy to set up. It only takes a matter of minutes to set up a dome tent, sleeping bags, awning, tarps and cooking gear, and camping remains a favourite pastime all around Australia.

Keep Anaconda in mind for all tent accessories, camping accessories and spare parts also. If your touring tent zipper breaks or your cookware stops working, you will need the right spare parts and accessories close at hand. Check out the great Anaconda camping tent range, and prepare to become inspired.



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