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At Anaconda, we've got camping tents in a wide range of colours, sizes, and styles for everyone! Discover our amazing range online or in-store and save today.

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Can I purchase camping tents at Anaconda?

You certainly can! Camping is an incredibly popular method of spending time with the family on holiday, and at Anaconda we believe in offering our customers choice as well as good value, hard-wearing products, so we have a large range of camping tents in stock throughout the year. Choose from basic models to deluxe ranges, and from small compact tents for one or two people, to tents that can accommodate an extended family, as well as all the accessories you may need for your trip.

What are camping tents?

Camping tents are usually roomier and slightly heavier than hiking or trekking tents, which are specifically designed to be carried along and put up each night in a different location. If you are looking to spend a weekend, a week or even longer in just one location, the weight of your tent will be less of an issue, and you can afford a bit more space too.

People who are pitching their camping tent at a well-provisioned campsite, which offers catering and many other facilities, may just be looking for a camping tent that is big enough to sleep in. If you need to be more self-sufficient at your location, you may need to factor in space for eating, storage and separate areas for adults and children so you do not all have to go to bed at eight in the evening! Larger camping tents, or camping tents with additional sunrooms, gazebos or even tents with a simple swag that you can sit and eat under to stay out of rain or sun, would then be your wisest choice.

Which types of camping tents do you recommend?

At Anaconda, we stock a wide range of camping tents from leading brands such as Coleman, Dune, Spinifex and Black Wolf, among others. The best thing when choosing your camping tent is to look at all the factors that are important to you regarding space, weight, price and material and then to start narrowing down your choices. Climate and terrain may play a part in your choice of camping tent, as well as matters such ease of construction. A couple with small children may find that one person has to put up most of the camping tent, while the other looks after the kids. However, if your kids are older, it may be much easier to have several helping hands.

If you are still undecided after browsing our range online, or after coming to one of our stores and speaking to our friendly sales staff, check out our bestsellers online to see what other people have bought!

Does Anaconda sell other tents as well as camping tents?

Yes, you can also find a great range of hiking tents here, as well as toilet and shower tents, gazebos, swags, sunshades and wind breaks. All ranges of tents offer a wide choice of sizes, materials, and prices, allowing you to choose the perfect tent for your next trip or camping holiday. Some tents can be added to with extra rooms, ideal if you have a growing family. Check out our whole range of tents and you will be amazed at the many tents being offered at Anaconda!

Are camping tents expensive?

Camping tents come in a variety of sizes and materials, which means you can find camping tents at Anaconda for just a few hundred dollars as well as a few thousand. We are passionate about offering our customers excellent value for money and our price promise guarantees that you will not find the same camping tent cheaper anywhere else. In addition, our special our special VIP Club is easy to sign up for and will give you advance warning of sales, as well as exclusive discounts on certain products, allowing you to get access to great savings.



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