Nothing spells relaxation like soaking up the sun & gently swaying in your hammock. Find your ideal portable camping hammock at Anaconda online or in-store!

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Hammocks, hanging chairs and outdoor furniture are popular with people of all ages. Camping hammocks have moved with the times also, with choices that include single hammock, double cotton hammock, nylon hammock, waterproof hammock and ultralight hammock among the many Anaconda options.

A hammock swing or hammock bed from a leading brand such as Oztrail is the deluxe way to enjoy outdoor living. Free standing hammocks and hammock swings are attractive and versatile, allowing you to create a special campsite vibe. Your relaxing campsite can also include comfy camping chairs, high quality gazebos, strong tarps, outdoor furniture and more for creating a genuine home away from home.
Hammocks as they are known today originated in Central and South America, although similar relaxation hammocks were in use world-wide; such is the popularity and versatility of a free standing hammock, hammock bed or hammock chair. Hammocks are more popular than ever in Australia, whether it be a camping hammock, ultralight hammock or a backyard BBQ hammock for suburban Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere else in Australia.

A hammock is much more than a swing. Your outdoor hammock or camping hammock can offer genuine pain relief after a day of trekking. An ultralight hammock combined with a waterproof overhead tarp is a favourite wilderness survivalist set-up offering protection from spiders, snakes and other ground-dwelling creepy crawlies. Casual hammock users appreciate convenient options, such as chair hammocks and double hammocks that can be supported by a hammock stand, hammock frame or spreader bar, along with colourful and showy Brazilian single and double hammocks for having fun in the sun.


The hammock you purchase should be long enough to stretch out on without too much sagging. You will need to hang your hammock correctly for best results, either outdoors or indoors, and there are lots of ways to ensure your hammock is set up safely and securely. You will require a hanging location with adequate distance between supports and height above ground level. The space you need will be determined by the size of your chosen hammock.

When hanging your hammock you will need to make allowance for sag. Establish a hanging location with a little extra length so you can adjust the tension using hanging straps, hooks or springs, all available at Anaconda. If you have found a hammock hanging location with sufficient height and distance, you are good to go. Alternatively, you may prefer the freestanding Hammock approach, and we have the solutions. At Anaconda, you can purchase a hammock with dedicated stand for fast set up and disassembly anyplace. Here are a few popular hammock hanging methods.

Straps. Attaching your hammock to trees or posts using straps is easy. Simply link the strap to the hammock end-loop and wrap the strap around the tree. Straps can be adjusted for tension, allowing you to get as comfortable as you wish. Check out our range of heavy duty straps and ties for your project.
Hanging hardware. If you want permanent hammock solutions, hanging hardware is the answer. The Tropicana Hammock Hook Kit and Tropicana Hammock Spring, available at Anaconda, are the sure way to keep your hammock up in the air where it belongs without your backside scraping on the ground.
Rope. Every camper and household should have strong rope available for odd jobs that arise. Hanging a hammock with strong rope is the simple, effective low-tech solution. Lightweight but strong rope is a must-have camping accessory that will make life in the outdoors far more comfortable.

Hammock stand. This is the easy solution for hanging a hammock inside or outdoors. Hammocks can be purchased with a stand, or the stand can be purchased separately for adapting your present hammock using s-hooks and connectors.


This is an individual consideration. Some people get so comfortable in a hammock they easily drift off into blissful slumber. In fact, many campers prefer to sleep in a hammock instead of a cramped tent so they can appreciate the great outdoors in style. The hammock materials also impact comfort, so Anaconda establishes partnerships with premium manufacturers for a luxurious experience. The Tropicana Rio Hammock, for example, is made with 100% cotton for a lightweight and breathable experience even in tropical climates.


If your quest is for intimate, relaxing times while on vacation, a high quality double hammock will assist admirably. Nothing beats time together with your partner enjoying the scenery and curling up together on a hammock is a sure-fire way to kindle the romance. In addition, a hammock can be a versatile storage solution, a hammock chair, or an extra bed in an emergency. Here are a few great hammock ideas from Anaconda to get you started.

Tropicana Universal Double Hammock With Frame: This spacious hammock in appealing Toucan colour pattern only weighs 16 kg yet is strong enough to support up to 200 kg. This is the portable indoor/outdoor hammock solution, and includes strong cotton blend material, a welded steel frame and 2.5 x 1.1 m surface area for ultimate relaxation. With a Tropicana Universal Double Hammock and Frame you will never again have to fear a collapsed hammock and damaged ego.

Tropicana Rio Hammock: This multi-coloured eye-catcher from Tropicana is available in single and double versions. Durable, stylish and breathable, the Rio is made from quality cotton, and includes strongly reinforced end-loops for convenient hanging. With a single load capacity of 150 kg, or double capacity of 200 kg, these hammocks are great for adults and children out in the yard or in the outback.

Coleman Hammock: Lightweight, universal size and deceptively comfortable, the Coleman Camping Hammock is a favourite with hikers, campers, explorers and off-road adventurers. It is made from quality materials, weighs only 310 g and can hold 180 kg, making it ideal for outdoors people who need to get up and away from ground dwelling nasties. The Coleman Hammock is perfect for travel as it can be packed in a small parcel for convenient transportation and comes with a 12 month warranty.

For additional safety, you can secure your hammock using the Tropicana Hammock Hook Kit. The kit contains a zinc-coated steel mountable hanging hook and screws that deliver a load holding capacity of 200 kgs. You can even extend the life of your hammock with Tropicana Hammock Springs that are easily attached for relieving pressure on your hammock strings.


If your hammock is too long there will be too much sag, while a too-short hammock will never be comfortable enough. Hammock options at Anaconda are designed for typical and tall Australians, with single hammocks between 1.9 m - 2.2 m, and double hammocks reaching 2.5 m in length. Anaconda hammocks are spacious enough for ultimate relaxation at your getaway destination.


In today's throwaway product world, it's reassuring to locate superior, long-lasting hammocks. Australia is a huge continent full of amazing spaces to appreciate and enjoy, and when it's time to pull over and set up camp your hammock will become a high priority. Anaconda hammocks are manufactured to handle tough love and all come with a warranty for additional peace of mind. Explore the Anaconda hammock options available online or instore and take advantage of our famous lowest price guarantee.

Anaconda offers unbeatable delivery rates, a superior refunds and exchanges policy in accord with Australian Consumer Law, and products created by world-leading manufacturers. We are Australia's favourite camping, hiking and outdoors specialists for all the right reasons, and we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of products and equipment for all your outdoor needs. You can also visit your nearest Anaconda store for more inspiration.



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