Nothing spells relaxation like soaking up the sun & gently swaying in your hammock. Find your ideal portable camping hammock at Anaconda online or in-store!

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Create the ultimate relaxing camp site with a hammock to lounge in and sock in the surroundings. Hammocks are a great camping companion because they are portable and easy to set up, instantly creating a comfy haven. Anaconda hammocks are manufactured to handle tough love and all come with a warranty for additional peace of mind. Explore the Anaconda hammock options available online or in-store and take advantage of our famous lowest-price guarantee. Read more about how to hang you hammock and make the most of it below.

How To Hang A Camping Hammock?

The camping hammock you purchase should be long enough to stretch out on without too much sagging. You will require a hanging location with adequate distance between supports and height above ground level and the space you need will be determined by the size of your chosen hammock. When hanging your hammock, you will need to make allowance for sag - otherwise you're just hanging up a taut piece of cloth. Establish a hanging location with a little extra length so you can adjust the tension using hanging straps, hooks or springs (which are all available at Anaconda). If you have found a hammock hanging location with sufficient height and distance, you are good to go. Alternatively, you may prefer the freestanding hammock approach. At Anaconda, you can purchase an outdoor hammock with a dedicated stand for fast set-up and disassembly. Here are a few popular hammock-hanging methods:

  • Hanging An Outdoor Hammock With Straps

    Attaching your camping hammock to trees or posts using hammock straps is easy. Simply link the strap to the hammock end-loop and wrap the strap around the tree. Straps can be adjusted for tension, allowing you to get as comfortable as you wish. If you want permanent hammock solutions, then hanging hardware is the answer. Every camper and household should have strong rope available for odd jobs that arise. Hanging a hammock with strong rope is a simple and effective low-tech solution.

  • Using A Hammock Stand

    A hammock stand is an easy solution for hanging a hammock inside or outdoors. Hammocks can be purchased with a stand, or the stand can be purchased separately for adapting your present hammock using s-hooks and connectors.

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Australia is a huge continent full of amazing spaces to appreciate and enjoy, and when it's time to pull over and set up camp your hammock will become a high priority. Shop our entire range of camping hammocks online or visit us in-store today. Remember to check out our Adventure Centre for helpful tips and exciting destinations such as how to get a good night's sleep in a hammock and how to maintain your camping gear.



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