Nothing spells relaxation like soaking up the sun while gently swaying in the breeze in your own hammock. Find your perfect hammock! Shop Anaconda online today!

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Can I purchase hammocks at Anaconda?

Anaconda has a great range of hammocks in stock, ranging single to double hammocks and including cotton as well as nylon hammocks. No handy tree in sight to fix your hammock too? Don't worry, Anaconda have that covered too with the great freestanding frame that you can put up to enjoy your snooze in a hammock anytime and anywhere.

Why use a hammock?

Hammocks are immediately recognizable due to their distinctive appearance, but they have been around much longer than many of us realise. First mentioned as far back as the early 1500s, hammocks have been used for sleeping and relaxing by many nationalities and in many different conditions. Some of the benefits of hammocks, as detailed by enthusiasts, are:

    Comfort. Because there are no pressure points, the body is able to completely rest. Supported and suspended, sleeping in a hammock is like floating on air.
      Stress release. The gentle sway of the hammock is comforting. The mind and body easily relax, recognizing a primal rocking motion that soothed us as children.
        Better sleep. Modern sleep studies verify that hammocks provide benefits including longer, deeper sleep.
          Affordable. Many people spend thousands of dollars trying to get a bed that allows for a good night sleep. A hammock seems like a real bargain in comparison.
            Safety. Depending on where and when you use your hammock, the fact that you are some distance off the ground may make for a better night's sleep.
              No bed to make! Enough said.

              What type of hammock is best for me?

              Hammocks are normally made either from cotton or from an-made fabric such as nylon. While nylon hammocks are lighter, durable and dry more quickly after rain, the fabric is not as breathable as cotton so in hot climates they may be less comfortable as they will result in a warmer sleeping environment. If you need to carry your hammock from place t place while hiking or trekking, weight may well be a consideration, but apart from that it is very much a matter of choice.

              Hammocks are typically designed with or without a spreader bar, and you'll need to make sure you are comfortable with whatever type of hammock you choose. Hammocks with spreader bars are, according to experts, easier to get in and out of, but are also more prone to tipping at any sudden movement. Hammocks without a spreader bar can be tricky to get in and out of so need to put up at a height where you can sit in them before swinging your legs into them, but will keep you better contained once you are in them.



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