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Find Quality Men's Ski & Snow Gear At Anaconda

When winter sets in and it's time to hit the slopes, gear up with the best men's snow apparel from Anaconda. At Anaconda, we partner with major outdoor brands to deliver the highest quality men's snowboarding jackets, men's snowboard pants, men's ski jackets, men's ski pants, men's down jackets, men's shell jackets, men's snowboard boots and more. Shop your favourite snow gear brands including The North Face, Helly Hansen, Crave, Chute and Mountain Designs - just to name a few.

With our range of men's ski jackets, you can look stylish and ready for action at the same time. We offer Gore-tex jackets that provide breathability along with waterproof ability, so you can remain comfortable even if the rain comes down. Snowboard pants and insulated ski pants are a big deal at Anaconda, and we also have practical accessories like snow gloves, snow goggles and more. Shop the range of men's ski and snow gear online or in-store today at Anaconda.

Ski jacket vs snow jacket: what's the difference?

Both men's snow jackets and men's ski jackets are designed to keep you warm in cold, snowy conditions. The key difference is that ski jackets are created with specific features that cater to the needs of skiers - i.e. insulation, waterproofing and windproofing to protect you as you make your way down the slopes. There are often a lot of overlapping features between ski jackets and snow jackets, so choose based on your needs and chosen activities.

What to consider when choosing men's snow gear

Depending on the location and the conditions you will be encountering, it is worth remembering that bright colours will add extra security, as the visibility against the snow and ice will make sure that you can be spotted a long way off in an emergency. While you may not wear bright orange, yellow or green in your normal work and social life, choosing bright colours for your snow apparel makes sense!

Also, make sure that you are prepared for all eventualities by including several layers of clothing when in extreme conditions. Anaconda's range of men's thermals will complement your ski and snow pants and jackets and add an extra level of insulation, while wicking moisture away from your skin and adding more comfort. Men's fleece tops and jackets can also make good extra layers for these conditions and can double up as indoor clothes at the same time. For more helpful tips, read our guide on how to choose the right snow gear.

How do waterproof ratings work?

When choosing men's snow gear, you'll likely encounter waterproof ratings on the product. These can help inform your choices, particularly if you're looking for snow apparel to protect you in harsh, windy and damp conditions. The industry standard waterproof rating is known as "hydrostatic head", or HH. It's measured in millimetres and indicates the amount of water pressure that fabric can withstand before leaking. For example, a waterproof rating of 15k refers to 15,000mm - this means that 15 metres of water can be placed on top of the fabric without any leaks. The higher the number, the better the waterproofing quality. Any rating above 15k will offer top performance in wet or snowy conditions.

Shop Men's Snow & Ski Apparel At Anaconda

When you are searching for high-quality, warm, stylish and durable snow gear for men, you will find everything you need when you shop at Anaconda. You can also find some of the best women's snow apparel & kids' snow apparel in our range to prepare the whole family for a holiday on the slopes. Shop the complete snow range online with Anaconda to enjoy the convenience of home delivery or click & collect for your order. You can also shop the range at your nearest Anaconda store, where our friendly team can help you find the best ski and snow gear for your needs. Inspire your next snow adventure with our informative Snow Adventure Centre articles, with great topics like best base layers & thermals for the snow and how to snowboard. Anaconda Adventure Club members enjoy great benefits like advance sales notifications and Club price discounts, so sign up for free today to grab quality men's snow gear on sale at Anaconda.



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