Best Base Layers & Thermals For The Snow

Best Base Layers & Thermals For The Snow

When you are gearing up for a fun day in the snow with your family, you will obviously want to make sure that they are warm and snuggly all throughout the day as they twist, wind and carve their way down the mountain - or simply chill at the bottom playing in the snow. Whatever your outdoor adventure, warmth and protection are paramount, so provide you with all the important information you need to make the right choice when it comes to men's snow thermals, women's snow thermals and kid's snow thermals, our highly experienced snow experts at Anaconda has created this incredible guide for everything you need to know!

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Best Men's Snow Thermals

Best Base Men's Layers & Thermals For The Snow

What Are The Best Men's Snow Thermal Tops?

When it comes to what the best type of men's snow thermal tops are, you can't go past our Mountain Designs Men's Merino Long Sleeve Top. This is because this incredible men's thermal top is made from 100% Merino wool, which is exactly the type of material you need when skiing, snowboarding or just trying to keep warm in cold climates. It will wick away moisture to keep you dry while regulating your body temperature to keep you warm as well. As a bonus, it also has UPF 50+ protection, which is crucial when out in the sun when visiting the snow. Another great choice is our Mountain Designs Men's Merino Blend Long Sleeve Top, which is made from a premium blend of 50% Merino wool and 50% recycled polyester.

What Are The Best Men's Snow Thermal Bottoms?

When looking for the best men's snow thermal bottoms, you will want something that is lightweight, comfortable and warm. This is why our Chute Men's Mountain Thermal Pants is such a popular choice with skiers, snowboarders and winter hikers. Featuring 180gsm fabric weight, moisture-wicking capabilities and made from high-quality polyester, it will keep you warm and dry while not weighing down on you as you move around during the day. It is perfectly suited for all kinds of snow activities including snowing and skiing.

Best Women's Snow Thermals

Best Base Women's Layers & Thermals For The Snow

What Are The Best Women's Snow Thermal Tops?

Featuring a stylish design and moisture-wicking capabilities, our 37 Degrees South Adults' Unisex Polyester Thermal Top is an ideal choice when needing the best women's thermal top for a base layer for your snow outfit. It is quick-drying, will keep you incredibly warm and has a 180gsm fabric weight, meaning you won't feel weighed throughout the day. Whether skiing or snowboarding, it is the perfect choice. It is also highly breathable, which is a big plus when you are spending a day on top of a mountain.

What Are The Best Women's Snow Thermal Bottoms?

Featuring a unique design that is made from a 1x1 rib knit construction, the Mountain Designs Adults' Unisex Polypro Pants are the number one choice when it comes to finishing your base layers before hitting the snow. Because it is made from 100% polypropylene, it has excellent resistance to tearing and abrasions while regulating your body temperature during outdoor activities in cold weather. It also draws moisture away from the skin, making sure that you will stay dry, comfortable and warm all throughout the day, no matter what outdoor activity you are doing.

Best Kid's Snow Thermals

Best Base Kid's Layers & Thermals For The Snow

What Are The Best Kid's Snow Thermal Tops?

From everyday use to alpine adventures, the Mountain Designs Kids' Merino Blend Long Sleeve Stripe Top is designed to provide your children with the ideal amount of thermal insulation to ensure they stay dry and warm all day long. With a crew neck design, cute stripe style and flat lock seams, it won't feel bulky when worn and offers excellent streamlined comfort. Made from a mixture of 75% Merino wool and 25% recycled polyester, it is highly breathable, highly durable and extremely warm, and with its antibacterial properties, it eliminates nasty odours that can occur when worn doing high-energy activities.

What Are The Best Kid's Snow Thermal Bottoms?

If you are looking for the top choice for the best kid's snow thermal bottoms, then look no further than our Mountain Designs Kids' Polypro Pants. Made from 100% polypropylene fibres that are 40% lighter than cotton, they are the perfect thermal layer your kids need when putting together their outfit for hitting the snow or just trying to stay warm during the cold winter months. Apart from being incredibly tough and durable, because we know how kids can get, it will also draw moisture away from their skin, which is crucial for keeping them dry and warm throughout the day - especially when they are skiing or snowboarding their way down the mountain!

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Best Base Layers & Thermals For The Family

When enjoying a day out in the snow, make sure your family is kept warm, dry and comfortable by shopping the latest men's snow thermals, women's snow thermals and kid's snow thermals at Anaconda. For more exciting snow destinations, tips and much more, check out our Adventure Centre, which features articles you might like such as:

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