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Whether you're looking to hit the road with your caravan, camper trailer or boat, you'll want your vehicle to be kitted out with the right type of towing equipment for the job. From towing mirrors to tie down straps, including big-name brands such as Dune, Ark Corporation, Hayman Reese and more, Anaconda's huge range of 4WD towing equipment will have you ready to roll. Whatever you plan on towing, Anaconda's range of towing mirrors, equipment and accessories will have you ready to hit the road. What's more, we'll have you sorted for all your off-roading needs, from electrical accessories, compressors and fuel containers, to GPS navigation and communication devices, load restraints, recovery gear and much more. If you'd like more information on what recovery and towing gear you need for your next adventure, check out our Recovery and Towing Buying Guide for all the info you need.

How To Avoid Common Off-Road Towing Mistakes

Off-road towing is the gateway to a whole new world of adventure. Whether you're towing your home-away-from-home to that perfect location beyond the crowds or taking your boat to a great little fishing spot that's not on the map, 4WD towing offers you the freedom to chart your own course. To make sure you get where you're going (and back again) safely and hassle-free, it's important that you not only have the right communication and navigation set up and recovery gear, but that you know what you're doing so you can avoid the common mistakes often made by inexperienced drivers. There are many short courses available and, if you're not completely comfortable with your knowledge and ability, it's a great idea to do one of these before you head off into the wilderness on your own.

Always remember to:

  • Know the maximum towing weight of your vehicle and tow bar, and make sure you're below this.
  • Be aware that towing a caravan, boat or trailer can make steering harder, particularly off-road.
  • Be aware that your visibility may be compromised.

What Is The Must-Have Towing Accessories & Equipment?

Essential towing equipment will vary for everyone depending on things like what kind of vehicle you're driving, the conditions you'll be driving in, the terrain you'll be tackling and how long you plan to be on (or off) the road. Here are a few common accessories that will nearly always come in handy:

  • Towing mirror - that extends out to the right of your 4WD mirror for extra visibility.
  • Blindspot mirror - that sticks onto the side mirror to expand your field of vision.
  • Chocks or wheel clamp - to stop caravan/trailer wheels moving.
  • Levelling ramps - to stop rolling and keep the vehicle level.
  • Shin protector - to prevent painful shin run-ins with the tow bar.
  • Locks - to keep the trailer, boat, or caravan locked to your vehicle or safe.

Towing FAQs

How to work out towing capacity?

Working out what the towing capacity of your 4WD is not as complicated as one might think. When it comes to working out the towing capacity of your 4WD, the simple equation you need to always remember is GCM (Gross Combination Mass) - VM (Vehicle Mass) = TM (Trailer Mass). Just minus the vehicle mass from the gross combination mass and the number you have left over will be your trailer mass.

What tyre pressure when towing a caravan?

Knowing the type of pressure for towing your caravan is essential before you set out on your next big outdoor adventure. When towing a caravan, the tyre pressure should be around 42psi - but this will depend on the load in your caravan and the model of caravan you have (smaller caravans will require a lower psi of 35). The best thing to do is to check the manual or refer to the original supplier of your caravan.

What is the recommended speed limit when towing?

The recommended speed limit when towing can be different depending on which state you are driving in. In most states, the towing speed limit will be capped at 100km, but some states will have certain caveats such as Tasmania which will cap the towing speed limit at 80km when on gravel roads. The best thing to do is to check the guidelines according to the state you are in.

Is it worth getting a 4WD tow hitch?

If you enjoy exploring the great outdoors, then yes, it is absolutely worth getting a 4WD tow hitch. You will need a 4WD tow hitch when needing to tow a camping trailer when camping remotely, tow extra camping supplies, needing to tow a power generator and more.

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