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It's time to hit the road in style with the amazing Anaconda auto accessories & electrical range. Anyone who has been on a road trip will have noticed the impressive array of motor homes and camper vans on the road. Driving vacations are always in vogue in Australia, and a rite of passage for many of us, with hard and uncomfortable lessons learnt along the way. Hindsight is 20/20 vision, and experience is a great teacher to help you establish the auto accessories and camping extras you need for experiencing the great outdoors in style and comfort.

The Anaconda auto accessories & electrical range includes tool boxes, tool kits, air tools, hand tools, spanners, screwdrivers and more. We have battery chargers, bike carriers, roof racks, adaptors and all tools required to ensure your spark plugs, engine oils, oil filters, alternator, rotor, coolant, power steering, brake shoes, brake fluid and ignition coils are all performing optimally.


Practical auto accessories include innovative electrical tools and devices for improving driver comfort and experience. A real bonus of the modern age is being able to peruse and discover electrical tools and auto accessories online. Anaconda are specialists in brand-name auto accessories, 4WD accessories, camping/hiking gear, and other outdoor adventure equipment. Browsing auto accessories and electrical equipment for the car or campervan is much easier from the comfort of your own home. Our range of essential and optional electrical tools you should have in your car or 4WD includes:

  • Projecta Pro-Charge 12V 8A 6-Stage Battery Charger
  • Projecta Digital 12/24V Voltmeter
  • Projecta Twin USB 12 24V Adaptor
  • Oztrail Power Cable for LED Lights 2M
  • Pro Series Ball Mount Boot Brush Scraper
  • Explore Awning Hanger Hooks, Clips and Tensioners

It's easy to get distracted in an automobile but there is no excuse for not paying full attention to the road. By using the appropriate auto accessories you will be able to keep two hands on the wheel and your eyes ahead. Anaconda products are selected for their safety, materials and manufacturers reputation to ensure you get high-quality and value for money. Electrical tools and other devices designed to improve the driving/parking/camping experience without distraction include:

  • Narva 250 mm Plug-In LED Reading Light
  • Narva 75 and 130 mm Touch Sensitive LED Lights
  • Ark Trailer Adaptor
  • Narva Surface Mount Electrical Sockets
  • Narva Rechargeable Torch
  • Heavy duty accessory adaptors and extension leads
  • Projecta 12V Portable Power Station
  • Cygnett Dashview Universal Car Phone Mount


The accessories you must have should be decided by the vehicle you drive and the way you use it for work or recreation. If you are tired of suffering with an untidy and disorganised vehicle, here are a few essential auto accessories and additional tips to help straighten matters out.

Key finder: It's easy to track down your keys even if they are buried in the laundry bag with a Bluetooth tracking tag. It attaches to your keys and syncs with your phone so you can find your keys anywhere.

Consolidate trash: Keep your vehicle looking and smelling fresh by using an OZtrail Eco Bin while camping outdoors, or a customised bin for your camper or 4WD while driving. Frequent disposal stops can be rare on the open road and keeping animals and insects away from food scraps is a high priority.

Keep it fresh: A handily stored car vacuum cleaner, wet wipes and air freshener will go a long way toward keeping any vehicle fresh and clean. The equipment isn't revolutionary, and the results will only be as good as the effort you put into your vehicle cleaning regimen.

Stemming the overflow: If you are travelling with family or simply shopping at the grocery store, you will soon notice how quickly your baggage or purchases stack up and get tossed around. If you have a larger van or 4WD, it's worth considering the value of hard-wearing storage boxes. For smaller vehicles, a convenient Dune Seat Organiser will keep all your personal items and accessories in order.

Bluetooth- friendly convenience: The Bluetooth in your car or camper comes with a FM transmitter. This is equipped with a fast USB charging port and can also be used for playing music from a phone or SD card. With built-in microphone included, you can make hands-free calls safely and without distraction.

Keep your loose change tight: There really is no excuse for repeatedly letting loose change slip out of your pocket and onto the floor. The same goes for sunglasses and wallets/purses slipping and sliding off the dashboard. Investigate console side pocket solutions suitable for your vehicle and keep all your important items within arms-reach.

Cushioned comfort: Long distance driving requires personalised solutions that include comfortable seat cushions. You can consider several options including those designed for adjusting driver positioning, assisting with comfort and delivering massage for relieving tight muscles.

High-quality battery jumper leads: Larger vehicles require heavy duty power to turn over the engine, making high quality jumper leads a must-have as part of your onboard tool kit. Check out the options for batteries, chargers, leads, power packs and more at Anaconda.


Anaconda is your one-stop-shop for online shopping anywhere in Australia. Our vast auto accessories & electrical product range is designed to improve any road trip adventure. If shopping online, simply make a wishlist, add products to your shopping cart and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. At Anaconda, we offer afterpay, gift cards and special deals so you get exactly what you need for the right price. Alternatively, visit us in-store for first-hand experience of our auto accessories range. Pimp your ride out in style with car accessories and motoring essentials for safe and enjoyable driving.


Anaconda car accessories and components are purposeful and built to last. With the right auto accessories on your side you can simplify everyday chores, drive more safely and be prepared for any eventuality. Here are some more helpful equipment and accessories options. Our impressive range of auto accessories includes seat covers, tyre covers, steering wheel covers, floor mats, sun shades, dash mats, air fresheners and a whole lot more. If you are looking for battery chargers, roof racks, car care products, air compressors, tool kits, air filters, weathershields or anything else for your vehicle, look no further than Anaconda.

  • Projecta Pro-Charge 12V 8A 6-Stage Battery Charger
  • Excide AGM Deep Cycle LCG 27-110 Battery
  • Dometic power leads and wiring kits
  • Dometic CFXW Fixing Kit for securing a travelling refrigerator
  • Mr Heater Portable Buddy Heater for counteracting chilly nights
  • Companion Aqua Cube Digital portable shower
  • Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Inflatable Pillow

The Anaconda auto accessories range is definitely worth exploring. We stock various vehicle body parts, interior accessories, hand tools, power tools, air tools and tool boxes for safe and secure equipment storage. Australia is a huge country and Australian drivers require comfortable auto accessories such as seat covers, steering wheel covers and sun shades that counteract the Australian sun while on the road. If the weather turns bad, or you get bogged, make sure you have a winch, towing equipment and a well stocked tool kit to get you out of trouble. Whether you are travelling NSW, Vic, Qld or anywhere else in Australia, the unknown is part of the adventure and keeping safe is as easy as carrying high quality auto accessories & electrical equipment from Anaconda.


A wide range of vehicle accessories and auto electrical supplies are available at Anaconda. The clothing you wear will also impact comfort and the overall experience during long journeys, and we have some great options available. Here are a few travelling equipment suggestions.

Fluid Covert Sunglasses: These quality sunglasses protect your eyes from the elements with a lens that darkens automatically when exposed to sunlight and fades when worn indoors.

Fluid Revo Floor Pump: Don't let saggy pillows and air beds get you down. Store a handy floor pump during your journey for setting up bedding and making occasional adjustments.

Yamaha 1 KVA Silent Inverter Generator: Run all your essentials even when no power is available. Suitable for 12 hours of continuous use without refuelling.

Fluid A-Frame 2 Bike Carrier With Anti-Sway: Some sights are best appreciated using pedal power and taking the bikes with you on an adventure is all part of the fun.

Coleman Utility Table: Fold-out for convenient food preparation and dining, then fold away and store when not in use.

Thermos Stainless Steel 450 ml Insulated Travel Mug: Nothing says 'hands off' more than a personalised travel mug used for fuelling your body and mind while on the road.

Companion Xstream XR10 Spotlight: Trigger actuated light with three settings and a rechargeable Lithium-ION internal battery.

Casio G-Shock Rangeman GPS Watch: The ultimate show-off watch that includes solar-assisted GPS, compass, barometer and thermometer. Tracking data can be automatically, recorded and saved at the push of a button.

Whether you are travelling by sedan, ute, 4WD or motorhome, Anaconda has the car care gear you need. We also stock highest quality bike carriers, roof racks, air compressors, thermostats and tool kits. If you need sturdy tie downs, strong pliers, a first aid kit, windscreen protection, wiper blades, soldering gear, gaskets, anti-burn mitts, a hex tool, spanners or anything else at best value aftermarket prices, look no further than Anaconda Australia. As Australia's leading outdoor and adventure retailer, Anaconda is committed to delivering highest quality car accessories and car care equipment for all types of vehicles. Explore the Anaconda range of floor mats, air fresheners, sunshades, tyre covers, power tools, tool kits, battery chargers, tie downs, fuel filters, auto body parts, hand tools, seat belts and first aid equipment, and have a safe and enjoyable Australian adventure.



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