Auto Accessories & Electrical

Planning a long journey with your car, caravan or 4WD? Make sure you are prepared for any circumstance you may encounter by checking out our Auto Accessories & Electrical range, which covers everything from small rechargeable USB torches to a complete spare battery system for your vehicle! Also included are power inverters for when you want to run equipment off your car battery during camping trips, various types of adapters, car seat organisers, towing mirrors and wheel chocs. In fact, our range contains anything you might need while taking your vehicle off-road during your next holiday or adventure trip

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Can I purchase auto accessories and electrical at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. We stock a huge number of useful and essential accessories and electrical equipment for use with your car, 4WD, Camper or Caravan. From a simple blind-spot mirror to a complete electrical power pack, it can all be found here at Anaconda, so make sure you check out our site before your next long on-road or off-road trip and make sure you are protected against all eventualities.

What kind of towing items are included in the range?

Whether you are planning to tow a caravan on your next holiday, or if you want to tow a trailer or even recover another vehicle. There are a number of items that can make your life easier and safer, including:

  • towing mirrors which provide you with extra visibility.
  • Tow bars and other accessories to enable you to tow something behind your vehicle.
  • Coupling locks and kits.
  • Blind spot mirrors.
  • Jockey wheels for trailers and caravans.
  • Emergency safety triangle.

What else is included in the range?

Here you can also find batteries, power inverters, power packs and more to help you run various electrical equipment off your vehicle during your road trip or camping holiday. One of these is the Projecta PH125 Portable Power-Hub, which is designed to make power available anywhere at any time. Power-Hub turns your 12-volt battery into a convenient, versatile and user-friendly device allowing you to venture further off the beaten track than ever before while still having power available to charge and run all your devices and appliances.

With 10 power outlets, the Power-Hub allows you total freedom to charge or power multiple devices simultaneously. Power outlets include a 240V AC socket providing clean Pure Sine Wave power, USB, Cigarette Lighter, Engel, 50A Heavy Duty and Merit sockets as well as DC Terminals. The Power-Hub is an ideal alternative to a conventional dual battery system with the added bonus of allowing you to take power away from your vehicle. Its versatility makes it ideal for many applications such as camping, caravanning, on the worksite, in the backyard or on 4WD expeditions.

What else is included in the range?

If you are taking your caravan or trailer to an unknown area, you may want to consider investing in some stabiliser legs or jack pads to ensure that your accommodation or equipment is stored level, regardless of the terrain. Chocks will prevent your wheels from moving and for the ultimate in security you can even attach a wheel clamp, which means no-one will be able to move your caravan or trailer even if you have to leave it unattended.

Other handy car accessories include car organisers that slip on to the back of the front car seats, various adapters for your cigarette lighter in the vehicle, jerry cans for spare fuel and car chargers. Take a look at our versatile collection today to make sure you have everything you need before your next outdoor adventure.



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