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Camping and hiking gear and accessories have consistently improved during the past few decades. Progressive products are in demand around Australia for multifunctional ease of use, and comfort is prioritised. However, for hiking purists nothing evokes memories of an extended Australian outback adventure more than a trusty traditional swag. In simpler times, travellers, bikers and the 'swagman' journeying by road, rail or on foot carried little more than their comfortable swag bedding rolled in a canvas bag and their day pack, and the focus on simplicity and style remains a feature of the best swags available.

Naturally, Anaconda swags incorporate all the improvements technology and science can offer. Useful swag enhancements should deliver comfort for a good night's rest, without adding weight to your load while you are on the trail. Considering a swag weighing little more than 10kg can incorporate a floor, mattress, sturdy poles, RipStop canvas and vents with mosquito netting, the small compact canvas tent is all sorted at Anaconda. We even have the spare parts you might need to take with you on a long trip including pegs and accessories kits.


Also known as a bedroll, the traditional Australian swag usually consisted of a bundle of belongings, mostly bedding, rolled in a fashion that could be easily carried whilst on foot. In times before motor transport, swags were common for shearers, miners and others who needed to travel long distances for work. Today's swags are a totally different beast, with a lot of additional features, and are a must-have for all types of travellers and campers.

Swags are the perfect camper accessory for off-road adventurers and tourers. They are easily stowed while on the move and quickly set up at your chosen destination as they are a freestanding structure. After a long day at the wheel, and with the sun setting quickly, speedy solutions are sometimes essential, and your dome swag can be there wherever you go. There is a lot to be said for simple solutions, and if you are the type who enjoys solo or intimate adventures from dusk to dawn under starry Australian skies, Anaconda swags and sleeping bags are definitely worth investigating.


Most modern swags are sturdily constructed for heavy duty use and designed to be stowed in a car rather than carried on your back. If you expect to be doing a lot of hiking or bushwalking, it's worth checking out the Anaconda range of lightweight hiking tents, sleeping bags, tarps, cookware, tableware, headlamps, iceboxes, gazebos, awnings, first aid kits and smaller swags, such as the Dune Tracker Swag weighing only 6 kg. A quality swag should be easy to carry, set up, and pack away, and the product you purchase should be manufactured by a name brand camping and hiking specialist such as Oztent or Blackwolf. Here are a few tips for successful swag use.

  1. Examine how your swag is packed before you unroll it. You will probably need to reverse the procedure when packing the swag away at a later time.
    2. Make sure the poles are connected to sleeves, sockets or pins as directed according to manufacturer's instructions.
    3. Fit required hooks or connectors and attach the guy ropes or tie downs securely to the ground.
    4. Adjust the mattress for comfort, open up the flaps for air circulation and enjoy your own private space in the great outdoors.

Here are some additional swag care tips.

  • Thoroughly wet new canvas swag and awning products prior to use to ensure the seams fully seal.
  • Dirt can be removed from canvas using a soft brush and cold water.
  • Don't clean with strong soaps, detergents, solvents or oils.
  • Whenever possible, ensure your swag is completely dry for storage.
  • Use recommended canvas reproofing products to extend the lifetime of your swag.
  • Keep zippers running smoothly by using a toothbrush to remove grit.
  • Don't store canvas where humidity and moisture can cause damage.

Fabric appreciates a little room to breathe while in storage, while airing your swag out occasionally (or using it more often) will extend its lifetime.


Everyone is an individual, which is a good thing because swags available at Anaconda are manufactured by leading brands for individuals who enjoy the challenges of the Australian bush. Our camping swags range is second to none, and includes single swag options for solo travellers, double dome swags, a king single swag and other great swag tent options. Here are some of the best camping swag products, available Australia-wide from Anaconda.

Dune 4WD Outback Swag: Complete with high density 70mm foam mattress, high-tensile aluminium poles, and two entry points for easy access, your Dune 4WD Outback Swag will keep you out of the weather and safe from bugs and nasties. Double zip vents keep the air flowing, and the entire unit only weighs 8.2 kg.

Spinifex King Single Drifter Swag: Durability is prioritised here with RipStop polycotton canvas and a hard-wearing PVC floor. With easy access, plenty of room to move about, and lots of ventilation to keep the air flowing, you are sure to get a good night's sleep. Features include internal pockets, mattress cover and a full length top opening for enjoying the night sky.

Burke & Wills Peninsula Double Swag: Weighing only 13.8 kg, yet comfortably accommodating two adults, this double swag ticks all the right boxes. Comprised of waterproof 450 gsm Ripstop Cotton Canvas, a heavy duty base, high density foam mattress and head and foot ventilation points, this swag is ideal for exploring scenic Australia.

Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Double Swag: The triple pole dome style of the Oztrail Mitchell Expedition Swag provides unexpected roominess and convenient access. The full size mesh panels also create a spacious, airy feel for laying in and enjoying the view. 600+ Ripstop canvas provides greater storm protection, while the breathable open cell mattress and removable cover ensure you can remain clean and comfortable wherever you are.

Anaconda is Australia's favourite camping, hiking and outdoor specialist for all the right reasons, and our canvas swag options are sure to stir your adventurous spirit into action. Check out our full camping, tent and swag selections for lots more inspiring ideas. We offer the best products available with a price range to suit every type of customer.


A quality swag is guaranteed to be quite a bit warmer than a dome tent during cold weather. Reasons include the superior materials used, plus smaller interior space that allows your body warmth to remain inside the swag. The foam mattress included with most swags forms an effective barrier against cold ground, while also absorbing and retaining your body heat while you sleep. There are additional reasons why some people prefer swags to tents.

  • Easier to erect and pack away.
  • No extra bedding required, with the exception of a good sleeping bag in cold weather.
  • Better ventilation by simply zipping open the upper window for insect-free serenity and the greatest view on Earth.
  • Durable construction in accord with traditional hard-wearing swag use.
  • The flexible solution for tight and tricky camping situations with limited space and little even ground.
  • No-peg, stable swag camping, although pegging is advised in high wind areas.


A new single swag or double swag purchase can seem overwhelming for the inexperienced. The choices on offer are varied, with all sorts of swag bag fabric technology sewn in, and that's even before you begin to consider Ripstop quality. Newer polycotton Ripstop canvas is a strong and lightweight fabric innovation worth looking into. You should also investigate the waterproof quality of the swag base. It's futile keeping dry on top if water is seeping in from below, so your research will pay off big time in the long run.

You should consider the primary function of your swag. Will it be used in the outback, the mountains, the tropics or elsewhere? Your swag should keep the weather out when required yet be opened up for inviting fresh air and breezes on sunny days. The choices for windows, doors and other insect-screened panels is all yours with a modern swag tent. Superior construction is another essential feature of a long-lasting, quality swag. For this reason, Anaconda promotes the products of established outdoor and camping specialists known for first-class workmanship along with extensive product warranties and guarantees.


This is the easy part. Camping swags and camping equipment are Anaconda specialties. Our unbeatable swag range is more popular than ever, as locals and international visitors to our shores search out the real Australia. We offer a superior online customer experience, including a fast checkout, afterpay (pay later), delivery tracking and a returns and exchanges policy in accord with Australian Consumer Law it is easy just to add your product into our shopping cart.

Anaconda is proud to offer the best camping and hiking products at the lowest possible price. We even save you money on delivery by offering national flat fee shipping on all items. We are the one-stop-shop for all outdoor adventure & sporting gear with a mission to equip Australians with the best possible range of products. Anaconda is Australia's largest camping and adventure superstore with an unbeatable product range, accessible 24/7 service and professional advice regarding all your camping, hiking, outdoor and adventure needs.

Anaconda inspiration also includes retail outlets in all Australian states and territories. We understand personalised tastes in outdoor and adventure equipment no matter what your price range is and invite you to experience quality camping equipment and accessories for yourself, and take advantage of expert advice before you make your next major purchasing decision. Whether you like to explore camping options at the click of a mouse, or prefer the personalised in-store experience for locating the best value single or double swags for sale, Anaconda is ready to assist.



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