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Why purchase a Swag?

Swags are great for people who like a compact, cosy and comfortable sleeping environment even when they are "roughing it" in the great outdoors. Swags have evolved over the years to become comfortable tents, usually including a built-in foam mattress, for one or two people.

What is the difference between a Swag and a Hiking Tent?

Although they are similar in some respects, Swags stand out mainly due to their shape, which is long and low compared to most hiking tents, starting from a very low foot end to a higher section for a person's head and shoulders.

Swags are often made of canvas rather than man-made materials such as Nylon or Polyester. They can be relatively heavy compared to Hiking Tents, even though they only take up little space when packed. It makes them ideal for trips where they can be transported by motorbike, car or 4WD. As swags are smaller in size than hiking tents they will keep you warmer at night as your natural body heat warms up the inside of the swag.

Are Swags hard to set up?

No, Swags are designed to be easy to pitch with just a couple of poles to provide rigidity and nothing much in the way of pieces that need to be put together, which is ideal when the weather is closing in and you want to get your cover set up in a hurry! Most of them have mesh windows built in, which provide air circulation, but still allow you privacy and protection from Insects, and with just one zipped entrance, they are easy to close up once you are in too.

How many people can sleep in a Swag?

Traditionally designed for just one occupant, some manufacturers have designed modern swags that are suitable for two people. A double swag is on average as wide as a double bed mattress, which means that two people can comfortably sleep in it, providing they do not have too much in the way of clothes and other camping gear to store at the same time. Also ideal for overnighting at festivals and other outdoor gatherings.

Are Swags good value for money?

Anaconda's range of swags includes swags at varying price levels, so you have the choice of a budget-conscious model right up to a heavy duty all-weather product, and all are by leading brands such as Dune, Black Wolf, Spinifex, Oztrail and Burke & Wills. In addition, Anaconda's price promise means that you are guaranteed the best price for your chosen Swag, while signing up as a member of the VIP Club means that you are able to be notified first about special offers, as well as getting extra discounts on a range of products.



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