How To Season Your Canvas Swag/Tent

How To Season Your Canvas Swag/Tent

It's an age-old saying that applies to so many things in our world but, when it comes to enjoying life outdoors: if you look after your camping gear - it will look after you. Making sure your canvas swag or tent is properly prepped and ready for use before you take it out is important on a number of levels. Not only will you ensure it stands up to the harsh Australian conditions but you will also increase durability and reliability, which means getting more mileage out of your purchase. The best part of seasoning your swag or tent is, while it might take a little bit of time, it requires very little elbow grease and sweat on your part. Here's how to season your canvas swag or tent:

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How To Season Your Swag/Tent

Seasoning your tent or swag before its first use is vital. Why? Because during the manufacturing process, which involves an extensive amount of sewing and needlework, it's inevitable that there will be many tiny needle holes in the material, particularly around the stitched and seam areas. These holes are tiny but large enough to mean you're in for some damp conditions if it rains when you go camping.

Setting up your Dune 4WD King Titan Deluxe Double Swag

Step 1: Set Up Your Swag/Tent

The first step is to completely set up your tent (using all of the equipment) or swag (remember to remove the mattress), making sure that it is evenly set up on a flat surface. This is because you will want the canvas to expand and contract symmetrically.

Soaking your Dune 4WD King Titan Deluxe Double Swag

Step 2: Give It A Good Soak

Now grab a hose and make sure it has a nozzle with a 'shower' setting - a harsher setting can risk damaging the waterproofing treatment. Then begin showering the swag or tent, making sure that it is getting entirely soaked (don't forget to get into the zippers near the stitching as well). Continue soaking for around three to five minutes. What you want to look for is the small beads of water starting to soak into the canvas as it becomes completely saturated.

Allow your swag or tent to fully dry

Step 3: Allow It To Dry

Leave the tent or swag to completely dry, which should take a few hours. Once you've made sure that it's fully dry, repeat step two again. For optimal results, you will want to repeat this process a few times over the course of two to three days, and each time you should notice less leaking.

Step 4: Final Inspection

For the final soak, make sure you closely inspect the inside of the tent or swag to make sure that there is no water coming through. If you notice even the smallest amount of water seeping through, you may need to apply a seam sealer to ensure it's fully waterproof. Then all you need to do is pack it down and it's ready to use on your next outdoor adventure!

Remember that it's best to season your canvas swag or tent when the forecast is for a run of fine weather. You can combine the process with forecast rains but the drying process is equally as important for properly seasoning your equipment. Most experts agree that relatively warm, sunny weather offers the best conditions for getting the job done right.

Inspect your Dune 4WD King Titan Deluxe Double Swag for full waterproofness

Swag & Tent Seasoning FAQs

What does canvas seasoning mean?

The main concept of canvas seasoning is that cotton and thread expand when wet and then shrink once dry. Seasoning, also known as weathering, is just a simple way of speeding up this natural process by repeatedly wetting and drying the canvas material so that the hole sizes in the fabric stay small and reduce leaking in your swag or tent.

Should you season your canvas swag?

Unless you enjoy the possibility of water leaking into your swag or tent when camping, then yes, you should season your canvas swag or tent. Peace of mind is extremely important, and the last thing you would want when camping out in the rain is for water to ruin your outdoor adventure.

How many times should I season my swag?

Ideally you will need to season your canvas swag or tent before you first use it, and you will need to repeat this process a few times to make sure that your swag or tent is fully waterproof. After that, it's good practice to reseason once every 12 to 24 months afterwards to ensure it stays waterproof.

How long does it take to season a tent?

The process of seasoning your canvas tent or swag can take up to at least three days. This is because it is extremely important to allow the swag or tent to fully dry between each soak, allowing time for the material to fully shrink.

Do you have to season a new swag?

Yes, you will have to season a new canvas swag or tent before you use it or if you have had it stored away for a long period of time.

Make Sure Your Next Outdoor Adventure Isn't Ruined By Rain

Seasoning your canvas swag or tent is what smart campers do. Make it part of your camping ritual and your camping gear will look after you for many years to come. Before you embark on your next outdoor adventure with your newly seasoned swag or tent, make sure you check out our Adventure Centre for more helpful tips and exciting destinations that you can visit with your friends, family and loved ones such as:

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