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Keep yourself and your eyesight protected from the sun's harmful rays with one of these stylish pairs of sunglasses from Anaconda. With a range of styles suitable for every lifestyle and outdoor activity, these sunglasses from Australian market leader Carve are great for everyday use for both men, and women.

With models including polarised sunglasses with a special coating that reduces glare from water or snow, wraparound sunglasses, and soft frame glasses, you will be able to find the perfect eyewear solution for leisure, sport or travel.

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Can I buy sunglasses at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. At Anaconda we have a wide variety of different sunglasses available for men, women and children. Check out our collection of fashionable and functional sunglasses online or in one of our thirty-five nationwide stores, available now at fabulously low prices.

Why should I wear sunglasses?

Not just for looking cool and stylish, sunglasses provide the wearer with protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These rays can have a significantly negative effect on your eyes, damaging the cornea, iris and retina. They also help to protect your eyes against ‘blue light’ from the solar spectrum which can increase the risk of macular degeneration as well as cataracts and glaucoma. Sunglasses also work by protecting your eyes from the elements, preventing damage from sand, dust, wind and snow. Bright sunlight can also be a trigger for bad headaches and migraines, and a top quality pair of sunglasses can help to combat this by reducing eyestrain and fatigue on sunny days.

Which type of sunglasses should I purchase?

Well, that is up to you really and when you are hoping to wear your sunglasses. Check out some of their features below for a handy guide to choosing your perfect pair.

Polarised: Polarised lenses have had a specific filter applied that helps to significantly reduce the glare that is caused by reflection of light.

Mirror coated sunglasses: These sunglasses have a lens that reflects light away from the wearer's eyes. This creates a mirror effect on the outside of the glasses so people can see their reflection rather than your eyes.

Wraparound sunglasses: The skin near your eyes is very sensitive, and a pair of wraparound sunglasses can protect this fragile area and help to reduce the risk of skin cancer, as well as to help to combat the signs of ageing.

Different shapes: whether you are looking for aviator, butterfly or rimless shades, we have the perfect pair for you.

Gradient lenses: Gradient lenses have a tint that changes gradient from top to bottom, helping the wearer to adjust to changing light conditions quicker.

Scratch resistant: Sunglasses that have been treated with a scratch-resistant film are less likely to get scratched. Scratches on your shades can not only affect the look of the glasses but can also have a significantly negative impact on the clarity of vision.

How do I choose the right lens tint for me?

Your choice of lens tint is up to you really and is a matter of personal preference and what you plan to be doing whilst wearing the shades. Have a look at our handy guide below for choosing the perfect lens tint to meet your needs.

Blue and purple-A blue or purple tint are certainly the most commonly seen. They dim glare and sharpen colour, providing clear vision. Blue and purple lens are often seen on professionals engaging in outdoor summer activities, such as tennis.

Yellow: The yellow tint eliminates glue light, which reduces focus. These tended to be used for sports such as mountain biking, tennis and skiing,

Brown and Amber: Brown and amber lenses also help to filter out blue light and offer depth to your vision. Particularly good for golf, sailing and high altitude or distance sports and activities.

Pink and Red: Pink and red lenses are good for low lighted conditions, help to reduce eye fatigue and can improve contrast. They are often used in racing sports, such as motor racing and cycling.

Green: Green sunglasses are a very popular choice of lens as they distribute all colours optimally while simultaneously dimming glare and illuminating darker areas.

Grey: Grey lenses are considered to be amongst the best for filtering out the harmful UV rays for the sun, and this is the reason why the US military has been using them for the past 45 years. Great for any outdoor activities, particularly on bright and sunny days.

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