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Protect your hands, no matter what kind of outdoor activity you are planning, with one of our pairs of gloves from Anaconda. We stock an extensive range of men's, women's and children's gloves in different styles and colours.

So whether you want to keep snow and ice at bay, keep your hands dry while boating or kayaking, or protect them against blisters while cycling or exercising, we have the perfect pair of gloves for you. We stock quality gloves from brands such as The North Face, Bellwether, XTM and other brand leaders. Choose from fleece, knitted, padded, gel-filled or insulated gloves as well as mittens or fingerless gloves.

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Can I buy gloves at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. You can choose from our wide selection of high-quality gloves, designed to keep your hands and fingers warm and toasty whatever the weather. For top of the range gloves guaranteed to provide warmth and protection, as well as grip and comfort, shop our fantastic range of gloves now, available today at Anaconda’s bargain prices.

How do I buy gloves from Anaconda?

Shop our great collection of gloves online today for delivery right to your door or visit any of our stores where one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to provide assistance. See here for more information regarding delivery costs and times.

What types of gloves should I buy from Anaconda?

Here at Anaconda, we have a wide selection of gloves available, both for everyday wear and those specifically and purposely designed or different sports and activities. Check out our handy guide below for tips on choosing the perfect gloves for your favourite hobby.

Cycling: Any serious cyclist will tell you that a decent pair of gloves is an absolute necessity for those who are passionate about the sport. Our high-quality performance driven gloves will offer the wearer protection from the worst the weather has to offer. Simultaneously, they will ensure that you retain your grip on the handlebars, preventing sweaty palms from obstructing your cycle. When you are choosing cycling gloves, there is much to consider including the type of cycling that you do as well as the terrain and weather conditions common to your area.

Snow/ Ski Gloves: Keeping your hands and fingers warm during snow-based activities is an important part of reducing the risk of frostbite. It is critical that you keep your extremities warm when engaging in snow activities as they are the furthest away from your core and so, particularly vulnerable to this serious condition. Choosing the correct gloves for skiing depends on the conditions when you are hitting the slopes, but choose waterproof gloves for keeping your hands dry, and ensure that the gloves do not restrict flexibility too much.,

Training gloves: while gloves are not considered to be an essential item for some weightlifters, there are a number of benefits to wearing training gloves when lifting weights. They will protect your hands, preventing the development of calluses, and will also absorb the pressure being placed on your hands and wrists, reducing the impact of the weight. If you are suffering from a wrist injury or strain, gloves with a strong grip may be more effective at reducing the pressure. Wearing gloves whilst training will also improve your grip, ensuring that you can give optimum performance at all time

Fishing: We also have heavy duty gloves available for protecting your hands when you are fishing. Sharp hooks, as well as blades used when gutting fish, can be dangerous, and cuts can be at risk of infection in the great outdoors. Check out our section of heavy duty blade resistant gloves designed to protect your hands. Using innovative technology, these neoprene gloves offer optimum protection.

Everyday Wear: We also stock a selection of gloves and mittens that are ideal for everyday wear in colder weather. Our selection of bright and fashionable gloves, will help you to keep both stylish and warm whatever your endeavour.

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