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Shop Must Have Snow Gloves, Winter Gloves & Mittens For the Whole Family

Whether you are hitting the slopes, embarking on a winter hike or your daily commute, having the right gloves will ensure your hands stay toasty. Having frostbite or chilly fingers affects your wellbeing and it is important to be protected when outdoors. At Anaconda, our range of ski gloves and winter gloves has the whole family covered so explore the range today.

Which Type Of Winter Gloves Is The Best For Outdoors - Choosing the Right Gloves

Before you purchase a new pair of outdoor gloves, you must ask yourself what you will be using the gloves for. Do you simply want to keep your hands warm when it gets a little colder? Or are you looking for sturdy outdoor gloves that can withstand snow and other extreme weather conditioners? Answering these questions can help you narrow down the possible choices.

  • Snow Gloves: When you want winter gloves for a cold environment with snow, you should wear snow gloves that have a waterproof shell. While these snow gloves will undoubtedly keep your hands warm, they are equipped with an additional layer of waterproof material that will prevent your hands from getting wet when touching snow.
  • Thermal Winter Gloves: Some people only want winter gloves to protect their hands against the cold during the colder months. For these people, some simple thermal gloves made from wool, fleece or cotton are ideal. Of course, if you expect to find yourself in cold temperatures as well as rain, you might benefit from waterproof gloves too.
  • Convertible Gloves & Mittens: We must mention that there can be a difference in mobility depending on the design you choose. Some wool gloves have individual fingers, which ensures the mobility of your hand is maintained. However, other outdoor gloves can come as a solid whole, which does not include separate areas for your fingers. Choosing these kinds of gloves can make it more difficult to perform actions that require fine motor skills. That being said, these types of gloves can be warmer. There are also convertible gloves with a hood which can be removed.

Finally, if you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors, it can be a good idea to purchase multiple pairs of warm gloves. Even though gloves are made from strong materials, using them all the time can cause some wear and tear. So, having an extra pair of gloves on hand certainly does not hurt. If you're heading up the mountain to visit the snow, then check out our selection of snow articles for all the information you need.

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Gloves and Mittens?

Some winter gloves will provide a single feature in the form of warmth, while others provide you with added protection against moisture. When purchasing new outdoor mittens, here are some of the features you could consider:

  • Water-resistance: most winter gloves have some degree of water resistance. However, this feature cannot be confused with the waterproof feature. When encountering snow or extreme amounts of water, your hands can still get wet with a water-resistant fabric.
  • Waterproof: if you want the maximum amount of protection against snow and rain, you should be looking for snow gloves that are labelled as waterproof. Please note that waterproof gloves can come with so-called waterproof ratings. This means that certain gloves can provide more protection against rain and snow than others.
  • Thermal properties: one of the most important features is undoubtedly warmth. Therefore, all thermal gloves will have some thermal properties in one form or another. That being said, some mittens have multiple features and thermal lining, which means you can get a combination of thermal properties and water resistance.

What Other Outdoor Clothing Is Available At Anaconda?

  • Men's clothing: featuring huge brands such as The North Face, Helly Hansen, Columbia and more, our range of men's clothing includes men's puffer jackets, men's snow clothing and fleece to t-shirts, rain jackets and much more.
  • Women's clothing: our massive range of women's clothing has everything you need when venturing in the great outdoors, from hooded jackets, long sleeve tees and fleece tops to shorts, pants, slippers, dresses and more.
  • Kids clothing: make sure your kids stay warm, snug and comfy with our massive range of kid's clothing including fluffy fleece jackets and warm hooded jumpers to hats, trackpants, waterproof snow pants and much more.
  • Clothing accessories: our entire range of clothing accessories has everything you need to complete your outdoor outfit, from warm socks, beanies and protective hats to sunglasses, neck gaiters, solar tubes and more.

Find The Right Snow Gloves, Mittens & Winter Gloves At Anaconda

We have a quality range of winter gloves and mittens that are perfect for keeping your hands warm when outdoors. At Anaconda, you can find outdoor gloves with countless beneficial properties, from moisture-wicking to windproof and waterproof winter gloves. So, determine which qualities you need most and filter down the options to end up with your perfect pair of gloves. For more helpful tips to stay warm, check out our guide to staying warm while camping in winter and the snow gear buying guide. Shop our entire range of winter gloves and mittens including thermal gloves, snow gloves, wool gloves and hiking gloves for men, women and kids online or visit us in-store today.



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