Our air mattress and airbed range includes high quality brands like Coleman, Dune, Spinifex and more. Shop our full range of shapes, sizes, and styles at Anaconda.

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Can I purchase airbeds at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Anaconda stocks a wide range of airbeds from leading brands including Coleman, Dune, Spinifex and Aerobed, as well as other established manufacturers. Just because you are going camping, there is no need for an uncomfortable night's sleep, especially when you use one of these quality airbeds. Choose from various options, including single and queen size, depending on the size of your tent and the number of people using the mattress. Customers can also choose various heights, widths and lengths as well, so there is a suitable airbed for every camper.

How do I inflate an airbed?

Some of the Airbeds for sale at Anaconda come with their own pump, either attached or built-in, while others can be inflated with one of the many pumps available from Anaconda. Choose between manual hand or foot pumps, or make life easy with electric pumps that can be run from an electricity supply, from your generator or even your vehicle. Rechargeable battery operated pumps are also available.

Modern day airbeds hold their pressure well but some may need topping up a little after first use or after a few days. If your airbed gets a hole, use the repair patch supplied or check out the range of repair kits available at Anaconda.

Which airbed is best for me?

That depends on a number of factors. If you are putting your airbed directly onto the floor of your tent, height may be a factor, as some higher models are easier to get into and out of. You do have to keep in mind that a higher mattress will be heavier to carry and will take more air to inflate, so be aware of this when making your decision.

Some people go a step further and put their airbed on a camp bed or stretcher to raise it further from the ground. In that case, a thinner airbed may be more suitable. The tops of some airbeds are covered with material such as velour, which is specially designed to prevent slipping - this means that sheets or sleeping bags will be less likely to slide around, which is all the more important if you are a restless sleeper.

Where else can I use an airbed?

Airbeds can provide superior sleeping accommodation for overnight guests at your home, being more comfortable than most sofas and futons! As most airbeds come in the same standard sizes as normal beds, you can dress them using normal bed linen and provide a good night's sleep for your house guests.

Airbeds are also ideal for sleepovers and slumber parties for kids and teenagers, as well as being useful for taking along to outdoor events and festivals.



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