Tent Accessories

Our tent accessories range includes tent poles, pegs, waterproof spray, springs, cords and much more. Explore our range at Anaconda online or in store.

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Can I purchase tent accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, we have a large range of tent accessories available both online and in store, which enables you to replace missing parts of your tent, fix tears or leaks, and generally make sure your tent is in good condition before your next camping or hiking outing. If you have not used your tent for some time, it is always advisable to set it up at home, in your garden or back yard, before your next trip so that you can make sure that everything is OK. It will give you the perfect opportunity to check zips and cords, replace bent tent pegs, clean off mould or mildew, repair leaks or waterproof your tent if needed.

How can I repair a rip in my tent?

If you have been unlucky enough to tear part of the tent fabric on a sharp object, there is no need to despair! With repair kits for rubber, nylon and canvas tents, Anaconda has the right solution for just about any tent repair. If the rip or tear has occurred in the tent window, you can also find repair patches for mesh windows in the tent accessories range, so no biting insects find their way into your tent. Experienced campers will make sure they carry the repair kit for their tent with them at all times to be able to deal with the matter immediately if the worst happens.

My tent leaks, what should I do?

First of all, try to pinpoint where exactly the leak is situated, either by leaving the tent out in the rain, or by spraying it with water from a garden hose. Leaks often occur around zips, seams or fixings, and these can be fixed with seam sealers or nylon tape. For best results, follow the manufacturer's guidelines and always make sure you work on a clean and dry surface. Canvas tents may need to be treated after some years to make sure their waterproof properties stay intact, and for this Anaconda has the solution too!

What about missing parts?

It happens to the best of us, sometimes something vital goes missing from our tent supplies, even though we normally take great care to store everything away properly! If you are missing a tent pole, a rope, or even all the tent pegs, do not throw away the whole tent, but instead replace the missing items with replacements from Anaconda. If you do not see the make of your tent listed, no need to worry - many items are universal and can be used across a range of brands. If in doubt, please check with our experienced sales staff.

What else can I find in the tent accessories range?

As well as many replacement parts and repair kits, the tent accessories range includes other useful items such as tarpaulins (tarps), which can be used for extra shade, or protection from cold, dust and rain. We also offer sturdy floor mats, handy organisers for inside your tent, and even replacement tent walls.



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