10 Best Spots For Camping In Victoria

10 Best Spots For Camping In Victoria

Nothing beats camping in Victoria - from the smell of the fresh morning air as you first unzip your tent, to the sounds of a crackling campfire as you stare at the majestic display of the cosmos twinkling above. It's the feeling of complete freedom, an adventure to recharge the senses, a palate cleanser for the soul, private time with the family, and a tranquil retreat from the stress of our daily lives.

However you prefer to enjoy your camping trip, we've selected the 10 best camping spots in Victoria. Whether you prefer adrenaline-fuelled watersports or hiking to discover hidden paths that the tourists haven't found yet, we'll provide you with all the information you need to know about each destination.

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Most Commonly Asked Questions About Camping In Victoria


Before we go through our top 10 picks for the best camping sites in Victoria, we'll first go through the most commonly asked questions when it comes to camping in Victoria:

Are you allowed to camp on beaches in Victoria?

You can camp on beaches throughout Australia - as long as you are camping in a designated area. As it depends on which state you are camping in, you will have to check the rules in that area to make sure you aren't breaking any laws and ruining your camping trip.

What do I need to bring camping?

Depending on what type of camping you are doing, how many people you are camping with and how long you will be camping for, there is a variety of camping essentials you'll need to bring. You'll need a tent for shelter with a sleeping bag, enough food and water to last for your trip, a torch so you can see in the dark, the right type of camping clothing, and much more. Check out our camping checklist for a comprehensive guide on everything you will need to bring.

Can you wild camp in Victoria?

Also known as free camping or stealth camping, wild camping is defined as camping outside in a place that is not an officially-designated campsite. Whether in Victoria or any other state throughout Australia, it is illegal to wild camp. But with so many stunning campsites in Victoria to choose from, why bother anyway?

Why should you go camping?

There are so many reasons to go camping. So many in fact, that here's a quick list of the main benefits of camping and why you should go:

  • Improves your physical and mental health
  • Is a great way to connect with nature
  • The perfect excuse to escape the city
  • A fun way to spend time with family
  • Develop useful life skills
  • A great way to digital detox
  • Increased vitamin D intake
  • Avoiding an existential crisis by contemplating your own existence

Can you camp anywhere in a national park in Australia?

As long as the National Park you are wanting to visit has a camping ground, you can camp there. But when it comes to camping anywhere inside the park, it's best to check the National Park's website to see if you can camp anywhere or if there are designated camping areas you must stick to.

1. BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island, Phillip Island

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island, Phillip Island

BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island, formally known as BIG4 Phillip Island Holiday Park, has been one of the best Victorian camping spots for decades. You'll have plenty of options according to how you want to camp, from cosy cabins and modern villas to unpowered and powered camping sites that are perfect for setting up a camp. The family-friendly camping ground is nestled on a nature reserve and is a stone's throw away from Newhaven beach, so there are plenty of activities to keep you busy.

You can enjoy an exciting day fishing from the shoreline or out in your boat, hiring some buggies for exploring, bouncing around with the kids on their giant jumping pillow and much more. Once night falls, get up close and personal with one of the largest local fairy penguin colonies in Australia or relax with a movie at their outdoor cinema area. As one of the best camping sites in Victoria that features a range of amenities such as internet access, dryers, washing machines, toilets, showers, cooking areas and many more, BIG4 Ingenia Holidays Phillip Island lets you camp the way you want to.

Website: big4.com.au/caravan-parks/vic/phillip-island/philip-island-caravan-park
Address: 24 Old Bridge Drive, Newhaven VIC

2. Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory National Park

Tidal River, Wilsons Promontory National Park

If you're looking for picturesque camping sites in Victoria, then Tidal River could be considered the epitome of scenic beauty. Featuring a whopping 484 caravan and camping sites with unpowered and powered options, it's the perfect spot to set up camp. And being nestling in between Norman Beach and Tidal River, it's the ultimate Victoria camping destination for surfing and kayaking. If you're camping with the family, then you can't pass up the opportunity to slide down its huge inland sand dune system known as 'the Big Drift'.

If hiking is more your style, then Wilsons Promontory National Park is a treasure trove just waiting to be explored. You can walk along stunning coastal bushland trails, view towering granite tors that surround the pristine beaches, enjoy panoramic views from Mount Oberon or Mount Bishop, and make a new furry friend with the local wildlife including emus, kangaroos and wombats.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/wilsons-promontory-national-park
Address: Gippsland, VIC 3960

3. Wye River Beachfront Campground, Great Ocean Road

Wye River Beachfront Campground, Great Ocean Road

Just two and a half hours drive outside of Melbourne, Wye River Beachfront Campground is a quiet little haven for campers wanting to get away front he hustle and bustle of the city. The campground features 60 sites, including four unpowered sites that are designated in an intimate beach area that's sectioned off, creating the perfect place to relax and recharge in privacy.

Because you'll be camping along the Great Ocean Road, you'll be in close range of amazing sites such as the 12 Apostles, and can explore Apollo Bay and Cape Otway. As a perfect spot for the best river camping in Victoria, Wye River Beachfront Campground also features amenities including washing machines, dryers, showers, toilets, and if you forgot to pack your camping stove, there are also hooded barbeques as well.

Website: wyerivercampground.com.au/
Address: Great Ocean Rd, Wye River VIC 3234

4. Johanna Beach Campground, Great Otway National Park

Johanna Beach Campground, Great Otway National Park

When it comes to spots for the best beach camping in Victoria, Johanna Beach Campground is a strong contender. The campground features 25 small unpowered sites, is dog-friendly and is located between the crashing waves of the nearby surf and grassy hinterland - did we also mention it's free? The only downside is that there aren't any flush toilets or showers, however, our shower range has you covered.

Described as a 'low-key campground', Johanna Beach is the perfect spot to take a break from travelling on the road and enjoy a well-earned rest. Apart from grabbing the board and going for a surf, it's a great spot for fishing as there is plenty of salmon and mullet to catch and cook up for dinner. If you feel like doing some exploring, then you can trek through the natural rainforest of Melba Gully or enjoy a picnic at Triplet Falls.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/great-otway-national-park/where-to-stay/johanna-beach-campground
Address: Red Johanna Rd, Johanna VIC 3238

5. Neds Gully, Cathedral Range

Neds Gully, Cathedral Range

For those that can't get enough of mountain hikes and bushwalking, then you need to check out Neds Gully. Just two hours from Melbourne and nestled deep in the woodland clearing of Cathedral Range State Park, this small unpowered campsite is the perfect retreat from the busy city. Chuck on your backpack and travel down the nearby Little River Trail to spot lots of adorable wildlife such as koalas and lyrebirds.

Make sure you've brought your camera because following the woodland trails will lead you up the stunning rocky ridges of Neds Peak. It offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the entirety of Cathedral Range State Park, from the endless valleys that stretch into the horizon to the grassy meadows down below. With beautiful hiking trails to explore and nothing but the sounds of wildlife echoing in the distance, Neds Gully is one of the best spots for camping in Victoria.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/sites/neds-gully-camp-area
Address: Little River Rd, Taggerty VIC 3714

6. Fairhaven Campground, French Island National Park

Fairhaven Campground, French Island National Park

Being accessible only by passenger ferry, Fairhaven Campground on French Island National Park is a truly secluded and remarkable Victorian camping spot. Featuring 10 unpowered campsites, this is a camping spot that will make you feel like you are camping on your own private island. Just make sure you have all your camp cooking needs sorted as open fires aren't permitted on the island because of the highly combustible vegetation.

There are also plenty of activities that will keep you busy. If you're bringing along your mountain bike, then you'll love the many cycleways around the island that will take you past wildflowers, forests, salt marsh, grasslands and wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, it's a great place to do a bit of birdwatching as the island is home to over 230 species of birds. And as the island is also home to a vibrant biodiversity just beneath the water, it's a great chance to go snorkelling.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/french-island-national-park/french-island-national-park/fairhaven-campground
Address: French Island, VIC 3921

7. Candlebark Campground, Lake Eildon

Candlebark Campground, Lake Eildon

If you're searching for spots for the best lake camping in Victoria, then Candlebark Campground in Lake Eildon should be at the top of your list. Sitting snug in the shady woodlands, it's the perfect place to set up camp and enjoy some quality time with the family. And as it's a massive lake, it's also a great spot for enjoying your favourite watersport.

Apart from kayaking and canoeing, the calm winds make it a great spot for stand up paddleboarding. If you simply want to swim and relax, head north of Candlebark to Devil Cove and enjoy the sheltered waters and scenic walking trails. Even though it's an unpowered campsite, you can still enjoy access to facilities including flush toilets, barbeques and showers.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/lake-eildon-national-park/where-to-stay/candlebark-campground

Address: Fraser Park Rd, Devils River VIC 3714

8. Marengo Holiday Park, Apollo Bay

Marengo Holiday Park, Apollo Bay

Featuring both non-powered and powered camping sites and unbeatable ocean views, Marengo Holiday Park is Apollo Bay's hidden gem and is just an hour and a half away from the Melbourne CBD. Apart from being pet-friendly, campers will also have access to BBQ areas, laundry, bathrooms, camp kitchens, WiFi and snug cabins if you don't feel like pitching the tent.

Apart from jaw-dropping views of the Great Ocean Road, a big selling point is the adjacent Marengo Reef Marine Sanctuary. Spanning 12 hectares of shimmering ocean waters, it's home to a resident seal colony and protects the Little Henty Reef system, making it an excellent snorkelling spot. If you prefer to stay dry, there are plenty of stunning walking trails to follow that lead to nearby lookouts, waterfalls, rainforests and more.

Website: marengo-caravanpark.com.au/
Address: Great Ocean Rd, Apollo Bay VIC 3233

9. Cape Conran Coastal Park, Gippsland

Cape Conran Coastal Park, Gippsland

Located in Gippsland, Cape Conran Coastal Park spans over 1km and allows you to camp just only 100 metres away from the soothing sounds of waves lapping against the shoreline. Apart from being another great choice when it comes to camping in Victoria, there are also plenty of camping options, including remote camping spots at Pearl Point and Bemm River. If you're wanting access to toilets and showers, then choose to camp at the main campsite Banksia Bluff.

Once you've found a quiet cosy spot to set up your tent, there's plenty to explore and discover. As one of the best spots for camping in Victoria, you can enjoy sights such as native flora including Manna Gums and Banksias, as well as various wildlife like Lace Monitor goannas, wombats, bandicoots, eagles and honeyeaters. You'll also have spectacular views of Beware Reef Marine Sanctuary, which is home to a variety of marine life including migrating whales and dolphins.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/cape-conran-coastal-park
Address: Marlo-Conran Rd, Cape Conran VIC 3888

10. Lake Catani Campground, Mount Buffalo

Lake Catani Campground, Mount Buffalo

If you're searching for the ultimate spot for lake camping in Victoria, then make sure you visit Lake Catani Campground, located four hours outside Melbourne in Mount Buffalo National Park. Boasting 49 scenic camping spots with access to hot showers and flushing toilets, there will be plenty to see and do. Hiking fans will feel right at home with plenty of walking trails that lead to stunning picnic areas and alpine water swimming spots.

The lake is perfect for spending the day boating, canoeing, kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding. It's also home to plenty of fish species such as Rainbow Trout, so be sure to bring along your fishing rod too. Also know that trapping or collecting bait isn't permitted, so make sure you bring along your own bait and fishing lures. Lake Catani Campground is perfect for setting up the picnic table, firing up the BBQ and enjoying some quality time in the great outdoors.

Website: parks.vic.gov.au/places-to-see/parks/mount-buffalo-national-park/where-to-stay/lake-catani-campground
Address: Mount Buffalo Rd, Mount Buffalo VIC 3740

Whether solo or with the family, when planning your next camping trip, make sure you visit our top picks for the best camping spots in Victoria and ensure you enjoy the best that Victoria has to offer. Also be sure to visit our Adventure Centre for more helpful camping information such as tips for camping with kids and everything you need to know about good campsite habits.

And before you head out to any of our top picks for the best camping in Victoria, make sure you have all the equipment and gear you need by exploring our entire camping and hiking range.




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