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Looking for spare parts or components for your bike? At Anaconda's we stock a large range of bike components on our online store & in-store. Shop Now!

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Can I purchase spare parts and components for my bike at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Here at Anaconda we stock a large range of bike components and spare parts including new saddles and handlebars in a range of styles and sizes, as well as a range of specialist items which may need to be fitted by experienced bicycle mechanic.

Browse our range of new pedals, brakes and chains, as well as accessories such as bells, mirrors, kickstands and various baskets, plus a range of more specialist components including crank sets, cassettes and derailleurs.

Why should I buy spare parts and components at Anaconda?

Components allow you to gradually upgrade or replace individual parts of your bicycle. Upgrading is a highly enjoyable pursuit especially if you like having the latest and greatest kit on your bike. Here at Anaconda we offer a wide range of components to enable you to give your bike an upgrade to a specific model, or maybe replace a tired component with the latest version. We stock a wide range of parts and components from quality cycling brands for you to choose from.

What should I look out for when buying spare parts or components?

If you are replacing a broken or damaged part of your bicycle, look for a direct like-for-like replacement if you want to keep the bike as it is. You can also choose to upgrade a component for performance gains. It is even possible to trim weight from your bike by upgrading components. Through innovation and development, components can be made durable and very lightweight. This can be of particular importance if you take part in races or have to take your bike up many hills.

What else can I buy at Anaconda for my bike?

As well as spare parts and components, you can also buy wheels, tyres, inner tubes, pumps, bike storage, maintenance tools, repair kits and anything else you may need for your bicycle. In addition, you will find specialist footwear, clothing, hydration and accessories here too. Take a look through our fantastic cycling range today to find everything you need.



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