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Looking for spare bike parts or components for your bicycle? At Anaconda, we have a large range of bike parts on our online store and in-store, from bike saddles and baskets to bike stands, handlebar ends and more. Shop now and have the right parts for your bike.

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What Bike Parts & Components Can I Find at Anaconda?

You'll find everything you need for your bicycle in our great range of spare bike parts and components. Our bike stands are perfect for storing and displaying your bike at home or in the office for easy access. Apart from wire bike baskets for extra storage and compatible cleats for shoes and pedals, you can also find a quality selection of gel bike saddles to ensure a comfy ride.

When choosing the right bike saddle for you, it's important to select the right shape. For example, our tailbone bike saddles are ergonomically designed to provide comfort for long periods of cycling. The material also needs to be high-quality for riders who take their bikes seriously. Our bike saddles are made from breathable lycra, are waterproof and anti-microbial, perfect for long rides where you'll be working up a sweat.

What Other Spare Bike Parts & Accessories are Available?

Bike Tubes

We have a great selection of quality bike tubes that will ensure you won't get caught out with a flat bicycle tyre again. If your scooter, BMX, road bike, commuter bike or road has an inner tube, then our range of strong bike tubes will make sure your bike tyres have the right structural support and suspension when you're out riding.

Bike Tyres

At Anaconda, our range of bike tyres are available in various treads and sizes to make sure you have the best grip possible when riding on the road, gravel or dirt. Featuring leading brands like Repco, our mountain bike tyres feature a smooth surface with groves and are great for surfaces such as asphalt and paths.

Bike Pumps & Inflation

When you need to pump up your bicycle tyres, our awesome range of bike pumps has you covered. Whether you are an avid rider, use your bike to commute to work or casually ride on the weekends, explore our bike pump range and don't let a flat tyre ruin your fun.

Bike Brake Pads & Brakes

Bike brake pads are one of the most crucial bike components and use friction to slow your bicycle wheel down. With this friction comes heat dissipation, which can lead to damage from extended periods of increased temperature. Our range of bike brake pads and brakes ensures your tyres will have reliable braking and excellent durability.

Bike Lubricants & Cleaners

Maintaining and cleaning your bicycle is essential for not only keeping it looking great but also for ensuring it is always performing at its best. Our range of bike lubricants and cleaners are crucial for protecting your bike from elements such as rain and general wear and tear.

Bike Tool Kits & Maintenance

When you are out riding and suffer a punctured tyre or other issues, our range of bike tool kits will have you covered and back on your bike in no time. Featuring abrasive paper, glue and patches, our puncture repair kits are a must-have when out riding. Our multi tools are also ideal for having on hand when needing to take apart certain sections of your bike when doing maintenance.

Bike Accessories

Our huge range of bike accessories has everything you need to safely ride on the road in comfort and style. From aluminium baby seats and child trailers for little ones to bike locks, bike bags, safety lights, elbow pads and much more, our bike accessory range will have you kitted out and ready for your next adventure!

Find the Right Bike Parts, Components & Accessories at Anaconda

Whether you are after a comfortable bike saddle for long rides, bike baskets for additional storage or more, the awesome range of bike parts and components at Anaconda has everything you need. For more helpful information, check out our guide to choosing the right type of bike.

Shop our entire range of bike parts, components and accessories online or visit us in-store today.



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