Squid Jigs

Whether you are fishing for squid to provide a tasty meal for the end of the day, or just to arm yourself with live bait, having some squid jig lures is invaluable. At Anaconda you can find a variety of squid jigs from a number of different well-known brands to help you get your biggest catch! Our great value multipacks of squid jigs are an excellent way to be prepared for every eventuality and the various species of squid around

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Can I purchase squid jigs at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Squid jigs are designed specifically to attract squid and cuttlefish. Some people fish for squid to eat, while others like to use it as live bait to fish for other species. Squid jigs come in different sizes, allowing for fishermen who want to fish from the shore and will need a heavier jig to cast further out, or for boat fishes, who can get closer to where the squid are and can use lighter jigs.

Why use special squid jigs?

Squid prey on smaller fish. However, they do not feed in the same way that a fish does. Instead of biting, they will reach out with their arms and tentacles and entangle a fish before pulling it towards their beak. Squid are therefore not easily caught using hooks and spinners, but by using a special type of lure called a squid jig. This consists of a body (which is designed to resemble a fish) and a row or two of upwards facing points. When the squid attacks the lure, its tentacles become caught up in the many sharp points of the jig and allow it to be reeled in by the angler.

The squid jigs come in different weights, and picking the right one is often vital to success. Try to select a weight that will allow your lure to slowly sink down towards the seabed. If you are not catching much, try changing the weight, size or colour of your lure, as these factors can make a big difference. There are two very different finishes used on squid jigs. One consists of a cloth-like covering over the body, which creates texture, while the other is smooth and usually also contains see-through plastic are with shiny, reflective internal inserts.

What are the uses of squid?

Squid are often used as bait to catch fish, with some anglers preferring to leave the skin on as it leaves the squid in a natural state, whereas others believe exposing the white flesh makes the squid more visible and allows the scent to escape. The vast majority of fish species have been caught on squid bait at one time or another.

Squid is also delicious to eat, and there are many recipes for squid that you can use with your own catch. The flavour of fresh squid is superb, and many people rate it at the level of scallops and crayfish. To clean squid, you need to remove the insides. Be aware there is an ink sack inside the squid, so try to remove the insides without damaging this sack as it can create a lot of mess. This is done by running a butter knife around the inside of the tube to separate the innards from the squid tube wall, enabling you to pull the tentacles and insides out as one. Next, remove the cartilage spine (gladius), which looks like a plastic feather and runs lengthwise inside the tube. Finally, remove all the skin, made easier by also removing the flaps (which are also edible), give it a good wash and cut it into strips or rings.

Can I get other types of lures at Anaconda too?

Yes, at Anaconda you can find everything you need for all types of fishing for freshwater and saltwater species in a variety of conditions, locations and seasons, so check out the whole range of fishing products at Anaconda today!



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