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Here at Anaconda, we stock a range of fishing knives plus multi-tools, gloves and even sharpeners. Discover our fishing tools in-store or online today!

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At Anaconda, we stock an extensive range of high quality fishing knives, fishing tools, sharpeners and multi-tools. Fishing in Australia takes many forms, and the bait knife, filleting knife, boning knife and scaler you use should all be suited to the seafood you catch. For a seasoned angler, self-sufficiency means knowing where to fish in Australian waters, and the type of fishing tools, tackle boxes, fishing rods and knife sharpeners to use for the conditions. Anaconda partners with name brands such as Victorinox, Shimano, Mustad, Rapala, Jarvis Walker and more great fishing accessories manufacturers, so start exploring Anaconda fishing tackle, fishing rods and fishing knives online or in-store today.


Anaconda is Australia's go-to retailer for all the right reasons, including an unbeatable collection of fishing rods, fishing tackle and fishing accessories. Our fishing knife selections are for all types of Australian anglers, including stainless steel filleting knives, bait knives, oyster knives, scaler knives, boning knives, multi-tools, pliers and knife sharpeners. It won't be long before you realize the value of a stainless steel blade knife for adapting your fishing tackle, attaching spinners and sinkers and disentangling fishing line from fishing rods and fishing reels.

If purchasing online at Anaconda, make a wish list, add products to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for speedy delivery to your door. We offer gift cards, special Anaconda Club deals, afterpay and our famous lowest available price guarantee wherever you shop in Australia. Stainless steel fishing knives are a no-brainer for serious anglers who require a high quality filleting knife, scaler or other blade knife, and there is much more on offer. If you enjoy surf fishing, fly fishing, kayak fishing or fishing off power boats with electric motors, we have the fishing tackle and fishing accessories you require.


A fillet knife is used to remove the bones from fish. The blade is slender and flexible for the fine work that is required. It gets the job done quickly and easily without tearing up the fish. A good quality fillet knife will have to have the following characteristics:

Flexible Blade: Blade flexibility is essential when choosing a fillet knife. It makes it easier to do the intricate work often required for cleaning and deboning fish. You're able to get cleaner cuts that preserve more of the fish meat, and at the same time lower the probability of cutting yourself in the process.

Quality: Most fillet knives are made from high-carbon stainless steel. Some are made with new high-tech versions of stainless steel. Others have a titanium, non-stick, or other finish. The blades are slender with a sharp tip and a smooth edge. Some people prefer a filleting knife with a serrated edge for filleting large fish.

The Right Size of Blade: Fillet knives vary widely in size, ranging from 5 - 11 inches, with 7 inches being the standard fillet knife size. It is important to match the size of your fillet knife to the size of the fish you will be cleaning for best results.


If you have limited room in your tackle box or backpack, a stainless steel multi-tool may be the best fishing knife option. A multi-tool will multi-task with a surprisingly diverse range of built-in tools. Your multi-tool can be oyster knife, filleting knife, boning knife and scaler all in one. A multi-tool is the bare minimum to ensure your fishing rod and reel are functioning well and terminal tackle is fastened securely. A multi-tool is also valuable while on land for pitching tents and creating outdoor space.


The Anaconda Australian fishing range is huge. We have fishing shirts, aerators, rod holders, fly fishing gear, waders, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing kayaks, gaffs, tackle boxes, life jackets and more fishing accessories. At Anaconda, you get to choose your favourite brands for fishing knives and other fishing accessories. Choose from Berkley, Jarvis Walker, Marttini, Rapala and Shimano for the best available products at prices regular Australians can afford.



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