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Discover the Comfort of Portable Camping Showers at Anaconda

Anaconda showcases a huge number of camping shower solutions. Shower system options include a camp shower with a water heater and shower head for enjoying a luxury outback experience. Your portable hot water shower system can be set up in minutes and connected to a local power source, generator or LPG. For the ultimate glamping experience, your campsite system can even include an ensuite and portable toilet. Anaconda's solutions also include solar shower systems that take up little space in your vehicle and provide you with the luxury of a hot shower while you enjoy the great outdoors.

What Accessories Does Anaconda Have For My Portable Camping Shower?

Complete your outdoor bathroom set-up with a pop-up shower tent, which will provide comfort, privacy and insulation from the elements while you bathe. You can also find a range of camping hot water shower solutions from our range of hot water heaters.

Camping Showers & Accessories FAQs

How does a camping shower work?

Portable camping showers are comprised of:

  • A soft bladder or hard plastic container filled with water
  • A showerhead and hose
  • A form of hot water heater heating and pressure generation, which may run on gas power or solar power

You can also find simpler designs that require the water to be heated on a camping stove before filling up the shower receptacle.

What's the best camping shower?

When choosing the right camping shower for your outdoor adventures, consider things like your preferred form of heating, access to water sources, and whether the capacity of the shower will be adequate for the number of adventurers. Check out our camp toilets & showers buying guide to get the details you need to make an informed choice!

What if I have no access to water for washing on my travels?

If easy access to running water is a concern, then make sure you take along some dedicated wet wipes or wilderness wipes with you on your trip. Wilderness wipes are designed to clean and refresh you when you have no access to a shower, or even just water. The non-woven construction of the wipes is soft and gentle on your skin, removing salt and unpleasant odours caused by sweat with no need to rinse. Look for wipes that are readily compostable after use to minimise your environmental footprint.

Shop Camping Showers & Accessories For A Clean And Comfortable Camping Trip

At Anaconda you can complete your camping bathroom and laundry set-up with our range of camping toilets, hot water heaters, camping washing accessories and portable washing machines. Shop the range at your local Anaconda store, or make your purchases online and enjoy the options of home delivery or free 2-hour click & collect! Discover some awesome inspiration for your next trip with our Camping & Hiking Adventure Centre articles, as well as informative tips and tricks in our Camping & Hiking Buying Guides. Make sure you also sign up to the Anaconda Adventure Club for exclusive discounts and access to special events!



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