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Heading into the outback without bathroom facilities or are not keen on using the communal showers? Discover practical solutions online today from Anaconda!

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Can I purchase camping showers and accessories at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Anaconda sells a number of different camping shower solutions, from simple solar shower bags with a hose attachment, right up to a complete hot water shower system for those who like a bit more luxury. So, if you are heading into the outback, want shower facilities on your boat or are not keen on using communal showers at your camping site, then browse our selection of camping shower options here at Anaconda.

What are my options when it comes to camping showers?

Camping showers can be as basic or as luxurious as you want them to be. Of course, there will be things to consider: if you are making a 14-day trek through the wilderness, you won't want to be carrying a heavy shower installation in your backpack, so that will limit your options a little. But let's face it, you could simply fill a plastic bag with river water, prick a few holes in it and suspend it from the nearest tree, and you would have a shower - of sorts.

If you want something a little less basic - hot water for instance - you can choose from solar options, where the water heats from the sun during the day, to battery operated showers, to showers that run off a vehicle or a generator. You can add to your camping shower by investing in a simple pop-up shower tent which will provide you with privacy and somewhere to hang your towel, find them in Anaconda's tent collection.

What else is included in the camping showers and accessories range?

At Anaconda, you will also find a selection of camping shower accessories, which includes everything from wet wipes and shower gel to pocket towels and waterproof wash bags. So, whether you are looking for a nice hot shower after a busy day or a refreshingly cool one, you will find everything you need for your next adventure or camping trip right here. A lot of the accessories are lightweight and designed especially for travelling conditions.

What if I have no access to water for washing on my travels?

Then check out our superb Sea to Summit Wilderness Wipes. Wilderness Wipes will clean and refresh you when you have no access to a shower, or even just water. The extra thick Viscose non-woven fibre of the wipes is soft and gentle on your skin, removing salt and unpleasant odours caused by sweat, with no need to rinse. Formulated to be gentle to your skin and the environment, Wilderness Wipes are pH balanced for human skin and are readily compostable after use.

Of course, this is just a small part of the huge collection of camping and hiking products on offer at Anaconda, so check out the whole range and be prepared for your next outing into nature.



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