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Protect your belongings from the water when camping or hiking using dry bags and dry storage. Pick yours now at Anaconda catalogue and keep your stuff safe!

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Can I purchase dry bags and storage items at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Anaconda offers a huge range of storage equipment, bags, wallets, boxes and sacks that are specifically designed for use when travelling. As well as dry bags, which are ideal for protecting your possessions from the elements or when boating, there are also many different items such as garment holders, protection for small valuables and even boxes designed to keep out desert sand.

The secret of successful packing

Of course, your mode of transport will make a difference in how much luggage you can take: If you are travelling in the car, weight will not really be an issue. If you are taking a (budget) flight, you may have to start deciding what to take and what to leave at home. And if you are planning on hiking or cycling, you really will need to keep your luggage to a minimum. Here are some handy tips:

1. Reduce by a third

We've all done it - packed 4 pairs of shorts and then only worn one pair all holiday. Don't make the cardinal sin of over-packing. Lay all of your clothes out on the bed before your trip and be ruthless - aim to get rid of a third.

2. Breathing room

For most of us, there's no denying that when we return we'll be bringing home some souvenirs for ourselves or for your friends and family - just leave enough room in your case, otherwise, you'll end up having to buy another bag at your destination.

3. Towel on top

What's the first thing everyone wants to do when they get to their destination? Go to the beach or jump in the pool! Make life easier by packing your beach towel last - not only will it mean a quick turnaround from landing to lounger, but it will also cover any loose clothing in your case and stop it from moving around.

4. Use a vacuum pack

These great bags keep all of your clothes packed neatly together and protect them from any spillages. Do remember that even though your clothes may appear to shrink, they will still weigh the same. Know your baggage allowance, or you'll get a nasty shock at check-in.

What else should I consider when choosing travel bags?

Often, two smaller bags or cases are much easier to handle than one enormous case, especially if you have to lift your luggage several times en-route. Organiser bags are great for making sure that you can lay your hands on certain items quickly without the embarrassment of having to unload you whole bag in front of strangers. Put small items in a toiletry bag or separate wallet to ensure that they don't roll around. Hard cases will protect your luggage better but can add considerable weight of their own.



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