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Anaconda stocks a great range of bike tyres in different sizes and treads for your bicycle wheels. Make sure you are riding on the right tyres by shopping online or in-store at Anaconda for the perfect set of bike tyres today!

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Can I Purchase Bike Tyres at Anaconda?

Yes, you can! Changing the tyres on your bike is reasonably simple and can be done by most people, even if you may have to check out a video online first! The main issue is to make sure that you get the right tyre for your particular bike, as wheel sizes vary in circumference and width. Also, your bike tyre has an inner tube, so before you start to change your tyre, check that it is not simply a new inner tube that is required.

High-quality mountain bike tyres and road bike tyres can last a long time, so it is worth investing in name brands. Whether you are looking for a wire bead bicycle tyre, clincher tyre, off-road tyre, BMX tyre or foldable tubular tyres for your bike or scooter, check out Anaconda online or in-store and appreciate our lowest available price guarantee.

How Do I Know If I Need A New Bike Tyre?

There are several tips you can follow to check your bicycle tyres, which may indicate that a new tyre is required:

  1. Look out for several flat tyres in a short period of time. Getting a flat tyre every once in a while is a part of riding a road bike. Getting several flat tyres in a week is indicative of a problem with your tyres and may indicate that you need new tyres.
  2. Check for grooves. New bike tyres have deep grooves in them to get traction on road surfaces. As you wear them down, the grooves in the bike tyres get shallower. Replace your tyres if the grooves have become shallow or are no longer clearly visible.
  3. Compare your older bicycle tyres to new ones. Look at the differences between the tyres on your bike and brand-new tyres of the same type. Differences in shape, texture or appearance indicate it may be time to switch your tyres for new ones.
  4. Look for any visible threads or casing. If you can see any strings or anything under the rubber of the tyre, replace the tyre immediately. Bicycle tyres with exposed threads or casing are not suitable for riding and can cause accidents.
  5. Lastly, be extra careful if your bike has not been used for a long time, even if it has been stored away safely. Tyres on stored bikes can become hard or cracked through humidity and temperature changes, or alternatively can rot.

What Other Bikes & Cycle Accessories are Available at Anaconda?

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Find the Right Bike Tyres at Anaconda

As Australia's favourite outdoor and adventure retailer, Anaconda is proud to showcase a wide range of bike tyres, bicycles and bike accessories. If you're in the market for buying a new bike, then check out our bike buying guide as well as our guide to choosing the right cycling essentials to ensure you have everything you need.

Shop our entire range of bike tyres online or visit us in-store today.



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