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Can I purchase bike tyres at Anaconda?

Yes, you can. Changing the tyres on your bike is reasonably simple and can be done by most people, even if you may have to check out a video online first! The main issue is to make sure that you get the right tyre for your particular bike, as sizes of bike wheels vary both in circumference (diameter) as well as width. Also, your tyre has an inner tube, so before you start to change your tyre, check that it is not simply a new inner tube that is required.

How do I know if I need a new bike tyre?

There are several tips you can follow to check your tyres, which may indicate that a new tyre is required:

1. Look out for several flat tyres in a short period of time. Getting a flat tyre every once in a while is a part of riding a road bike. Getting several flat tyres in a week is indicative of a problem with your tyres and may indicate that you need new tyres.

2. Check for grooves. New bike tyres have deep grooves in them to get traction on road surfaces. As you wear them down, the grooves in the tyres get shallower. Replace your tyres if the grooves have become shallow or are no longer clearly visible.

3. Compare your tires to new ones. Look at the differences between the tyres on your bike and brand-new tyres of the same type. Differences in shape, texture or appearance indicate it may be time to switch your tyres for new ones.

4. Look for any visible threads or casing. If you can see any strings or anything under the rubber of the tyre, replace the tyre immediately. Tyres with exposed threads or casing are not suitable for riding and can cause accidents.

5. Lastly, be extra careful if your bike has not been used for a long time, even if it has been stored away safely. Tyres on stored bikes can become hard or cracked through humidity and temperature changes, or alternatively can rot.

What size tyre do I need?

The general answer to this question is to check the tyre on your bike and then buy the same size again. The tyre will be marked with something along the lines of 700 x 32. The first number is the diameter of the wheel in millimetres and the second is the width of the bicycle tyre. Bicycle enthusiasts will know that bikes with narrow tyres perform differently to bikes with wider tyres, and you could experiment, but in most cases, you will be limited to what tyres will physically fit your bike. If you are unable to read the bike size information on your tyre wall, check the specification of your bike (probably on the paperwork that came with it when you bought it, or try inputting the make and model of your bike online to get the information.



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